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  1. Hello again! It’s only been two months or so since I’ve come back, but yet it’s time for me to quit again. Before I do that though, I would like to thank a few people for helping me enjoy the time I spent re-discovering dofus again. A very, very big thank you to Storm Troopers for giving an oldschool, nubby eca a guild to call home again on dofus. It reminded me a lot of the old days, when I was even more nubbier and less awesome (was I ever not awesome though, let’s be real here k). Also, for letting me use guild paddocks to my heart's content. As a thank you for being a part of this guild, even if it was only a short time, I present you the following drawing I drew a long while ago (way back before I even considered coming back to dofus again for the gazillionth time): To name a few people in guild (because I most likely talked/greeted you the most out of everyone else so much that I even bothered learning your names geez): thank you James, Mike, James, David, Mike, and James. Thank you, really. also: keith, coopy (i just like calling you coopy), ben, jj, sean (ty for helping me get all the random things i needed – it was fun hanging out with you), limi (GL with your babies!! may the eternal reproductive camo stripe god bless your little ones), eith (i wanted to say happy canada day to you on canada day but you weren’t online D:< so happy late canada day and thanks for making me my turkey thingamabobs), nony, bleh, j2 (y u no give me frozen heart), antic (sorry i couldn’t come train with you afterwards. GL with the rest of the leveling and hope you had fun on vacay!), aj, susan, hiv-aids?, yamms ---> #youdabest. if i didn’t mention you, i probably just forgot, but dw #youstilldabest. edit: i forgot jeremy. sorry ziuiuiuiu<3 #youdabest2 Many, many thanks to everyone who welcomed me in my previous post as well as in-game. A very big thank you, too, to EVERYONE in my old dofus FL list (despite the fact that dofus somehow deleted some people while i was on quit from before) who still remembered me and greeted me warmly when I came back. I won’t mention any names this time, but if you’re on my FL, then thank you. Really. It meant a lot to me. A special thank you to Slicey for getting me my invite to ST ♥ And last but not least, although you may never read this, Thank you, thank you, thank you, Vin – for trusting me. I hope that I’ll be able to talk to you again one day, wherever you are, and that you’ll always be safe. - Pris
  2. really late reply: but it's usually her who wakes me up D:< i think.

  3. Hi! I always hear Kat complaining that you woke her up XD

  4. hello :o cicada's sis here

  5. Have to agree with these two. Although I started out when Shika was still a new server, I have to say that the only reason I kept playing was because of the guild I was in (whichever guild I was currently in at the time). Usually, I'd either be really good friends with a few people in the guild but other than that, I find that most guilds are very welcoming. It's probably best to find a guild around your level though since you would be able to do dungeons, train, etc. with them on the same level. Just keep trying until you find the right one! Good luck.
  6. Thank you, MrBlack! Also, I don't seem to recall your character name, Valkyre... but then again, I had to search up that old guild name (Key Childs Project!! geez it's been too long). Thanks a lot for the welcome! Unfortunately, I'm the nubby one now XD (I always was tbh). And I'm super glad you mentioned Advent-Child (because I'm assuming you were in KCP back then too). It's nice to meet old friends again haha. Thanks everyone for the good wishes! I'm glad I chose Shika way back in the day since I met quite a lot of wonderful people over time.
  7. Hey! I remember you too Ulti ~ I'm not sure which guild it was, but could it be from... Key Childs Project? (WOW I HAD TO SEARCH FOR THIS - I couldn't remember the name of my first guild ever!) I used to hang out with Advent-Child and Omega-Overdrive (I think it was) and that might be where we met :P Thanks for the wb! Also, heya Real~~
  8. Hello Veldi! Thanks for the welcome! :D And welcome back to you too, I guess, RMP ♥ I'm still getting used to dofus again so I'm not doing anything big yet, but I'll let you know for sure :D
  9. Ziuiu! TY <3 You changed your name D:
  10. Thank you, Slicey ♥ I'll think about it :)
  11. ha, no worries :)

  12. Yoooo I was caught up in laughing at a guildie for something embarrassing he done and I didn't get round to saying hello properly, I'll b back on again in a bit and we can get on with the gropey gropey! LOL

  13. Ha, I'm surprised you remember that! Thanks for the welcome everyone :)
  14. we'll see :p have a cup of tea or something for me then. Bye!

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