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  1. Granted. He builds a statue of a man out of sand, specially, for you, with the cutest man car door hook hand. Unfortunately it's a windy day, and after about 30 seconds, it looks like a tiny chihuahua statue instead. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  2. Trying to decide if I'm hardcore enough for it to be worth doing, I have no idea what spells are anymore lol Pre-registered anyway, Sommanker - Eca (i think)
  3. https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/36510-detect-flashingblinking-window-on-taskbar/ This script from the above thread will bring a window to the front when it flashes. With a small modification that I think should make it only bring a flashing window to the front if it's a Dofus window - in case you don't want it bringing any flashing window to the front: I don't know what I'm doing, no guarantee Maybe someone else has something better, but if it works?
  4. Granted. You successfully prove the lemma, but you do it in such an unfathomably long and complicated manner that nobody else can understand your proof, and you're unable to explain it. Therefore, nobody believes that your proof is actually valid, so you get no credit. You then begin to question the proof too, even though you were sure it was correct (and it is) - you spend the rest of your life wondering about it, leading to a debilitating mindset of self-doubt, as it haunts your dreams for years to come. I wish USB Micro-B cable ends were less flimsy. Broken 3 in the l
  5. Granted, it will keep getting dark at later and later times. However, this will only last until the 20th of June, at which point it will start getting dark earlier and earlier, until it's getting dark at 3:30pm again. The cycle will continue yearly for the forseeable future, exact dates and times to vary. I wish for increased motivation in all areas of life.
  6. Granted. No one can come up with a downside, so I got some help from a friend since where one fails, two can succeed. Your wish was so clever that the act of writing it used so much brainpower that for the next two weeks, you will be perpetually fatigued and be unable to effectively perform even menial tasks. I wish for enough food to feed me for life that is all delicious and healthy.
  7. Granted. Several hundred thousand new players start on Echo over the next few weeks, making incarnam as lively as it was in 1.29. This momentum continues, breathing life into the game again. Unfortunately, the server's economy crashes so hard as a result of this sudden increase in population that Ankama decides to delete all items and all kamas from the game, forcing everyone into poverty. I was going to take this further, but I want Echo to get more people too, might give me motivation to play again! I wish that the tree outside would regrow its leaves a bit faste
  8. Granted, but it's exactly one year too late. It was very tempting to wait four years, but it was too likely that I'd forget by then. Granted, your remaining four years of grad school will be very successful and fulfilling. Being the omniscient genie I am, however, I notice that you only actually have three years of grad school remaining. The success and fulfilment that would normally have been distributed over the course of four years will now be concentrated over three! However, as a result of all of this success, you will become extraordinarily arrogant, with an air abou
  9. Wait, what? how did ??? That's a lot of xp! Clearly I've been gone for too long.
  10. Yeah, I've come to that realisation a few times. And wow, I still have absolutely no clue where the nigel thing came from, I'd totally forgotten about that did coopers just randomly make it up?
  11. I like that idea. Jon, you wouldn't consider open-sourcing it or something similar would ya? maybe it could still live on also yeah it's the only website I voluntarily whitelisted lmao
  12. I was literally considering posting like 30 minutes ago too lmao I don't know where the years went, but if you find them, can you check if my gold rank is there too? It seems to have gone missing over the last few seasons when I wasn't paying attention. I haven't really played in ages, until probably like just over a month ago. Just been playing aram/arurf/nexus blitz, and some less serious ranked games. Tf/Leona duo bot has been doing well in high bronze I hope you didn't look back too far or in too much detail, because I posted some... pretty stupid stuff
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