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  1. but tom I don't know my left from my right on 2.0
  2. If my account on 2.0 is subbed , is it also subbed on 1.29 ?
  3. backish, put score 300 on hold till I feel more comfortable , also lowered prices
  4. bump, backish, can fit in some runs if needed. Tend.
  5. P.S working on limp, when I feel confident enough to leech people i'll add it ^^
  6. Heyo , after several successfull leeches I've established a way to leech the different achievements in cats eye, prices go as follows: -Trio 6mk -Limp 6mk -Freedom 6mk concerning the first 3, I do discounts if you do multiple, so will do 2 for 11m, and 3 for 15mk. If interested pm me ig /w Tenderly Tend. edit: added limp/score 300 and lowered prices
  7. Leeching Nidas trio for 3mk and statue for 5mk, any class doesn't really matter, payment needs to be made before the start of the fight edit: Will do both in two runs for 7mk hit me up in game if interested /w Tenderly Tend.
  8. Old but gold, I miss how relaxed pvp on rosal was :D circa 2015 Tend.
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