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  1. Proxy-Error

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    Considering Quad's points, they could stick to an irritating-as-fuck pod restriction, exchanging someone would easily show what pods they have - just throw in an irritating restriction to turn up with 0 pods, must bank the lot! Though then there's the issue of hiding stuff away in mounts.... If there's enough attention on the damage output though then it should become apparent if anyone is using a shield unless it's +spell damage, as otherwise there'd be noticeable differences between ranged and melee attacks. If points in wisdom are allowed for this as well, should be interesting when stuck against classes with ap/mp/range rape :(
  2. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    I still to this day have no fucking clue how odyssey and reinforcement manage to fuck everything up so much :( THERE IS NO FUCKING PUSHBACK, ANKAMA D:
  3. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    Scour pls do count + nileza and record the amount of fails <3
  4. Proxy-Error

    Need help with my xel lvl 129

    For Dofus Touch, I'd prefer cha/agi personally, that way theres plenty of AP rape from clock when at close range, frostbite does that little bit more damage for you as well, and you have shrivelling for that extra ranged damage as well. Str/Cha isnt a bad build as you can basically go full wis/vit base without any concerns, but the range is quite lacking overall, and Xelor's Punch is only an extra 1 range on Clock iirc :(
  5. Proxy-Error

    Need help with my xel lvl 129

    Hmm, did a little looking around to see what I could come up with - no clue on your budget which complicates matters though. If you can get yourself scrolled for all stats at some point then it'll open up a couple of options for you as well. You'll find you can get 200-400 vit overmaged onto most of these setups too if you've got the funds for it :D Unfortunately I tend to aim for being annoying as fuck to kill, so you'll find the resistances are relatively high for the version. If you can scroll in the offensive elements then your damage should still be alright :) Level 131 str/cha: http://dofp.la/Mc2LJ/ (rather limited on options, its mostly just Strength to be honest.... your current ancestral etc. would probably be the best to combine the two) Level 150 str/cha xel: http://dofp.la/8OkIz/ Alternatively: Level 131 cha/agi: http://dofp.la/oMV8m/ (somewhat of a res-whore set, the linear resistances will piss off a lot of characters as well) Level 131 cha/agi: http://dofp.la/Glgu6/ (lower res than the last but more damage output instead) Level 150 cha/agi: http://dofp.la/59Vwj/ - low resistance % than I'd like, but again the linear resistances are quite nice to balance things out nicely :) I think 90 AP reduction should be plenty for keeping your enemies AP low as well - that'd be 100 AP reduction with wis scrolled too For the 131 cha/agi setups, the bow was too good to pass up. It's not quite a koutoulou bow, but what is! Oh wait, a koutoulow bow is... anyway, back on track... it'll be handy for keeping you alive that little bit longer by stealing that little bit of extra HP where needed, and you can AP rape too to reduce your damage intake. For the resistance-based set, you should find that classes like cras, enus, and fecas (which there are a lot of at that level) struggle to deal much damage on you as they rely a lot on +damage and stuff. Another sidenote - Janus Wabbit isn't actually a part of that dofus version as they fucked up :( The wabbits you need to kill for that set aren't accessible despite being included in the bestiary... I was pissed when I found out I couldn't make that strength set for my masq when it was level 120 ish ;) Also, I play on Dodge for Dofus Touch, ign is Tanukoui :P Feel free to message me when I'm on if you have any questions.
  6. Proxy-Error

    eat my whole fucking ass count razof

    Haha.... I'd have thought you'd have abused the int panda Vertigo method by now :P
  7. Proxy-Error

    Agi Osa Help

    Well you all seem lazy as fuck xD Something like this is a potential option? Used 2 allister items for the extra summons, but could switch the allister ring to jammy jack for 1 range and extra agi/air dam from set bonus
  8. Proxy-Error

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    it's not exactly useful, is it
  9. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    Woo! Now at 16,009 achievement points and maxed my last profession (artificer) today, so all profs now 200! I'd screen but I'm too lazy for that (yes i see the irony)
  10. pls, rob lies - though i think it was around 3mk til level 180, then Millet prices kick in and you slit your wrists for the last 20 levels :( Farmer would seem the easiest route though :) I've recently levelled smith, jeweller, tailor and shoemaker to 200 and from selling up some of the items i've crafted i've managed to roughly break even, though used some of my resources i already had so... once the rest sells, should be some profits, just that its around 20-30mk up front investment. Good luck either way ;)
  11. Proxy-Error

    General class advice thread!

    ^ Personally I find the more tactical classes to be the most fun to play, but I've known others that hate them because they can't figure out what to do within the allocated turn time. Xelors are a brilliant class from level 101+ and I've enjoyed my ickle pvp xel project quite a bit (lv 151-165) - as quad mentioned though, if you do choose Xel, then you'll likely be best to look at int/agi (particularly for PVM) until you can invest the higher amounts required for Str or a str hybrid. Temporal dust actually hits quite well and is the only proper AOE spell you'll have as a xel (not including your summons). As you're currently a rogue and having some problems with it, might be worth hanging in there a tad longer if you're currently only using a 4-5mp set. I played a rogue several years back and it didn't really become anything great until reaching 6 MP - the additional map manipulation you can pull off to get things into your bomb walls is great fun :P Also, if playing with a friend, if they have map manipulation too then they can rely partially on your bomb wall damage too. Both elio and fogger should have enough map manipulation to pull off some neat combos though :)
  12. Proxy-Error

    Post your Guts

    Not a bad setup :D take it the hat is a Nekochief and the boots are Cycloid?
  13. Proxy-Error

    Post your goals and achievements

    With that much mp rape, does anything even move?
  14. waw, bobe did 9/11 confirmed
  15. Proxy-Error

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I hope you plan on fixing the fire damage and water res% first :/ edit: oh and the int :(

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