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  1. Buying an ochre dofus for 40m IGN Juse Cheers!
  2. Up for sale are two ivories 125mk each and a perfect mp/1% air grithril ring 70m nego MERCHED IN MOTHERLESS CURRENTLY 1 DOWN FROM DOJO OR 1 DOWN, 1 RIGHT
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  5. selling a wild crimson rhineetle 80m!!! MERCHED 1 BELOW DOJO Kaerth non negotiable cheers
  6. Hey cunts, Excuse the shit translation, did my best to interpret walls of googled French. Note some of this could be wrong but for the most part it will be accurate (confirmed by Volcasaurus and experienced by myself) and paint a decent picture of what to expect in the fight. The fight is not that difficult. Many srams, rogues, osas and even a masq, pand, elio, eca and feca have all soloed it on beta. It’s harder than Frigost 3, but not as hard as Abyss or Tal Kasha. All monsters in this area including the boss have a passive, where if they do not damage any character, they receive specific buffs and 1 state (from 1 to 3). In the third state they receive buffs in their skills and if they damage one character, their state resets as follows: Case 1: Rokrusher, Gobbosses or Beardrammer: The state is reset as their state determines the power of their ordinary spells, as well as effects. Rokrusher: increases value of AP reduction Gobbosses: causes Pacifist in state 3 Beardrammer: increases damage only (general stuff: he also erodes 40%. He can attract himself by 6 linear range while gaining 20% of his HP as shield. Case 2: Tankanvils, Warmonbeer and Dazak: The state stays the same if they hit a character. Instead, they reset their state automatically once at 3 to use a special spell. State 2 means two stacked bonuses of a maximum 3. You can't unbewitch or change states on your turn. KING DAZAHK FREEZAMMER/ DAZAK MARTEGEL (boss) The boss has the lowest resistance in water and fire. He has 6mp at the start of the fight and gains 1mp per state (9mp at state 3) The boss has a spell like the huppermage’s journey in which he teleports up to 5 cells hitting in an axe AoE and taking up to 4 mp, 2 turn cooldown on this. A melee spell that damages, applies 40% erosion and removes 10% resistances infinitely from the target. And a spell that gives 2 mp and 1500 shield for all other monsters with a 2 turn cooldown (not including himself). The turn where the monsters are not boosted (the boost has 2 initial cooldown, the jump 1 initial cooldown, so it just happens that they're cast alternately), the boss has a jump to 5 range with line of sight that hits the target. A bit like tal kasha, he will use it (almost) always at the beginning of the turn, so it's quite simple to counter it. Importantly he gains 1 mp and 50% final damage for each state and in the third state, he removes it to cast a spell that gives him 3 mp and 150% final damage for 2 turns. It in these turns that he loses 5% infinite resistance each time he is pushed or pulled (or any other placement except Xelor spells). Do not cause pushback damage though as this gives him 10% resistance back (infinite) TANKANVILS/ TANKLUME The 'tankanvil' is by far the most dangerous monster of dungeon, especially for solo. He has a linear spell of 3 range called yobarmour where he swaps with a monster and gains a 15% hp shield and sacrifices the monster (like a sacrier). [21:15] Tankanvil casts Yobarmour. [21:15] Tankanvil: 1035 Shield (1 turn) He has a neutral damage spell like melancholy called 'tripple attack' like Sword of Iop, in a 2 cross format and of 2 range and removes dodge. [21:26] Tankanvil casts Tripple Attack. Critical Hit! [21:26] Juse: -1099 HP. [21:26] Juse: -50 Dodge (2 turns) He receives a 25% damage reduction in state 1 up to 60% damage in state 3. When he is in the third state he has a spell that draws everyone on the map, from anywhere, next to him (like Koutoulou). It ignores states such as gravity. It is unbewitchable, which makes him extremely dangerous. It will always be in 1st action of its turn. This teleport spell does not need a line of sight. His state stays the same if he hits a character. Instead, he resets his state automatically once when he reaches state 3 to use his special side teleport spell. Thus, he is the most important monster of the dungeon and it is advised you rush him first. Already he is a bitch to kill because he reduces damage taken by up to 60% but can also sacrifice his allies by swapping them with his 3 range linear spell (No line of sight) which additionally gives him a shield. GOBBOSSES/ BOUFBOS He gains 50% final damage per state (150% final damage at state 3). He has three spells. The first one has 12 range, is linear and in the third state it causes the pacifist state. The second spell has 2 range which pushes the target and removes 4 mp and pushes (or attracts?) him. As like the other monsters, he hits linear with line of sight and with a minimum range, but it is very strong and will uses the pushback/mp rape spell every second turn if locked. Just stay non-linear to him as his damage is absurd and mind the pacifist state applied on its state 3 turn if you are hit linearly. ROKRUSHER/ KASROK He receives 1 mp for each state value (so +3 mp in state 3) and in the third state the first spell removed 7 ap. He can thus have a maximum of 8 mp in state 3, unless there's bosses buff as well where he will have 10 mp. He has a damaging spell which hits in target in cc. Another spell pushes the target, removes 50% critical hits and pushes itself towards the target similar to the ecaflip’s claw of ceangal. WARMONBEER Has a spell called 'hash'. Hits earth, long range, (8ish cells?) and damages in a 2 cell aoe so even if u stand 2 cells behind a double as sram, youll still get hit but for a lot less. Has a -100 mp/gravity spell called 'yobplantation' which affects all allies around the map, no line of sight needed to cast. Not sure if this can be avoided nor how it triggers but the cooldown seems significant. Each time he uses it, he gains 3 range infinitely which seems to stack Room 2 has 2 warmongbeers which when paired with the tankanvil bringing you to his side on state 3 turns is really annoying BEARDRAMMER Has a high damage (1-1.5k) fire spell called 'horn butt' which applies 20% erosion and it charges by 6 cells similar to a stalak or sacrier ravages or ouginak preyed tracking. He can apply a -vitality infinite penalty He shields for 2 turns when he charges: [21:12] Beardrammer casts Ram. [21:12] Beardrammer: 945 Shield (2 turns) [21:12] Beardrammer casts Horn Butt. [21:12] Charf-bolhia: 20% Erosion (2 turns) [21:12] Charf-bolhia: -329 Vitality (Infinite) [21:12] Charf-bolhia: -2578 HP. GOBYOB (Not mentioned on dofus site) Has a 1000 to 1500 damage long ranged air nuke called slingshot. It seems to deal significantly more damage, almost double when it reaches state 3. [22:25] Gobyob casts Slingshot. [22:25] Juse: -3917 HP (dead). [22:25] Gobyob casts Slingshot. Critical Hit! [22:25] Juse: -1077 HP. Here the spell koes my double then does approximately half on me (after ivory). Please feel free to add any missing info!
  7. giwe me the free fkrsona haven bag. now available in all allahkama stores near u!
  8. Bump. Guild is 42 now with 9x members! Multiple level 200s! It's not too late to join our 508 orgy seshes!
  9. Guild's level 22 now on Ilyzaelle with an average member level of 81. We're one of two leading English guilds, the other being Moon Brigade and we're in the same alliance. Anyone is welcome to shelter here and be carried by our cra/enu idol teams!
  10. Bump. Guild's level 22 now with an average member level of 81!
  11. Hi guys, Seven is a pvp (kolo, koth, 1v1, 3v3 and perc hunts) guild on Ilyzaelle server currently with over 120 members and level 17. Be a part of our rapid growth as we aim to be the server's not only best pvp ENGLISH guild but best pvp guild overall. Many percs will die. Cheers!