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  1. I'm disappointed that your entries didn't go with Used Bwork Protection
  2. For ease of gameplay, Panda all the way - You'll possibly want 2 setups for it, 1 for full lock/resistances and 1 for maximising your damages You should find most dungeons straightforward with panda iop sram eni, some areas you may struggle with but nothing too significant
  3. At a brief look at least, for a Str/Lock panda for PVM: https://d-bk.net/en/d/zq9Q Good luck on a PVP one May want a corruption cape for PVP tbh, crocobur, ebony and corruption cape makes for some nice damage output via poisons.
  4. Proxy-Error


    Personally I would suggest exomaging 8 Lock Transcendence runes on where possible (any item that naturally has 5 lock or less) and then overmage res% where any fall below 42%, then do Melee Res% with the remaining. One thing I do wish to trial at some stage is putting RANGE res% onto my pandas set to see if I can lure monsters into Melee Range and sit locked...
  5. It's not too difficult especially if the Panda and/or Cra can MP rape War Optional as to initiative order, but basically the Panda carries the Cra so that War can't swap with either character. That way, War basically wont be able to hit. If the summons end up close at any stage, just throw & push them away. Using that you can likely keep War in an infinite loop anyway of swapping with his summon then running close, then swapping back with it and running in.
  6. Not bad I'm slowly integrating back into the game 1 character at a time - So far I've gone back to Omni/Crit Elio (Idk why but I find it fun to play... very versatile and I don't find that you lose all that much damage compared to mono builds?) and just brought back my lock panda! So now my panda just sits there tanking hits in dreams while the elio safely hits from a distance, with the occasional use of Diffusion/Virus to full heal the Panda Just got to add some damage dealers back in and good to go!
  7. I'm sorry, you missed Protoz 200 and duo there
  8. I can only comment on the content up to Turtelonia as I've not touched that or anything after it, but that team composition should find MOST dungeons reasonably doable (possibly some build tweaks for some dungeons). Frigost 1/2/3 should all be simple with that team comp along with Protoz'orror. You may find Dazahk a little tricky at first just while you learn some of the basics - but your panda will basically just tank the 3 monsters and your sram will keep Dazahk busy, Iop/Eni deal with the monsters. Easy win. Nidas - Simple dungeon, just smash everything.
  9. Good Luck The set you're referring to isn't a Level 200 set on Dofus 2.0, only on Dofus Touch... They decided to be assholes with that sort of thing -.- Like with changing the element on the Ghoul set as well...
  10. Congratz on Vortex Impert That one looked too tedious to me so I didn't bother in the end I presume you could have abused Panda carrying rogue to prevent pacifist for your rogue though? Should count as rogue ending by vortex then, makes the whole thing a fair bit easier.
  11. http://dofusfashionista.com/s/Tank-Panderp/NTEzMjg0Nb7dSQ0_/ At a quick look, something like this for 11/6? Kept a few range in. If not fussed then just switch the Broucey Ring to a Tash Ring.
  12. Doesn't 1.29 still have the massively broken Sacrifice & Sylvan Power combination, so you can use a living bag or sacrier to protect the whole team, then make them completely immune for several turns? If so, you could quite likely incorporate that into a Soft Oak strategy. Just keep all of your team lined up behind the sac afterwards, and non-linear to Soft Oak
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