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  1. -Siegfried-

    2.47 Livestream

    Vuvu quest now would be nice..
  2. -Siegfried-

    2.47 Livestream

    Ya,you can say wb to vulbis.
  3. -Siegfried-

    Post your goals and achievements

    Go get yours now, me and sneh rdy to help !
  4. -Siegfried-

    Post your goals and achievements

    Hello my 4 babies Big Thanks to Sneh,r000ni,Pat,Martin and everyone else that helped me during this awful quest
  5. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Thanks !
  6. -Siegfried-

    Show off your new colours

  7. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sadida. Build: Earth/Air. Kamas/time available: All but Vulbis. Current team: Osa,Cra,Enu,Panda and Sadi. Lvl range: 200 PvP or PvM oriented: Mostly PvM, but I'd like to do some pvp, with a few changes,if possible. Extra comments: Hello,it's me.. I was wondering if there is a good agi/str set Sadi ? Mostly str, but Shake is so nice.. Well so, I'd like to keep my Flinty daggers since its a summon exo, thats alone 3 summons too and good stats I guess ? Preferable without seemyool because I like to use a bunch of diff Pets instead of being hostage of MP mounts. Thanks <3
  8. Bought, feel free to close it, Rob2. Thanks!
  9. Hey, I'm looking to buy MP Allister's Crown or MP Jammy Jack. Great stats in general,max res etc, if Crown, 2 summons is a must ! 12~18mk, depends. Thanksss !
  10. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Similar to what I had in mind then, but used dolmo since pow is shit for summons. thanks though ^_^
  11. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Osa. Build: Air. Kamas/time available: All but vulbis. Current team: Osa,Cra,Enu,Panda and Sadida. Lvl range: 200. PvP or PvM oriented: Both. Extra comments: Ok so, I need 1 agi set for PvM and 1 for PvP,pls halp. Thanksssss !
  12. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Thats quite nice actually,thanks. Quad MVP.
  13. -Siegfried-

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: SadidaBuild: Earth.Kamas/time available: All But vulbis.Current team: Osa,Cra,Enu and Panda.Lvl range: 200. PvP or PvM oriented: Mostly PvM. Extra comments: Hey, I kinda wanna revive my Sadida. I'd like something with Ok Res, 5 range/summons and TOP dmg, is that possible ? I'm awful with Earth builds.. a.k.a why I don't have any. No need of MP reduc btw. Thanks a lot !
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