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  1. giwe me the free fkrsona haven bag. now available in all allahkama stores near u!
  2. Bump. Guild is 42 now with 9x members! Multiple level 200s! It's not too late to join our 508 orgy seshes!
  3. Guild's level 22 now on Ilyzaelle with an average member level of 81. We're one of two leading English guilds, the other being Moon Brigade and we're in the same alliance. Anyone is welcome to shelter here and be carried by our cra/enu idol teams!
  4. Bump. Guild's level 22 now with an average member level of 81!
  5. Hi guys, Seven is a pvp (kolo, koth, 1v1, 3v3 and perc hunts) guild on Ilyzaelle server currently with over 120 members and level 17. Be a part of our rapid growth as we aim to be the server's not only best pvp ENGLISH guild but best pvp guild overall. Many percs will die. Cheers!
  6. Juse

    Cancering on -1,0

    sama alliance, isis confirmed.
  7. Juse

    Welcome to imps ^_^

  8. Hi everyone, I'm going to leave here a list of players who will be starting up a new character on the Ilyzaelle server. When it opens I'd recommend you add everyone on the list and group up for higher prospecting thus drop rates. My guild are choosing specific classes and professions so that we can attempt end game dungeons asap. Let's build a strong English community! Frenchies are doing similar in this google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16qjIOp7sXBeq49UFFp-YR64uvYgxJO7-0XdHwaJptok/edit#gid=851451458 Please comment below if you wish to be added to the list with the following: Name- [Element] Class Juse- Str oug Sarah-Kerrigan- Int cra Uthman- Int sac Mrs-Garrison- Feca or panda Medusuh-Dude- tbd Wittkins- Elio Nudes- Eca or rogue Necroman- Cha sadida Bochi: (IV Name) (name tbd)- tbd Mahon- Cha enu Rising-stars- Int or str sram Sorwen- Str/cha foggernaut Warbot- Str iop or Int Cra Dynamike-tbd Sliceyfly-tbd Rev- tbd Neymar- enu Teign- panda Scampy- Int rogue. Barbariq - Int or Str sram or cha sac Barb’s brother - Cha enu or int osa Methoxihexyne - str sadida or int/str sram ABaldWalrus - Chance Sadida Akahache- Str masq Zetharius/Tezar- Cha hupper Chems- Tbd Chedarface- Rogue Imyourdoom - Xelor The-Skotter- Iop Xah-Panda Asoka- Cha Panda Sufokian-Admiral aka Monono- Str eca Defuse- Rogue Quadro- agi osa Gravestorm- wis cra Donald-Trump- cra Chaf- Int sac Robein- Cha hupper Fravanlan- Agi elio Astro/Astrology- tbd Zemro- Enu or eni Valium- Str iop or agi oug or str eca Michinori- Cra or iop Wildpants- Fog Whitewaterz- Int eni Myah- Panda or eca Defy-x- Eni or cra Azmorea- Int feca or cra Sirwinston- Int osa Government- Str oug or cha hupper Zephinism- Cha enu Thefook- Osa The-Mhite-Wantis- Agi rogue Yama- Str osa Gosia- Feca Blowup-Dolls Cha/int sadida Kamuii- tbd Tom-Hanks- Elio Waaxz- Cha eni Frozthax- Str/int iop Grakilo- cha/agi eca Aiireko- Int eni Mrxovoc- Int eni The-Mhite-Wantis Qirt- tbd Suminas- Cha elio Mutilated Wrath- Str Iop Laomagus or Diogenes- Agi or cha elio Adotaya- Int or cha feca Bloodyminded- Int/agi sac Ziberian- Str/agi sram Big-Menz- Wis enu Szi- Str oug Heroma- Cha/wis enu Sommanker- tbd Arxi- Str/int iop Moonagi- Str iop Plonker- Int cra Freestyles- tbd Arisoune- Str Fog or agi/cha eca Vortex/Darkwell- Sram or enu Dolberg- tbd Persona- tbd Ferrett- Int/agi cra Exalt- Cha or agi hupper Cartograph- Agi sram Complete- Int osa Alrighthun- Str/int feca Rouleaux- Sac Sinceir- Cha/agi eca Drressrosa- Omni cra Erlandson- tbd Snoggy- Eca Solvi- Agi elio Trappable-shield- Sram Professions Juse- Tailor/Costumagus/Miner Uthman- Jeweler Sarah-Kerrigan- Lumberjack, Carver Mrs-Garrison- Hunter, Smith Medusuh-dude- Fisher Mahon- Shoemaker Rising-stars- Farmer, Shoemaker Barb - Alchemist/Artificer Zepharius/Tezar- Artificer Imyourdoom- Fisherman/lumberjack Asoka- Farmer Michinori- Fisherman Frozthax- Hammersmith/swordsmith/shoemaker Grakilo- Jeweller/gathering proffs Aiireko- Tailor/food proffs Tagor- Sram Suminas- Tailor Laomagus or Diogenes- All maguses Adotaya- Lumberjack Aquil- Cra or elio Bloodyminded- Tailor/costumagus/lumberjack/miner Ziberian- Harvesting/Maguses Big-Menz- Shoemaker Heroma- Lumberjack/miner/shovel smith or sword smith Vortex/Darkwell- Lumberjack, fisherman Complete- Alchemist, miner, lumberjack, carver Snoggy- Shoemaker/shoemagus/fisherman/carver Trappable-shield- Farmer/Fisherman/Baker
  9. Hi I think this is a great idea and my guild will be in on it, we already have a google doc up with who is going what class and prof. It's kinda like Diablo 3 seasons without the seasonal component and I hope it stays that way as seasons would be pointless on Dofus. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LPjEuoPmfCFPPUcMbFvWdoASL8jVo8khOMLFX5TQo6I/edit If anyone plans on starting up all over again, please pm me on Echo and add your name to the google doc above; we are setting out a game plan at the moment. We will be grinding in parties of 8 to drop our piwi>gobbal>anc>so> end game sets slowly. Join us! I have a few questions/statements myself: 1. Will browser/virtual machines be able to bypass the mono account restriction? (I know this is illegal but it's bound to be exploited if not taken care of and we need to report anyone doing it as it's just not fair for those who put in the effort to grind solo/with team mates, look i'm pretty fucking sure virtual machines will work given Ankama's shit security). Another question here, what if you had an account under your name that you multilog with say using a virtual machine, do Ankama have a system in place which matches the IDs of the two accounts with the same names online at the same time? Would you get banned despite having different IPs? 2. The group finding feature should be brought back on that server but if not that's cool, community channels work just as well so I guess we can just roll with that. 3. Leaderboards would be cool and appeal to a lot of people; I'm not sure why Ankama don't implement it, being an avid Diablo 3 player I know the game has way more popularity because of it and I was hoping for it reading down until I saw there'd be no such thing :( 4. Mono account could ultimately mean pvp will thrive which is what I want to work towards and be a part of. A community of devoted pvpers who only pvm with friends/guildies when required. Will I quit Echo? No, but i'll be a lot less active. We need to get as many people in on this. Cheers Juse- Leader of Seven on Echo
  10. 346 vit 64 % power 25 crit res 3 crit 0pp 36 wis 7% earth 7% water 3% air 1 range 1mp 1ap Bought for 53m, selling for 40m nego! Will accept ap bearb / inky + kamas
  11. My guildie is buying a vulbis for 310-340m. Pm him on America-The-Great / America-The-Greatest if you wish to sell him yours. xo
  12. Juse

    s> abyssal 90m

    sold for 93!

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