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  1. Not so quick! I first would like to shamelessly use this opportunity, to advertise my Kama transfer service--> http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/136234-maguls-interserver-kama-transfer-service/ Thanks!
  2. Duh.. Chelsea... Arch, did not insult nor make a remark about your personal appearance. He made a general analogy to reinforce his point.
  3. Or use the filter option to just display the item you want to crush in your inventory...
  4. If that is what you meant, what you said about the Chinese Kama sellers keeping their price low and Ankama failing to compete with them by artificially increasing ogrine demand, makes no sense. The argument of not all having the funds is a mute point, you could apply that to every aspect of the game. Not having the funds to make a profitable dt breeding setup, not having the funds to gear your team to run dungeons effectively compared to a geared to the teeth team,etc. Fact is we all start at the bottom, I started buying stuff on other servers with a few mk and carried on from there.
  5. There are accounts which can not switch from Rosal to Rushu for example? I find that hard to believe, what gives you that idea Xentra?
  6. I think it is a fair assumption to state market would be lost, I can see many age groups and regions which currently due to ogrines bought with kamas can sub their 4-8 accounts, which would not be a possibility for them by paying real money. I am not even including the group of players here like myself, who does have the exposable income but still would not be willing to pay 20 pounds or so a month to continue playing this game. That is actually not the case at all,, the opposite is actually true. The higher the ogrine price, the more kamas players whom buy ogrines to sell get for their ca
  7. I have not been in the group players struggling to fund themselves for quite some time now, but they still make up the majority and I am not so removed from reality, that I assume levelling all spells on a character is the standard. Furthermore an effective Omni cra should not level them over time, but should have most spells levelled right then and there to be effective and as such Widows comment regarding the cost is valid.
  8. Widow highlighted the larger expensive, not because of gear but the requirement to have all/most spells scrolled.
  9. So you truly believe, me taking kamas along on my own character and handing them over is an illegitmate activity? This would include anyone, who has ever transferred and took items along on behalf of someone else. Edit: again I just would like this clarified by Izmar, I have no issue closing down my service, which merely reduces my own cost of transferring and its closure would have a pretty small impact on my other trading activites.
  10. Registering my services with Ankama? How would this exactly work? Considering their shortcomings when it comes to simple support, I would be highly surprised if that would be even remotely viable. Anyways they do have my e-mail address and can certainly contact me about it.
  11. Considering my services have been running for now over a year and also very publicly, I would like a clarification from Izmar. The section you posted is so horrible vague, what exactly constitutes an inter server trade? From the short paragraph a simple transfer of any item to another server with the purpose of it being sold there would fall into its category.
  12. I transfer and trade large amount of kamas between the international servers and between my many alts extremely frequently, if I find myself banned eventhough I have not broken a single rule I would be rather displeased. edit: inb4ed by DA NEX... as part of my transfer service, I do trade large amount of kamas to other players, so Izmar do I have to be concerned?
  13. I disagree with your view, as the dolmanax secondary bonus is, it helps to achieve stat requirements which the crimson does not, for that reason alone a Dolmanax would still rate higher in my book then a 60% crimson.
  14. Bye Bye Bukkake, enjoy life without dofus. By the way sorry to burst your bubble, but I was the best international Krosmaster :o
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