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  1. Selling my mp deep sea ring 20mk or trading it for an mp soul blaze ring or buying the soul blaze ring for 20mk also selling an overmage vit kideebonnet for 7mk, sneerena belt 2% air res exo 7mk and a vit overmage spookkoth ammy for 6.5mk everything's in sellrooms lmk xo
  2. Just thought I'd mention he's still on Sir-Maroc - tried to scam me out of 69mk (lol) of items with the old 69m + random item this morning. Mind out
  3. new class time today I am hupper Trying out int/agi. Pretty fun so far Militiaman Hat and Cloak under mimis Could use a bit more damage but think this is as good as I can make the set atm. Open to suggestions
  4. Scutes

    Osamodas Revamp

    Doesn't look half bad to me
  5. You can even go full int now without being such a scrub
  6. Surely if the situation is explained to a mod a new sub xelor can be added? Provided there were at least three xelors worth voting for this year post rework...
  7. After trying out an eliotrope I can confirm I like to keep things simple with a sacrier.
  8. @Dedlaw summed it up quite nicely but my point is this thread shouldn't be a place for people who didn't get scammed to come and act all high and mighty but rather, as Anj said, should be a place to figure out what to do next. I I think the scale of items lost makes it a lot harder to get stuff back but has Rushu lost its geared xelor for Goult this year after this cos im confused about what happens now to Timeless' team.
  9. Gold star for u thanks for ur input
  10. just thinking that somebody could betray people who but a lot of trust in them for "tactical reasons" makes me sick. so what if it's just a game it's not the kamas that matter it's the trust that's broken. Sorry to hear this shit happening
  11. Yeah I didn't quite think that far ahead and now the exchange rate is down from 8-1 to 5-1...
  12. yeah but your xel is full int so
  13. Think my team in late f2 gear would manage from level 198/199 th3n? Thanks for your help
  14. So I just booted my team back up which currently consists of: 200 iop 188 eni 187 panda 170 eca 123 cra (leech) what at levels and sets do you think I should be looking at before starting frig 3? also side note that I didn't want to make a separate thread for; what idol configuration could I use with this team for 300 score without dying, been finding that pretty hard.
  15. Ffs we had to leave just as I went on holiday... I can't get any money cos of the exchange rate lol
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