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    Dofus, LoL [Not anymore, pretty much quit], Minecraft, Books, Eating, Sleeping, Wakfu, Hearthstone, Gaming in general, Rocket League, Ark, Overwatch...etc

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  1. Sommanker

    Let's discuss character progression in dofus.

    I agree. I think this is actually a sizeable part of the reason I haven't really played for 1-2 years now: I used to work towards new sets, scrolls etc. by doing dopples and kollo fights and then using better items to do harder quests and dungs. Now, I feel like all the more 'minor' goals are gone. I don't need new sets, spell points don't exist, and I can get through most dungs if I could find a team to go with, so all that's left is the quests. That leaves less for me to do, and more importantly a far smaller variety of things to do that I enjoyed. Raising characters was always important to me, and that was one of my biggest concerns pre spell-rework. I have had many documents planning exactly when I'd spend my spell points on what, sets planned for levels like level 50, level 80, level 100, level 120, level 140, etc. - exactly when I'd switch builds, when I'd use dopple reset... I never was the kind of guy who would rush straight to high levels. And that's why this is such a big issue for me: I could work towards things like scrolls and money by doing dopples, kollo and treasure hunts while just chatting to friends and guildmates, and take any opportunities that came up to make some quest progress, join an exp group or do a dungeon - which, sometimes, was less than weekly. Now I feel like there's nothing really worth doing in those inbetween times, and starting new characters for the progression experience is gone too. I do feel like I'm heavily biased though.
  2. Yeah, in hindsight they're not even attractive!
  3. Sommanker

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    I honestly don't know whether I should feel bad that I have so few hours compared to all you lot (even though it's either my most played or second most played game - idk how much time I have in Minecraft), or feel good that it means I spent more time doing other things...
  4. Sommanker

    The official newbie question thread!

    lmao how far as this forum fallen
  5. Pretty sure in that second quote he means make a new game building upon the foundations laid by Dofus/Wakfu in Unity with better balance, content and systems than Dofus and Wakfu have, rather than implying that they should go and add that stuff to the existing games.
  6. Sommanker

    The last person to post here wins

    Idk how but I'm nearly at 3000 so I'll use the opportunity thank you very much
  7. Sommanker

    When do orgines expire on a account?

    I don't have any ogrines right now, but iirc I think it might tell you in account management under the ogrines section when any that you have expire? Check here https://account.ankama.com/en/account/ogrines I could be wrong though.
  8. Sommanker

    The last person to post here wins

    clicked it, do I win now?
  9. Sommanker

    The last person to post here wins

    k but you didn't post price so how will a future reader know how much the item sold for??
  10. Sommanker

    What's your favorite dungeon?

    Gobball has a place in my heart, for all the kamas souls made me. I find the larva dungeon interesting due to the fact that two characters are required to progress. I think my favourite though would be the most unique dungeon, the pet sanctuary (rip) - it was fun to get to and help group members to find when they didn't know the way, and I liked how everyone was on a level playing field as gear/level didn't matter: we could go in with a team of level 200s and level 50s and all be equally powerful, and as a result, though it wasn't too complicated, due to the focus on strategy over gear, it often felt like a triumph to beat. Back in the old days when resurrection powder mattered (existed soon, rip) and was worth something, the reward was pretty good too. Especially for the newbies there, including myself for a while, as the powder could go for quite a bit when that was the primary (only?) way of obtaining it.
  11. Sommanker

    The last person to post here wins

    I am probably too competitive for my own good.
  12. Sommanker

    Redesign of Pets

    I'm sad about pet dungeon removal Surely they could have just changed the reward instead of completely deleting it.