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  1. Looking to sell these items by next week Wednesday, preferably by this Friday afternoon. Looking for kamas or willing to trade for ochres. Willing to do slight discounts if 100m or more is spent. I have a range of items in market, of varying mage quality, to sell as well. If an item has 2 or 3 8's in their price i.e. 6,888,999 there's a high chance it's mine. Send me a message on imps if interested. Alternatively, ign: Gbengy.
  2. Selling the following: AP Inky 45m 2% Air Res Inky 25m` MP Seven Years Bad Luck 25m 50 Vit Seven Years Bad Luck 7m 3 Crit Stilted Shovel 7m 97 Vit Otomai Sword 8m 97 Vit Gilbert Sword 8m Perfect Res Blord Scythe 10m 16 Cri Res Ringaling 10m Range Fugitive Ring 20m AP Nidas Ring 17m 24 Int Ringaling 8m Summon Nomarrow Getas 8m Range Slothful Slippers 9m 93 Vit Catseye Boots 12m 4% Air Res Tritun Boots 22m 1% Neutral Res/MP Bearbaric Wedding Ring 35m 3% Air Res Inky 40m 3% Earth Res Inky 40m 120 Vit Ellie's Mental Amulet 40m SOLD 1% Fire Res/MP Jammy Jack Ring 45m MP Nidas Crown 22m 22 Vit/Range Vortex Belt 25m 16 Cri Res Tread Amulet 25m AP Deep Sea Bracelet 28m 1% Earth Res/Summon Ethical Wand 8m 4% Earth Res Pathogastrics 15m Summon Epeni's Belt 9m SOLD 13 Cri Res Tread Belt 13m SOLD MP Bearbaric Wedding Ring 16m MP Bearbaric Wedding Ring 16m SOLD MP Hairsh Bracelet 15m MP Hairsh Bracelet 15m Dolmanax 18m SOLD
  3. Merchant Zyzz currently located at [1,1]. Well maged items.
  4. Totally agree. Coney is one of the dumbest summons and extremely difficult to predict. It's not as easy as "don't summon it then" because it's essential.
  5. I've just recently started playing my Xelor again and I don't think it needs any additional spells. One thing I do think needs to change is the time limit - it seems near impossible to plan elaborate turns and then actually carry them out.
  6. I could be wrong but I think the mages you require are worth a lot more than you're paying. The Hairsh bracelet is worth alot more than 70-80m, I've attempted this mage and would be looking at around double your offer. Although, I could be wrong. I'm not wrong.
  7. Firstly, to mage 2% range/melee resistance is 30 sink which is a completely different world from the 24 sink to get 4% elemental resistance. Secondly, range/melee resistance is only situationally useful whereas elemental resistance reduces damage entirely. Finally, if you're like me and change sets often, it'll be more efficient selling %res items as you will have a higher number of interested buyers and you can sell the item for it's worth whereas not many people would be willing to pay a price that would reflect a 2% range/melee mage.
  8. Anybody know how others seem to be adding both ogrine and kama offers? I'm looking to p2p an account but I can't change the rate and unless I've lost it, I constantly see people changing theirs.
  9. I haven't completed the Incarnam quests as I read that they are no longer needed. I have also not completed the Incarnam quests on the other characters.
  10. I finally decided to start on the quests for Dofus'. My characters were able to start the Discreet Arrival quests except for my Masq and Feca. Tried finishing other Astrub quests I had on them but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated.
  11. For me, this is Dofus' problem - they're focusing on what would benefit new players and ignoring their long-term customers. Dofus is a subscription game so I would have thought it'd be better to focus on one player subscribing for a year than attempt to gain five new customers who will, in all likelihood, subscribe for a month then stop.
  12. Not really sure why you can't complain about the lag or problems within 1.29. To be fair to them, they have given us 1.29 - and I really am grateful for that. But it's akin to giving someone a free ps4 that can't play any games. Are you just meant to be glad that you've been given a ps4 which for all intents and purposes is useless? I was really excited when I heard it was coming out but I'd rather they didn't bother than give us something that's quite unplayable.
  13. You were correct - just talked to Herr then Ernest and quest updated. Thanks for the help.
  14. I need to speak to Ernest Laye to update the quest but all he has to say is: 'I should shut by shop while I recober, but I don't hab anyone to replace be and look after by customers.' (Close this dialogue) Quest doesn't update no matter what I try to do and the question mark still hangs above his head. Any help is appreciated.
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