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  1. I agree the timing feels horrible and almost everything they update continues to fail miserably
  2. Does anyone have tf/fuji/riff and any dofuses? Appreciate it :) (Ros)Coax
  3. The quest line for turq comes in september but the changes are happening now
  4. After seeing all the different ways to use portals I'll definitely be making Sac + Elio my new focus, so many ideas! :D
  5. Didn't help haha and its a brand new computer maybe just unlucky
  6. This gave me an error 404 tried all the browsers in my arsenal with still no luck, I just get a sadi running facefirst into a computer screen =.='
  7. Thats it and I've just tried that way and had no luck, just redirects me to "Create your account" page or download page, even when logged in to the main website, it just analyses my computers performance lo and behold redirects once again!
  8. Well the title is explanatory is anyone else constantly getting redirected to a different page to download Dofus when trying to use it? Using Google chrome if that helps at all :D
  9. More medicore Sacs running around everything else that is constantly changing ... Ankama pls edit; nvm class change to iop lol
  10. in the edit I pretty much called the new "star class" thats it :D rest wasn't a bad idea, but no beef bro.
  11. Can I just remind everyone.. I was right.
  12. Whats up with having a grudge with me over being in Doomed..lol
  13. Still pretty happy with a mimi pnata shield doe :)
  14. King-set

    P'Nata Hat

    Dafuq, wow how shit I was hoping for some random name draws not competitions that start while I'm dreaming about fish :(
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