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  1. Congratz on Vortex Impert That one looked too tedious to me so I didn't bother in the end I presume you could have abused Panda carrying rogue to prevent pacifist for your rogue though? Should count as rogue ending by vortex then, makes the whole thing a fair bit easier.
  2. http://dofusfashionista.com/s/Tank-Panderp/NTEzMjg0Nb7dSQ0_/ At a quick look, something like this for 11/6? Kept a few range in. If not fussed then just switch the Broucey Ring to a Tash Ring.
  3. Where's the range or summon exo?
  4. 0 Filzpunkte, should crush anyway
  5. Doesn't 1.29 still have the massively broken Sacrifice & Sylvan Power combination, so you can use a living bag or sacrier to protect the whole team, then make them completely immune for several turns? If so, you could quite likely incorporate that into a Soft Oak strategy. Just keep all of your team lined up behind the sac afterwards, and non-linear to Soft Oak
  6. It'd all depend on the type of content you're aiming for really, especially PvP vs PvM. If you are looking to do PvP, then whether that's 1v1 kolo, 3vs3 kolo, 5v5 AVA as well.... For your cra build, either Omni, Cha or Str work well for PVM Eni, just go int for PvM Str Iop for PVM If doing 5v5 AVA, go for cha/ap red cra troll af Once there's more info on what you're aiming for, will see if I can design any sets for it
  7. May want to check out the beta for Ecas first and review their changes to help you make your decisions for build
  8. I don't see why people would bother making a lower level character to farm gear that is useless to them? Sure you'll get the usual kama-farming bots hoarding hundreds if not thousands of the items but they won't have any value... Worst case they'd just have to set the items to linked to character so that newbies can get themselves reasonable gear which they can then use to farm higher level items for themselves. In terms of dofus farming, there's rare cosmetic drops in their place now, which makes a lot more sense. You can now farm them should you wish to, but you don't HAVE to. When Dofus eggs were the rare drops, you'd have to spend an undeterminable amount of time farming a dungeon repeatedly to drop an egg, and even then may get one with shit stats, otherwise you'd have to farm other content for months on end to raise the kamas to buy an egg of your own. At least with Cosmetic items, they have no value to your set in terms of stats, they are 100% just for show so you don't need to farm them unless you want them. Also if you do get lucky and drop one, it's some extra money in your pocket if you wish to sell it (pretty useful to newbies in particular imo) Should you wish, you could always spend the next few months trying to drop a Vulbis egg instead.... I've had overall fairly shit luck when it comes to egg drops (must be at least 600 Dragon Pig souls with 0 turq drop - of course, back when they were obtainable that way...). I did get lucky and drop a Crimson Dofus about 1-2 years before they made it obtainable through quests, which was only a shitty 27% power one....Best luck i had was almost 2 years ago dropping a Vulbis. In terms of questing for eggs, you can farm most eggs within 2 weeks each, main exception being Ivory Dofus because of the pre-req's. They're now actually obtainable, so I don't see the issue with that. Also if you sort out the Six Over Six achievement and do infinite dreams, you can then also get yourself legendary equipment as well.
  9. Please tell me those are mages on the beta not on Echo xD
  10. Lies, you could easily get more HP on that nub alt with my caracap
  11. Panda/Elio/Iop/Eni/Masq + class of choice, easy to do any dungeon then pretty much. I hear Eca's clover is about to be nerfed but should still be very viable partnered with Elio for the extra damages. Hardest achieves for me are the 7 i have left, and some are just from lack of attempts/motivation - Vortex Impert, Bethel Zombie, Protoz Statue (may want enu for that one for the easier win), Protoz 200, Catseye 200, Ily Focus+200 I've done my achieves with mixes of panda elio iop enu cra sram so far, main was an elio and class changed to Sram a couple of years ago, works well for duo achieves.
  12. I'm a little confused, you were pivoting towards Panda Elio Iop Eni and then in all subsequent options you've ditched the Elio/Iop for Rogue and map manipulation? I'd say panda/elio/iop/eni with a cra or enu should do the job nicely for most if not all 200 score achievements. I've still got 3 200 score achievements to go myself, but the rest I've managed with some combination of panda/elio/iop/cra/eca/sram/enu, usually 4-5 chars in use at any one time. Rogue for 200s is a tough shout imo as you wont be able to use bombs with payos in particular, or use Yosh's with minor MP idols. I'd say you're in the right area with Panda/Iop/Elio though, but I'd say pick a diff 4th rather than Eni, personally.... My sram is my main atm so im of course biased, but Chance, Cha/Agi or Omni sram works nicely, you can spam Raiding and pretty much keep your entire team (except sram) on full hp whilst dealing reasonable damage, worst case just carry the sram with panda to keep it alive too. That's pretty much the method I used with Solar for 200 and for duo and it worked rather well. For a simple/effective CC idol setup, something like Great/Major Kyoub & then Great/Major/Regular Yosh, with minor hulhu ought to do it. Alternatively you can avoid the Kyoub's altogether and go with Great/Major/Regular Yosh, Nekineko and Minor Hulhu for 201 score.
  13. Standard/Basic would be something like Panda/Eni/Iop/Elio, so you have PLENTY of heals available to you. Iop/Elio would likely be the main damage dealers then, with panda setting up damage with throwing stuff around, and eni buffing iop/elio & hitting occasionally. You'll likely find yourself playing at mid-high range this way but can also play close range for things like count and klime For the Elio/Rogue stuff, I would assume this is abusing portals, so the exit one ends in a bomb wall and you push/pull a mob into it. Alternatively, pushing bombs through portals to set up a bomb wall, either should work nicely. I've come across a team of Feca/Rogue/Elio in kolo on beta a few years ago abusing this with Gravitational glyph, the feca then locking on the bomb wall... Quite an irritating combination ngl...
  14. Good fucking game.... What was the Fraktal modifier btw? I mainly ask as I have a Zombrute in my Fraktal room option -.- And I can't seem to pass it, and that's with a mere floor 27x too at 401 I imagine that's a LOT more cancerous, RIP that mob hp/range
  15. Err xD Weird for it to show the number of pods you've gained for all your omega levels... Can't say I've had any similar instances happen. Presume you only got +5 pods actually added?
  16. kek is that so you can have even MORE paddocks than you already have? Gotta get dem rhineetles done
  17. This will massively come down to personal preference, and how well you can play & build the characters. If you are going for 6 characters overall and keeping those 3, then you should be fine with: Rogue (if staying int, use a heal weapon perhaps?) Sadi - Str is alright, Agi/MP red also works, all down to personal preference. PLenty of heals from inflatable/trees & Groute Panda - Panda can heal its allies regardless of build, deciding a build is the hard part atm with panda though I think. Of the others, I would be looking at Enu OR Cra, so you have combined mob control along with your Sadi, and then Masq + Xelor would be my choices personally. This should allow you enough versatility in your team to complete most dungeons at the very least, I've done all dungeons so far using panda/cra/enu/sram/iop, often ditching 1 char as and when needed. You may find yourself needing a high lock/vit/res% set for your panda though for tanking mobs in some dungeons such as in Solar/Bethel in particular, though you're some ways off of doing that content so far. For builds with these classes, personally I'd go with the following for PVM: Agi Rogue (reasonable spell damage when you can't attack with bombs) Str Sadi (Force of Nature damage is just insanely high, and aggressive is still nice damage) Agi/Cha panda (Kout bow for some self-healing and then Liquer also gives you an ok-ish steal spell too) Cha/MP Red Enu (well, SOJ has the highest mp rape of all spells so.... You can still use the 4ap str spell to mp rape in an area of effect at low-medium range too) Str Masq (I'm not that clued in with masqs atm unfortunately, particularly with variants, but I recall str masqs having nice ranged damage) Str or Agi Xelor (again, both maximising damage imo)
  18. That vitality and filzpunkte pls crush for ap runes
  19. Personally when I do Nil Duo's I use the very bottom-right corner for trapping Nileza in (once mobs dead) - a poisoned arrow from your cra taking even just 1 mp should be plenty to keep nileza close enough to you, but far enough away that you can't be harmed The hardest part at this stage is killing the mob quickly due to them reducing the splash range from 4 to 2
  20. Drop the 20 int with 4x damage runes,c ould have fixed the fire damage or some water damage then, and then mage 30 init on, drop with rune, continue mage (y) ah well, you'll no doubt find some sadi somewhere that'll end up paying a fair bit for the cape anyway
  21. You realise you could have put the initiative to 401 and used a summon rune to bump it down to 101 right? or MP/AP runes would have put it at 0 and then taken out some of the stats too
  22. ^ confirmed with the above, then just abuse rogue bomb walls to KO the mobs, shouldnt be more than 4-5 turns really to kill 2-3 levi/pazpartus then. I've often found the level 200 sections of dimensions have plenty of stars so you can do the 1-4 mobs even with a low idol score for relatively good xp, and then hit snowfoux/petri/bearb mobs the rest of the time as well. If you've geared yourselves well enough you shouldn't be finding most fights take more than 5-10 minutes, you just need to learn to play fast 10-15 seconds is typically plenty for most classes, Xelors being the main exception
  23. Masq - something like this should do the trick, bit generic though... can change cape to Anerice if you prefer and with 1 crit OM on an item you can then get 100% crit on your axe - http://dofp.la/381lZ/ Eni - Fairly simple full int setup, can OM and drop some vit on base stats to push your int/power into the 1700-1800 region instead which is always fun... http://dofp.la/zkeVc/ Panda - work in progress.... didnt go well http://dofp.la/PqBEw/ Cra - No clue at the moment, still deciding what to put on my cra and whether i want high stats/power so the 4-ap attacks hit really nicely, or high crits/crit dam for the 2-3ap attacks to hit really nicely instead, but finding a middle ground on that seems impossible at the moment
  24. All im seeing here is a lot of ganging Wheres the art of 1v1 pvp gone
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