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Sommanker last won the day on July 25 2017

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    Dofus, LoL [Not anymore, pretty much quit], Minecraft, Books, Eating, Sleeping, Wakfu, Hearthstone, Gaming in general, Rocket League, Ark, Overwatch...etc

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    Sommanker, Superfoot, Theranged-one, Epic-Bomber, Ozo-moosetak, Mr-Indecisive, Drunky-Pandary, Fogeristic-Fish, Mr-Trapped

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    http://I dont have a site
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    Is crap
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    Not telling

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  1. Sommanker

    Mrblack and The-aqua's dungeon service.

    lmao that necro tho hi Aqua, nice first post
  2. Sommanker

    2018 World Cup

    I hate football. Hence, I hope England does NOT win so that people stop talking about it faster. edit: That sounds harsher than I'd intended, lol Normally I really wouldn't mind this much but the fact that it's become literally unavoidable really grinds my gears as someone who has never really cared. When I watch the news, BBC, I want to see news, not 10 minutes of you playing clips of people singing 'it's coming home' from twitter. I had to find something else to watch I have no idea, but Belgian chocolate is nice so Belgium.
  3. Sommanker

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    5685 hours here.
  4. Sommanker

    Genie Game!

    Granted, but it's nearly a year too late. I wish I needed less than like, 11 hours of sleep.
  5. I mean, I enjoyed the closed beta.
  6. Sommanker

    Treasure Hunting: Visual Clues

    That explains SO much.
  7. Sommanker

    Ankama Games

    I was surprised to see Kwaan on the unavailable list :o What happened to it? Didn't it only come out on 2016?
  8. Sommanker

    The dofus fashionista is online

    it's useful as a starting point imho If I have no idea wtf I'm doing, I'll go there first, make a set and tune it and then put it in Planner and optimize it and change everything.
  9. Sommanker


    It's rather different. I'd say you can't really tell whether it's worth coming back for you without trying - sub for a month or something and see if you like it or despise it.
  10. Sommanker

    Damage Reduction Stack

    %damage/power is additive, but I'm pretty sure %ranged and %melee (shields) are not additive. Idk about damage reduction.
  11. Sommanker

    Please answer this poll for my school project

    wait a minute something doesn't quite add up
  12. Sommanker

    League of Legends

    I literally never got to play the old karma D':
  13. Sommanker

    League of Legends

    I did my placements, got Silver 3. That's one division lower than I was after the placements I did last season, so not bad considering I've barely played other than these placements. Am very sad that Irelia is being reworked :(
  14. Translating, I got know you have a lot of work but do not you think it would be a win-win to remove the @DOFUSfr abo? Indeed, the abo forced to a high playing time to be able to finance it and would allow people to come back What's an abo?

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