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  1. UPDATE 2.58 DOFUS [English translation] by Juse & Slay Full ENG translation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1seMX1evHW51DTN6A85szwE4VHlxRzSt1eSnrfXqlNEs https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2347313-changelog-2-58-eveil-pandala-partie-3 ITEM CHANGES Pryteks: The shield refreshes every turn, and last one turn. Prytek1: 20%/15/10 Prytek2: 15%/15/15 Prytek3: 10%/15/20 The shield cannot be stacked. The goal is to allow all the pryteks to have a role depending on your gameplay. Catseye Bow: 5ap, range is now 4-7, crit nerfed (15% -> 5%, 6do -> 5do) Corruption Bow: 6ap now Hammerture: 6ap now Corruption cape: When the bearer gets to 100% of his max life, he applies a poison in his best element to everyone in a 2 range AoE. last 2 turns, cannot be unbewitched, 1 stack max. Jessica belt:: now steals 100 dodge instead of 50. Fallanster shield: The effect only applies if you got an enemy in LoS at the end of your turn. Dodge: At the beginning of his turn, the bearer teleports on a random tile next to him. If he cannot move, he gets 10% crit and 80 pb damages. DOES WORK IF GRAV’D Pb boots: Pushes 2 instead of 1. Weapon dmg crown: When suffering an AP, MP, or Range reduction, the bearer gets 3% weapon damages for two turns, stackable 5 times. Death Defying shield: The effect now does proc anytime, instead of at the beginning of bearer’s turn. NEW EQUIPMENT 1 paper set, 1 ink set, 1 independent set 3 no-set items Inky set: Amu, Boots, Belt Bi element: Cha/int/Ap red/Cri High stats, but heavy debuffs (MP & AP red/dodge, dodge). Bonus: 10 AP red, 40 int/cha, -10 MP red, 1 mp (3 items) Paper set: Cape, Hat, Weapon (basically Ink’s opposite) Bi element: Str/Agi/No-cri High stats, but heavy debuffs (AP red, tackle, crit) Bonus: 40 str/agi, 10 mp red, -10 ap red, 1 ap (3 items) Changing how Scythes work (the new weapon being a scythe). Hits in an AoE including 3 melee tiles (face, right, left) or 3 ranged tiles (same pattern). The damage on the left and right cells are decreased by 25%, front one does 100%. New out-of-set items: Agi/Pb dmg ring Agi lifesteal Scythe Cha bow New hammer: 3 ap, two uses a turn, no crits 16-18 Fire + 1-12 Lifesteal Fire Fire stats New wand: 21-28 Fire + 5-8 Lifesteal Fire Fire stats 3 res lines New ring: Int/agi/cha Docri 3 res lines Last Set: Weapon (bow), Hat, Amu Str/Cha set Cri set Debuffs: Ap red, dodge Note: heavy bow with two nice lines and crit based DOFUSES Sparkling silver: Heals 40% -> 30% Triggers when the bearer goes below 20% hps. The effects apply at the beginning of the bearer’s turn, until that he got an icon above the head. Ivory: 40 fix res all -> 4% all Passive now reduces the damages by half every 5 damage lines. Ebony: Stats doesn’t change Passive -> Attacking ranged AND melee in a single turn allows your next attack to apply a poison for 2 turns. Can be applied multiple times a turn. No more 10% buff. NEW DOFUS (BLACK-SPOTTED DOFUS - NEEDS 2 SLOTS TO WORK...) +20 heal +20 cri res If the bearer deals damages during his turn, his allies who bear the Dorigami and the Bearer get 16 damages for 1 turn. If he doesn’t hit, Domakuro’s bearers gets 100% of their level in shield for 1 turn. The buffs cannot be stacked. OSA No more Spiritual link and Sacrificial Fire The 4 base elemental spells have been changed : The spells don't work on allies anymore so they aren’t “bread and butter” of the class. The Informo doesn’t suffer allies damages anymore, which allows the osa to stack his passive on the summon instead of spamming his spells on his allies. New spells: Tandem Animal: gives a buff to the target and the osa depending on the element the osa is in. Can be stacked up to one buff of each element. Agi: +1 mp Str: 180% of your level as Shield (+360 sp at lvl 200) Water: 150 Pow Fire: increased heals received Variant: “Natural preservation” all caster’s summon gets 30% elemental resistances until they die. The caster suffers 15% more damage and cannot use summon spells until every summon is dead. Whip is reworked: Attract a caster’s summon to his melee. If the tile is already taken, the summon is cooped symmetrically to the caster. The shield spell is reworked: The target summon gets 225% of its level as shield. High energy shot:: Gives less vita Gambol (the melee tp agi spell): Cost goes from 2 to 4 ap, and decreases by 1ap every use Gobball fleece:: Instead of “if there are enemies in the area get a shield”, always get a shield (+200 sp at lvl 200) that increases with the number of targets. Generates up to 2 charges and is only 4 ap! Toads are modified: 3-stacks toad main spell is nerfed, and the attractions spells are changed for another damages spell that attracts in a cross shaped area Dragons: 3-stacks first heal isn’t linear and don’t need los / the second spell now always ub but only if the Dragon is controlled 3-stack gobbal doesn’t shield anymore, instead he now steals MPs and dodge to the target for 1 turn (can be used 3 times a turn, 2 stacks max, 2 times per target) The goal was to make it harder to gain charges by just stacking on allies. MASQ Variants and spell levels are changed 2 masq changing per turn instead of 1!!! Classic mask variant now gives 1 ap instead of lock = free mask change! Basic classic masq now gives 10% reduced damages. The masq effects cannot be unbewitched anymore and are now infinite on the Masq. Agi: Now able to AP red with Picada -2 and Retention -3 - 1 max accumulation. Str: ranged MP red spell now rapes more mp but cannot be stacked anymore. 2 spells deleted: Atabak & 5ap lifesteal water spell 2-masq spells (can be used with 2 different masks), some spells have been changed to be used with 2 masks (such as Ponteira) 2 new spells: -> Carnavalo: 3ap, 1-3 range, 15 cri, 5 turn cd.. Deals damage in the best element, pushes the target and apply a shield on the caster. Yes it does all 3. 1 of the 3 effects is buffed depending on the current active mask. Changing the masq reduces cd by 1. (24-28, 100% of the level as shield, pushes by 1. buffs: 29-33, 300% as shield, pushes by 3). Classic carnavalo is dope, 600 shield, other two give 200 shield. 3 cell pb one decent for pb mask. Increased dmg one is hardly an increase but decent for all in. With 3 ap left, can switch back to classic for free (gives 1ap now) and shield self for 600 and u can hit ally or enemy to proc it -> Transfiguration: 3 ap, 1-6 range, 6 delay. Apply an effect to the target depending of the masq. Changing the masq decreases the delay by 1. (effects are: -20% melee damages, healing received *50%, -20% ranged damages) Diffraction modified: The amount of shield is modified depending of the distance between the Masq and the targets. (0-5 = 450%, 6-11 = 250%, 12+ = 50%) Grimace (summon) is nerfed: hp 1500 -> 1200 (cause now it can be controlled which is HUGE) OUGINAK Bestial form now allow “bark” spell to make you unmovable and give you 2mp Bestial form can now TACKLE, but still cannot be tackled Prey variant Venison now increases the damages inflicted to the target by 10% instead of applying lifesteal effect (effect still last 3 turns) Snuggletooth, Rcanine’s variant heals 5% of max hp, costs 1 ap and reduces rage… insane. 5k max hp > 250 heal. R-canine is now 150% power for 3 turns, the extra turn is so nice! “Canine channel” now applies an effect to the Prey that spreads 50% of the received damages in a 2 range AoE. “Call of the Pack” now attracts every ally from 4 tiles to the target if it’s the Prey. Tetanisation nerfed -4 to -3 mp rape Ouginak’s shield cannot be unbewitched directly (can still be unbewitched by applying pb damages) “Affection” heals an ally by 7% Shield’s variant now apply shield if the ougi suffer an MP red Bloodhound now attracts every target in a cross shaped area around the prey - really nice, you can use tailing now and still have an attract that removes ivory (note: new ivory is harder to Amarok now gives 10% melee resistance to the allies around the target - STACKS WITH WATCHDOG CARRION IS 3 AP WITH RESPECTABLE DMG but only 10% ero, 2 turns Stripping got it’s base damages lowered, is upped to 5ap cost, but still got a big damage buffs if allies are melee with the target Yapper is controllable via summon mastery No nerf to sniff, thank fuck MASTER OF SUMMONS New common spell allowing every class to take control of their invocations. The spell works on an “Enable/Disable” pattern. The spell is free (costs 1 ap, gives back 1 ap) Don’t know how to get this yet, can’t find on beta. Beehive one said it’s at [UNKNOWN_TEXT_ID_876463] [8,-31] but we don’t know how to get there NEW TITLES & ORNAMENTS 20k achievs -> ANIMATED ORNAMENT New pandala dim achievs NEW MAPS Dimensions, abysses etc are now available via the world map (M) You can now access a zone with GPS MISCELLANEOUS Conney, enu dmg share and living bag, all sadi summons, hupper guardian, yapper, pandawasta can be controlled which means sadi turns will be aids hhh Huppers pb: They already talked about that, they don’t want to set a patch too quick, they know it’s too strong, THEY THINK YOU DON’T SEE THEM ENOUGH Sram jinx reduced from 5 to 4 ap which is huge for that 46-50 water crit steal
  2. This is legit. Fuck DB, DP and everything inbetween. Gr8 job Havoc, Coopers and everyone else who made this happen!
  3. Aye, worst timing. Fuck are they doing. Can't they wait til after Temp? -.- 75 Boulevard d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix, France Can burn
  4. Ankama's doing it right! Best temp ever. Period. Spells & gears drop. Gonna be mad fun. Servers open on 31st March. ONE WEEK TO GO. HYPE!!! This thread will list everyone looking to play as we did with Ily/Temp 1/2/3 to build a strong English community and alliance. Here's what we know so far: I have made a summary of most class passive/actives before you read the pros and cons below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JV4BS992KH_pnFQHzmj_ZxOfBVawnVpDsOilR9x7il8/edit#gid=0 PRE-REGISTRATION IS OPEN - DO THIS ASAP BEFORE THEY LOCK IT FOR THE FREE HOBNOBOURGLASS + SAME SERVER AS FRIENDS (JUST TICK THEIR NICKNAME TO LINK YOUS) https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1025044-temporis-iii-pre-register-battle-now https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1112948-temporis-iv-live-stream https://www.millenium.org/guide/361347.html CLASS PASSIVE BREAKDOWN (Every class gets their own unique passive and some get an active spell as well - Excuse the google translation ) S tier Eliotrope Proven mechanics Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Versatile Powerful as a team Gameplay limitations Already very good alone, the Eliotrope takes on its full meaning as a team . He then regains his letters of nobility, at the time when Anger through the Portals were common. Take care not to let yourself be carried, you do not have all the tools of the classic Eliotrope! (Interruption, Stretching, Totem) Xelor Very interesting liabilities Versatile Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Very good at low levels Very useful asset A bit random Alone or in a team, the gain in AP of the Xélor, coupled with its bonus, makes it an excellent class that can take on a wide range of roles, from Damage Dealer to Support. Most likely the default "Go to" if you don't know which class to take. Masqueraider Very interesting liabilities Versatile Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Very good at low levels Very useful asset Very good support Malus permanently As a team, the individual penalties are erased, and the multi-target bonuses are reinforced. The Zobal therefore becomes much more useful and to be preferred! Whether in Support or Damage Dealer , there will always be a place for him in dungeons. Enutrof Inescapable withdrawal Versatile Useful in PvM (and in PvP) No On classic servers, PM removal is very (too) powerful in PvM. So imagine an inescapable Withdrawal ! Despite the scope, the Enutrof will be adored for its capabilities , especially since some dungeons are not intended to counter the inescapable withdrawal. A Tier Eniripsa Very interesting liabilities Very good support Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Healing outside the spell deck Limited solo The Temporis Eniripsa is a support class , and is therefore much better as a team. His healing bonus will be very useful and his Word of Regeneration remains a good spell. A safe bet, but which will have a little more difficulty solo. Feca Very interesting liabilities Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Good at low levels Very limited role If he is very good alone, Feca will find it a little more difficult to make room in the teams, except if it is a question of making Infinite Dreams, where Tanking is very appreciated. There is one force that should not be overlooked. Ecaflip Very interesting liabilities Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Very good at low levels Excellent Damage Dealer Controllable with Ré Crit The Ecaflip is one of the best damage dealers of the server, and apart from weakness in the face of critical resistance, is without defects. Sacrier Versatile Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Very good at low levels Good combos to predict Dangerous A Xélor without assets As in solo, the Sacrier remains a lesser Xelor , but this time benefits from the support of his allies, helping him to control his vitality and his placement. B-Tier Pandawa Excellent placement capacity Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Good combos to predict Cost of spells No liabilities Gameplay limitations The possibility of being 100% placement is much more viable as a team than solo, and especially at very high levels. A very good up-to-date class thanks to the essential Karcham, but that's it. Iop Useful liabilities Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Good combos to predict Good tank and damage dealer Values? Again, his abilities will depend on the values of his boosts. In addition, his need to be constantly in melee is not necessarily good in PvM and we preferred other classes, such as Zobal. Huppermage Useful liabilities Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Good combos to predict Good damage dealer Random Being in a team will allow you to better prepare your bursts against the monsters, bringing them towards you and increasing your damage. It's not the best class, but it's still pretty good. Steamer Free Summon Shield points Viable in solo Support Damage value? Need to be in contact The Steamer is a good support, but is far from being the best and will be quickly overtaken by others, like the Eniripsa or the Zobal. Osamodas Useful in PvM (and in PvP) Versatile Interesting liabilities Very viable solo Slightly less effective as a team Controllable Summons? Requires Summons stuffs The Osamodas may be the best summoning class, it is not known whether its summons will be good, or controllable. Its place is therefore to be taken! C Tier Cra Interesting liabilities Viable in solo Good combos to predict Slightly less effective as a team Efficiency in real conditions? Active with large stimulus interval Compulsory mobility Malus permanently at a distance The Cra stays in its place. Its gameplay very based on mobility and melee will make it very dependent on the team, if it does not play only from a distance. Not recommended at very high levels. Sadida Damage outside the spell deck Recycle invocations Few synergies Liability limited Limited assets Spam invoices required D Tier Sram Invisibility with artificial intelligence Few synergies Damage sharing Unnecessary assets Limited invisibility zone Here's what we know so far: Temporis IV is the merge of improved Temporis II rules with a new character evolution system centred around spells. On the classic servers, when a character levels up, they either unlock a new spell or see a spell gain a level. On Temporis IV, you need to get the spells by completing server goals – players no longer “get” spells by leveling up. We wanted to ensure that both new Temporis players and veteran rushers could both enjoy the server at their own pace, all the while allowing everyone to visualize their progress on the server easily. SPELLS The Temporis IV spell concept is created around a passive and active spell system: each class can have a passive spell, but not all classes will have one; the same for active spells: some might have two, other none. It is this concept that will allow for the class identities to come forward and allow for a gameplay differentiation. Types of spells: Weapon skill Passive spell Active spell Common spells Craftable spells Spells can be obtained through different game objectives: Loot from monsters Tempotons Craft (new profession) GM events Influencers/Streamers A pool of 300+ spells that can be used by all classes. A player can only have 10 active spells at a time. This will allow for the creation of unique characters. Huge sandbox potential. +Players can learn and unlearn spells at all times between fights, via the new spell interface. All Spell scrolls are grouped by level brackets and can be dropped by monsters or a close level. Different monsters will drop different spell scrolls of the same level. Spell scrolls will have character level requirements to be used, but not to be dropped, which means that the spell scroll’s level is dependant on the level of the monster that was defeated and not the character’s level. New Profession “Scrollmage” Some spells can only be obtained via crafting. To craft a spell scroll, players will need to use droppable spells scrolls in the recipe Character Management A new interface allows players to manage their character and the spells they have gathered. Ease in creating and sharing builds via a sharing system. Economy Spells will become a pillar of the Temporis IV economy. Spells can be sold in Marketplaces, merch mode, etc. Rewards Increased reward tiers to provide players with more goals Ceremonial items – set Titles Emotes Boots (equipped via the costume slot) In-game items that will help players progress directly on the server A Petsmount with stats that players will unlock with tempotons early on in their Temporis IV adventure. It will evolve both in terms of appearance and stats.. Depending on the progress reached at the end of the Temporis IV server, players will be able to bring back the petsmount to their server as a ceremonial petsmount, with the unlocked appearance of their choice. 100% XP potion linked to the account. Miscellaneous A Profession XP bonus will be activated on the server so to reduce the amount of time needed on levelling certain professions that will still be needed (such as consumables – bread, fish, meat, potions, etc.). Keys, guildogems, and alliagems will be dropped by monsters: we want the player community to settle as soon as possible so to best enjoy the duration of their Temporis experience. Hundreds of goals specific to Temporis IV, some of which that won’t be accessible to players for the first few weeks. In-game events with Game Masters. No Kolossium. PVP tournament Last 2 weeks of the server 2v2 No class restrictions Two phases Qualification rounds Final phase Spell ban kick off in the 16 finals· Rewards Champion set Exclusive Temporis Petsmount Loot Improved Temporis II equipment drop system DOFUS can be obtained via quests or as a drop (with a feeble drop rate) All equipment items are grouped by level brackets and can be dropped by monsters of a close level. Equipment items of the same level won’t be dropped by the same monsters, just like with spell scrolls. Timeline Pre-registration: mid-March Server opening: March 31 Server closing: To be confirmed FAQ What are the unique rewards on Temporis IV? As you progress through the Temporis IV servers, you will receive an exclusive petsmount which will evolve: At the end of the server, you will receive a ceremonial version of this petsmount on the classic servers. A ceremonial set and emotes will also be available. What are the specific rules for this Temporis Edition? Spells Your character will have access to a limited number of spells depending on its class. Some classes even only have a passive spell available! You will then have to obtain spells by collecting them from monsters, by crafting them using the "scrollmagus" profession, by completing achievements... or by exchanging them with other players! These spells can be used by all classes. Of all the available spells, you will have to choose 10 that you can use in battle. You can of course change this choice of 10 spells between each battle. You can also at any time unlearn a spell and turn it into a scroll to exchange it. Equipment drop Temporis IV reuses the mechanics already used during Temporis II: the equipment items dropped on monsters.What will become of the crafting and harvesting professions? Will consumables be dropped by monsters? Consumables will have to be crafted, which maintains the interest in crafting and harvesting professions. Concerning these types of items: keys, soul stones, guildalogems and alliagems, nets for mount capturing. Keys, guildalogems and alliogems will be dropped monsters. The mount capture nets and soul stones will have to be crafted. How do I get kolossokens? You can obtain them by exchanging nuggets. Concerning these types of items: trophies, idols, and Dofus eggs. Trophies will be dropped by monsters, just like the equipment items. New to this Temporis adventure, Dofus eggs will also be dropped by monsters. On the other hand, the idols will have to be crafted. Will Loot be impacted by Prospecting? Drops will be obtained in the same way as on the other "regular" servers, and will, therefore, be linked to prospecting. What will be the drop rate(s) of items? Are equipment items distributed according to monster types? Each equipment item is droppable by a limited number of monsters. The distribution is made according to the level of the equipment item, without any link to the monster family or the theme of the set itself. The higher the level of an equipment item, the lower the drop rate. Miscellaneous Will the Kolossium be available? The rules of Temporis servers are too different from those of other servers to allow Temporis players to access the ISK (Inter-server Kolossium). Payments and purchases Services Here is the list of services that will not be available on Termporis IV: Character transfer service to another server (classic) Character restoration service Of course, the character transfer service to another Temporis IV server will be available free of charge. All services not in this list are therefore allowed on the server. The Kama Exchange will not be available on the Temporis IV servers. Purchases Purchased items listed below will be re-credited to you at the end of Temporis IV: Sets, pets, ceremonial petsmounts. Harnesses Emotes Fatal Blows Pets Living items Pre-sentient (autopilot) potion Items that will not be re-credited to you: Mystery box reserved for Temporis Name Change Potion Guild Name Change Potion Color Change Potion Sex change potion Face change potion Transformation Potion Guild Emblem Change Potion Alliance Emblem Change Potion Alliance renaming potion Fairyworks Mimisymbics All purchases or items that are subject to immediate consumption will not be returned. So if you purchase a class change potion, and you have used the service, even if the character is not transferred at the end of the server, you will not be entitled to a refund or compensation, so be careful before making your purchases. For more clarity, we will add to the item description in the shops the items that will be transferred to you. Please make sure that this mention is present if you wish to be able to enjoy your purchases after the server closes. Others The Haven Bag lottery will be activated on Temporis IV but the items obtained will not be transferred. The transfer from the gift interface of your compensokens, shigekax candies and pearldrops obtained as a result of rollbacks of the classic servers will not be possible on Temporis IV. Remember that access to the Temporis servers is reserved to subscribed accounts. At the end of Temporis IV Characters created on Temporis IV are not transferable to a regular server. An experience potion corresponding to the progress of your character will be credited to your account at the end of the adventure. Will the XP be linked to a character or linked to an account?The experience potion will be linked to the account. You will receive it via the gift interface, which will allow you to choose the server on which you wish to receive it. It won't be possible to transfer this potion on characters on the Shadow, Oto-Mustam and Thanatena servers.Please note that you will not be able to credit experience potions from previous Temporis versions on Temporis IV servers. Will we be able to transfer Kamas at the end of Temporis IV? No. Will we be able to transfer the equipment items we dropped at the end of Temporis IV?No.Will we be able to transfer professions and achievements at the end of Temporis IV?No. Server access Do you need to be a subscriber to participate? Yes, only subscribed players will be able to access Temporis IV servers. Is it a mono-account server?Yes, with the same restrictions as the previous Temporis.Can I play on the same Temporis IV server as my brother/friend/pet, from the same IP?Yes, you can play together as long as you respect these requirements: The accounts must be certified under different names, and The accounts must have a valid phone number and email address, and different on both accounts. CLASS TIERS MILLENIUM.ORG (SOLO) MILLENIUM.ORG (GROUP): DARKFEUDALA (TOP) & SPECTER (BOTTOM): HANDGUNS: MY PICKS: If anyone has additional info let us know! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of English players (Let me know what class you're playing and i'll update the list!) Juse - Feca Sahae - Panda Tesseract - Xel Creator - Eca Cosmax - Feca Xephyre - Sac Sommanker - Eca Ouest - Xel Seyif - Xel Azaax - Eca Rus - Eca Towlie - Osa Death - Feca Lebsfinest - Eca Silovik - Rogue Masqueraider - Masqueraider Shiraori - Xelor Cosmax - Feca Skezzo - Elio Inescapable - Xel Casey - Feca or Iop Korwan - Xel Shigella - Feca Corban - Iop Civil - Feca Equipo-Uno Ryoyu - Fog Barbariq Caddy Valium Joey Erah Doom Chems Mrs-Garrison Beehiveone Havoc Justice Xerathos Marko Eloah Distroya Kevin-jr Goast White-power Uthman Eka Benelor Kgxkwk Dhruv
  5. No mention yet mate, but last temp it wasn't achieve score related, had to do certain groups of achieves to unlock tempokens; you then needed a certain number to unlock the reward. Eg. 21 tempokens for a seem
  6. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1025044-temporis-iii-prepare-battle-starting-tomorrow Pre-reg has just been announced
  7. Temporis 3 begins on 30th July! PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN : https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/temporis-server-pre-registration-summary https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1025044-temporis-iii-prepare-battle-starting-tomorrow THE RULES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED: https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1027542-temporis-iii-rules ITEMS WON'T DROP & CHARACTERS WON'T TRANSFER AT THE END... Join the official Temporis discord server here: https://discord.gg/znZvp53 This thread will list everyone looking to play as we did with Ily/Temp 2 to build a strong English community and alliance. The shift this temp is more pvp focused and here's what we know so far: Official Pre-Registration notes: On these temporary servers, you'll start out at level 1. You'll have to pick a permanent alignment with either Bonta or Brakmar, which you will keep for the full length of the event (about two months). Warning! You cannot play with friends who have a different alignment. To be part of the same guild or alliance, you must also belong to the same city. You can also register with the highest bidder as a mercenary before joining one of the two nations. It's an option well worth considering, since it comes with additional rewards: 5 City Potions (Bonta or Brakmar) + 5 Recall Potions + 5 life-recovery consumables + 5 energy-recovery consumables + 10 temporary Vitality and Power bonus consumables + 1 Aliton! You must be a subscriber to access the Temporis servers. You'll have both individual and group objectives, along with an individual score and a group score. All of these stats will appear on a real-time leaderboard! In PvM, you'll help your own city's progress, while in PvP, you can slow down the opposing city's progress. Subject to certain specific rules (which will block any huge last-minute donations, for example), the city that has accumulated the most kamas when the servers close will be declared the winner! Beyond the overall concept of a head-to-head confrontation between the World of Twelve's two iconic cities, there are two other aspects we think you'll find especially interesting: Choose to be a mercenary If you have no particular preference for either Bonta or Brakmar, consider offering your services as a mercenary: you'll automatically receive additional rewards for joining the nation that needs you most! Go directly to jail! In PvP, when you are defeated in an alignment battle, you will be sent to the opposing city's prison for a prison sentence in real time (= connection time)! You'll then have three ways to get out: Serve out your sentence. You'll then be teleported to the Astrub Zaap. You can be freed by your allies if they manage to pull a lever outside of your cell. You'll then have two minutes to escape! You can bribe the guard (an NPC) to get out immediately and be teleported to the Astrub Zaap. RULES Registration You can pre-register for the event and: Choose your class and gender (you will finish the character creation when you first connect to the Temporis III server), Choose your character’s name, Choose either your alignment: Bonta, Brakmar, or Mercenary. You will not be able to change this choice later, and the choice is applied to all the characters in your account. Things to keep in mind Mercenaries will be assigned to the city that needs them most and will stay with this city until the end of Temporis. They will get additional bonuses and goodies at the start of Temporis. When you register or preregister you can check which faction your friends chose, and join this faction. Warning: you won’t be able to play with your friends if you choose a different faction. Registering for a specific faction may be disabled temporarily if too many players chose one or the other. In this case, you can choose to join the remaining city or to become a mercenary. Of course, several servers will be made available but you won’t be able to choose which server you join. Be sure to choose the friends you want to play with to allow us to assign you to a server where they are. Restrictions: Groups, guilds, and alliances cannot have players of different alignments. Players cannot interact with other players from a different alignment: You won't be able to join a fight. You won't be able to exchange. You won't be able to drop items on the floor. You won't be able to use the bins in-game. You won't be able to marry. You won't be able to join a cooperative craft. You won't be able to use merchant mode. You won't be able to enter their house or access locked chests. Rewards and Achievements Individual and cooperative successes and awards will be made available. New successes will be made available to collect points and unlock special awards. Additional awards (XP and equipment) are added to ease progression and reward players who are invested into their faction’s victory Alitons and Professions In addition to the way they usually work, players will be able to exchange Alitons for job XP. Around 40 Alitons are necessary to reach level 200 in any given job. War efforts On each server, each city has an investment score. To increase this score, players must invest in the war effort by surrendering some of their hard-earned Kamas. Only part of a player’s Kamas can be invested this way each day. This aims to avoid players holding on to their fortune until the last day and then making massive donations at the last minute. Every invested Kama gives a character XP points. Successes can be unlocked by reaching investment levels. Once these levels are reached, every character in this faction gets the success (if they have the required level). Some levels also grant special bonuses depending on the individual investment level and the faction’s investment level. Those bonuses are effective in PvP and PvM and are identical for each faction. In addition to the collective successes and rewards, special rewards and titles will be granted to the characters who contributed the most to the war effort. A ladder will also be available Aggression and jail Aggression is possible in most places out of the usual zones (start of the game, zaaps, dungeons…) A defeated character is sent to jail. To free oneself, a player can: Wait until their faction sets them free (then leaving through the door) Wait until their sanction is lifted (then teleported to the Astrub Zaap) Pay the NPC (then teleported to the Astrub Zaap) Animated Events Animations will be organized around the Bonta vs Brakmar theme. Players can choose to participate in those animations or watch them from afar. Characters participating in these animations won’t be protected against aggression. Characters who donated the most to their cities’ war effort will often find themselves hunted by the other faction. They would do well to find bodyguards to protect themselves. REWARDS: Pre-registrations as of 17/7 morning, by class: Post Pre-reg as at 26/7/19: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to comment below with your name/class/alignment if you want to be added onto the list: Juse/panda/bont Teign/hup Xephyre Kaori Specter Herraccles Rawz Havoc Death/sac Towlie Xdoras JohnDoeADear Casey Nomez Daaye Chedarface Ace-Dece Eruhin Erah Civil Wem/bont/oug Noot Jackhimself Showi & his German squad from Heroic Tesseract Barbariq Yarsinia/sac/brak + Twinks & friends Fireklin Zeakros Uthman/bont Tezar (Althenia/Zetharius)/brak Astrubian Cosmax Nefertum/xel/brak Henny Riticles/eni/mercenary Magics/fog/bont Arxi/iop/brak
  8. s> legendary buhorado bow 445 vit 1 mp 1 range 115 agi 30 pushback dam 100m non nego merched under village dojo in Leif the green piwi hat eni also selling mp/1 % grithril and 10 dmgs hairsh rings maged by centaur 40m each
  9. Rewards are up, mounts look garbage Gear ceremonial shit looks decent imo, worth playing for all praise [insect]
  10. Duel got nerfed; it gives range immunity/gravi to the target for 1 turn now. Can still hit in cc but through portals won't work. Rip iop/elio.. Grip just makes the target invulnerable to all damage Both 3 ap, 4 turn cd
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