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  1. Arbitur

    S> Ivory Dofus - 130m

    120m! Going like hotcakes apparently
  2. Hit me up. -Arbitur
  3. Hey folks, here it is: https://www.dofusplanner.com/85GM4/ Thoughts? Arbitur
  4. I will be gone all weekend. Private message me on Imps and I will get to it next week when I arrive. Looking to build a list. Looking to do % res exo/overmages over ap/mp but will do both!
  5. oops: PM me ingame @Arbitur
  6. bump I am back to exo!
  7. 25m on merchant Arbitur 1 south of village zaap chilly spot or pm me here. Arbi
  8. Arbitur

    S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    sold close plz
  9. Arbitur

    S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    Looking for 300m. Bump for no robins
  10. Arbitur

    S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    Shut the fuck up Robin
  11. Current offer is 260m. Ideally looking for 320m. -Arbitur

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