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  1. Id also say Remington
  2. -hero

    Anyone fancy starting together?

    I just started and Iop, and Cra. Name is Hero Blade, or Chaos Hero if youd like to team up.
  3. -hero

    [Dathura] Elysium | The Band of Heroes

    I'm looking to start up again in Wakfu, and I'd enjoy to start off on a server with a active community of players I have gotten to know through imps / dofus. My only issue is that I have no idea how to gain access to Dathura as I live in the U.S. any help with this issue, and admittance to your guild would be amazing! Edit: Found my way into the server. Much easier than I thought, I'll send a PM to someone and hopefully make it into the guild ^^ In Game Name: Heroz
  4. -hero

    Anyone out there?

    Hey all I started Wakfu during it's beta stages then left to play GW2. Now I'm back and looking for some people to play with, is anyone still playing?

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