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  1. Sieg's bazaar [0,1]

    Sold some, added some more.
  2. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Panda/Enu ? .___.
  3. Help with the new osa

    Too bad you didn't try them before nerf,would love even more :) I myself find Int boring af.. it kinda reminds me of the old buff bot Osa, so I play an ''iop'' mode as Earth. PoCs aoe is fun. Anyway, welcome back!
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy an AP Ringaling with the following stats: 1AP 290 hp+ 45 int+ 24 wis+ 3% ch 10% water res 10% air res 3 lock+ 20 pushback res+ -21 ch res 1 range 0 pp+ 5 air dmg+ 9 fire dmg+ 5 water dmg+ Looking to pay around 18mk or more, depends stats. IGN: Siegfried. Edit: Bought, thanks!
  5. Sieg's bazaar [0,1]

    AP bearb band sold, gogo :>
  6. What element rogue or masqueraider

    Int Osa, Str Masq and Agi Rog seems like a solid combo.
  7. Sieg's bazaar [0,1]

    Hello, selling some old stuff. IGN: Siegfried. Village [0,1]. Thanks.
  8. Dofus 2.43

    Anyone else unable to log in ?
  9. Post your goals and achievements

    Very nice, I wish I had the patience for achivs. Since I got a cool team I should be able to hit 14~15k .. but cbf to do it sadly :( would be a great way to pass time and do something other than kolo and zaap sit t_t
  10. PvP Tier List

    I think you forgot to add Ougi/Huppers/Sadidas/Sac. They're just as popular as Osas.
  11. summoner suggestion

    What she meant is that osa is finally playable,useful and fun to use. We are no longer buff bots and we can play as we should, with our summons. That said, if you like summons you should go for Osas 100%. I hope you have fun,cya.
  12. Post your goals and achievements

    I won't even bother getting an agi set.. now I can see the nerf..
  13. Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    I'd rather if they just removed the Idols bs, makes the fight boring.. Btw, is it true that we can disable the stupid fatal blow bs now? can't access Beta right now :< thx
  14. Free Class change for Cras

    I think that Explosive twice a turn would be fair, global CD of course. I've an Int/Agi cra but I'm not really worried about it, this will barely affect me cuz I'm mostly using Torm arrow and that weird ass wand from Sufokia. All hail Noma/TF set <3 But part of me is happy about it.. those 8 int cra 508 idols bs groups were disgusting.
  15. Me yet again

    Silly question my dear.. Osa is love, Osa is life ! Sadly our fusions looks like shit but oh well.. I'll keep bugging the shit out of Ankama til they add a way to disable this BS. PS: I've just noticed that my reply wasn't helpful at all :/ Soz,good luck Amy :D