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  1. Cheers for this mate!
  2. Rewards are up, mounts look garbage Gear ceremonial shit looks decent imo, worth playing for all praise [insect]
  3. Juse

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Duel got nerfed; it gives range immunity/gravi to the target for 1 turn now. Can still hit in cc but through portals won't work. Rip iop/elio.. Grip just makes the target invulnerable to all damage Both 3 ap, 4 turn cd
  4. Bochi elio one shotting them gobbals from across the map Rofl everyone is dazzled by the equipment drop but prob dont realise they cant keep anything XD Defo seems a lot more popular this time, reckon it'll fill out a Temp 6 at least by the 29th! Thanks for the update
  5. You should still be able to get them with doploons obtained from bounties and breeding, just not from doing daily dopples. That was removed. Around level 120 or so you can pickup frigost wanted posters from the militia which payout 1-2k dops (about 20-30 small scrolls) and are easy to kill in groups of 8.
  6. No xp multiplier No point doing the dofus quests although turq might be handy for pvm and worth doing Gear will be flying around in merches and market as everyone can drop everything now from all monsters so that takes care of crafting I guess, do quests for kamas
  7. Just for the fun of it, and the cosmetics which we old timers value... Also getting together cunts who just quit like @Erah or are inactive but would come back for the short-lived action. Not being able to transfer your char at the end sucks I know, I made 300m last Temporis, but least you can keep the XP gained XD
  8. TEMPORIS 1 ENG GUILD LEAD BY PANDA CALLED "ENGLISH SOULS" IS NOW UP AND RUNNING Temporis 1,2,3,4 & 5 will be open from January 29 to April 2. This thread will list everyone from Echo/Ily looking to play on the new Temporis server as we did with Ilyzaelle which now has a strong English community and alliance "Unity" of over 10 guilds. Please remember Temporis only lasts for 2 months but feel free to add the players on this list to help with grinding achieves (secure your character name today) and know that there are limited spots so get in quick, and you can't transfer your character to your home server this time (no gear or mats!), only XP... The reward for Temporis achievers last season was something like an exclusive hat mimi if you ended with 5k achieves, cape mimi if 3k achieves and a title for 8k achieves. Rewards this time: Ceremonial equipment, ceremonial pets and petsmounts, titles, harnesses… etc? (No pics yet. Many have said they'll only play if they're good) Last Temporis saw Darkfeudala reach 5k achieves first (agi osa) @Gravestorm has kindly offered to secure you a Temporis 1 slot (currently full) so hit him up on imps or discord (Gravestorm#3334) with your character name/class/server choice if that's where you want to start! There will be a free migration service between Temporis servers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 however. Rules summarised: - Monsters OF ALL LEVELS drop equipment (each monster can drop 1 piece per fight) Market's gonna be fucked mdrr And no you can’t take anything back to your home server at the end :)’ - No kolo (no cheat XP especially for classes like osa, cra and sac early on who win a LOT) - It's a MONO account server, no multi-logging - No XP multiplier for a second character on your account and you get 5 character slots ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Names subject to availability so might change). Feel free to comment below if you want to be added onto the list. I'll chuck all of this into a Google doc closer to Jan 29th. List of Echo people so far: Juse (oug) - T1 Erah (xel) - T1 Valium (cra) - T1 Epidemy (xel) - T2 Gravestorm - T1 Locks Doom (panda) - T1 Ouest (feca) - T1 Chems (eca) - T1 Palida Uthman - T2 Kexy - T1 Pesky (Kexy's friend) - T1 Barbariq/Barb - T2 Benefactor (Benelor) (iop) - T1 Koffeh - T1 Horxy (xel) - T1 Feca (feca) - T1 Deejay (cra) - T1 Azaax - T2 Bochi - T3 Perebzor - T1 Teign - T3 Zargabanth (cra) - T1 Exalt (Deipotent) (eca) Chaf (cra) - T1 Havoc - T2 Caddy (cra) - T1 Volorflex (panda) - T4 Razito (oug) - T4 Chronok (rogue) - T4 Slayer-War-Lord Reach - T2 Korwan (rogue) - T2 Shigella (panda) - T2 Celerity Katkoot (feca) Death Cyomi (sram) - T1 Nosi (cra) - T1 Lacos (feca) - T1 Eurii (iop) - T1 Sram (panda) - T1 Spawn (sram) - T3 Nomez - T3 Pelistar (osa) - T1 Kerschinger (cra) - T1 Bish - T4 Ryoyu (hupper) - T5 Oleander (osa) - T5 Kindred (cra) - T4
  9. Ta but got it done, in need of QoT now
  10. any cunts able to leech brothel other than Quinotaur?\\ i will provide keys ta
  11. [1,1] MOTHERLESS IGN JUSE AP RHINEETLE RING 1 AP 241 VIT 95 CHA 5 CRIT 17 WATER DAM 10% WATER basically missing 2 dam and 4 vit off appealing stats. Cost 75m to mage, selling for 40m nego. Will accept ochre/abyss/cloudy as part payment. Cheers