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  1. That name sounds familiar, most people in Algathe tho.
  2. In theory they are going to merge all new Retro servers.. but they're so full.. probably won't happen anytime soon. No more queue, they increased the size of servers. You won't regret Algathe, lot of people from EN servers.
  3. It's what Lance said, we only had 5 servers to pick. Hang in there, it's getting better and after the double XP weekend, should be even better. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the queue on Nabur, Arty and Hogmeiser worse? That's why we gave up(UtE) Hog and went to Algathe.
  4. Your guessing skills suck badly, I hate enus.
  5. By original Dofus I meant that class had a purpose, a role. Sure Enu don't go invisible anymore, nonetheless they are still Enu. Period. 2.0 lost it's essence, it became something else.
  6. They should rename 2.0, that shit isn't Dofus anymore, it hasn't for a long time actually. Long live the original game.
  7. There is not, officially at least.
  8. INT isn't small at all, our guild is lvl 16 and full with mains peeps only, no alts allowed for now. What's your IGN? I'll save it and invite you when possible.
  9. UtE lvl 10, currently full but are dinging fast. No alts in guild.
  10. It was before we knew about the Hispanic wave, now it's Algathe.
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