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Everything posted by Arbitur

  1. Current offer is 260m. Ideally looking for 320m. -Arbitur
  2. S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    Shut the fuck up Robin
  3. MP 30mk, AP (near perfect) 40mk You can check the stats and such here: https://imgur.com/a/uQ9Rv Thanks. Contact me IG at Arbitur
  4. [SELLING] Top AP and MP Ringaeus

    They are just on market now :p
  5. [SELLING] Top AP and MP Ringaeus

    The Merchant with them is 1 West 1 North of village zaap
  6. Yep. Title says it all. Has 1 chest that can hold all runes. Perfect for dedicated mages. Looking for offers to start. Contact me IG - Manquilor
  7. Selling house on Bonta Rune Market

    Price reduced to 13.5mk!!!!
  8. Post your goals and achievements

    Holding the piwi for 30 minutes... 42069317k as payment plz.
  9. Selling Ebony & Crimson Seem (+Camo +GPS) - 13m +11% Air Res +1 MP +11% Str Res +Camo +Pre-Sentience (GPS) PM ME ig at Arbitur
  10. I am buying an AP Ringaeus and an MP Ringaeus PM me IG at Arbitur I'll pay anywhere from 25-50mk each depending on stas.
  11. 16m and 30m respectively. PM Arbitur IG or message me on Imps
  12. Selling Top TF Ammy / Tritun Exo

    Tritun exo lowered to 28m
  13. Duo team for achieve hunting

    Anything w Panda?
  14. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Dw I'll do it for you. 6/15 PP crush
  15. 8 vs 8 [-1,0]

    How about a 4v4 or 5v5?
  16. Selling house on Bonta Rune Market

    Bump. 17.5m. Perfect house for any mage
  17. Goodbye Dofus

    Brewberry take care of yourself. You are a good dude. RIP
  18. 13.8m 8m 15m 10m 4m 6.5m 11m Thanks. Contact me Ingame at Arbitur or PM me on Imps
  19. https://imgur.com/a/Sl7Xh PM me. Will do 6m.