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  1. Proxy-Error

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    0 filzpunkte, crush pls
  2. Proxy-Error

    Random Screenshots

    How the fuck do you get rekt THAT badly O.O Didnt think Cha cras were particularly good tbh
  3. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    Genuinely not sure if it's the emerald dofus, ornament or title you're referring to
  4. Proxy-Error

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hmm... depends on your preferences and min summon requirement I guess - something like http://dofp.la/u8aBQ/ but res is a tad on the lower side Nice enough agility/air dam and keeps the ap/mp loss res to a reasonable standard.
  5. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    No Count Versatile & Statue? :/ Weak...
  6. Proxy-Error

    B> Vulbis dofus

    Waw drop your own pls #yolo #ezpz
  7. Nope, I have the same issue every maintenance and it's a fucking nightmare. I've yet to find a solution and I've got to a point of not bothering to reorganise my spell tab anymore, i just pop in the special spells as and when i need them. I've no clue why this only happens on srams either...
  8. Proxy-Error

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Not even 80 intelligence? crush pls
  9. Proxy-Error

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hmmm, seems to be a difficult one particularly with little idea of desired build This sorta thing should work for res (for tanking), mp red for cancer, and damage isnt TOO bad considering feca base damages are typically shit anyway: http://dofp.la/ZVOZx/
  10. Proxy-Error

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    ^ Must admit, I like cha/int pandas. I'm probably going to go for something like this on mine once I have his full dofus egg set - http://dofp.la/vd0Fc/ - but something like this can also work nicely for a cheaper setup: http://dofp.la/Nu9RF/ Seems agi/cha with Kout bow is a fairly good setup though, allows you to keep your hp topped up at range with steals and the agi/cha spells both hit quite nicely. Difficult part is the budget all in all, and what eggs you already have. You should find 4-6 weeks of questing would be enough to get you all but ivory/ochre though.
  11. Proxy-Error

    Alignment Quest 100 - Erzal Fight

    Still looking for help on this - Ideally if anyones free to help out tomorrow around 9pm UK Time I should be home from work and free to get on with it then.
  12. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    Rob pls, such str0nk pvm game
  13. Looking to get more people for Erzal at the moment, finally got myself up to this point... Currently only there on one char, which is my nub 200 str sram, but can bring my 200 int/agi cra as well. Amandamandy-two is at the same stage, a cha cra. So ideally looking for 5+ more people for doing it, ideally tomorrow or Friday evening. Probably best to message here if interested as I won't be online during the day but can check imps for updates at work. Ideally looking for people that need the quest fight, but any help is appreciated. EDIT: Finally done it - now onto the Order quests so I can crack on with getting that Ivory...before the Ebony dofus finally gets launched in 2043...
  14. Proxy-Error

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Had a buyer sorted almost instantly Sold to Skellog already, Tribby already had an agreement in place with it
  15. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    Not bad... did you happen to use Grav Glyph a fair bit to do tight?