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  1. Well that's unfortunate. I don't even see a Temporis server option. If only Dofus had the hero system. I'd definitely make the jump then
  2. Just wondering if anyone is still playing this game. I just recently restarted and have 3 characters at 75+ and I'm currently looking at leveling another 3 so I can solo dungeons by myself. I'd like to be able to join an active guild or make friends with some veterans that can help point me in the right direction. I'm currently looking for a set to hunt to easily be able to clear dungeons and mobs around my level.
  3. I just started and Iop, and Cra. Name is Hero Blade, or Chaos Hero if youd like to team up.
  4. I'm looking to start up again in Wakfu, and I'd enjoy to start off on a server with a active community of players I have gotten to know through imps / dofus. My only issue is that I have no idea how to gain access to Dathura as I live in the U.S. any help with this issue, and admittance to your guild would be amazing! Edit: Found my way into the server. Much easier than I thought, I'll send a PM to someone and hopefully make it into the guild ^^ In Game Name: Heroz
  5. Hey all I started Wakfu during it's beta stages then left to play GW2. Now I'm back and looking for some people to play with, is anyone still playing?
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