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  1. I LOVE YOU TOOO!!!! also (sorry if you dont want this on the board, remove it if need be xD) sorry I can't help it ;_; WABHAAHAHAHA i spitted the water i was drinking after seeing this LOLL
  2. <3 tom and i say yes for the piercing ^^ and missmarie cute as always lol
  3. Tom do not look like gay..he actually IS gay =\ and reminds me of the angry nintendo nerd LOL <3
  4. LOL wtf......soooo...yeah....weird pic ^^ *endhor fag upload some pics of you on orkut so i can post them here ¬¬
  5. true Cel :D too lazy to upload new year eve/xmas ones...and look too drunk lol and tom...you know the size diference pretty well :P x)
  6. I've been gone for long now..but hey! i still alive ;P Since i kinda miss dofus ...had to look the old forum and all that shit...sooo now must post some pics xP for those who remember me...<3 with ex-girlfriend :D being emo in classroom... 2nd one from the right to left...fantasy party..drunk as fuck ;o miss you guys <3
  7. :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  8. i got bad news ._. i had a radical haircut today O.o maybe i show after~ too lazy to take a pic or something..and getting used to not having long hair x) (blame brazilian army) <3
  9. haha yeah..had to watch out to not lay down on bird shit...
  10. back from a lil trip..feel like posting a few pics x.x yay new glasses.. at airport ^^ (dude with long hair and a bit tall=me,aunt in the middle,granny in the right~) <3 beach burning a bit in the stones~ (dont ask me who the hell is this old man O.o) maybe i post some others later~
  11. shit like...''if we all die now they gonna find this video and blabla''...this is like half life tutorial..oh..and it was darker when we were there..camera made it look bright and shiny...
  12. fail :@@@@@@ <3 and..oh yeah.. some of the videos me and cousins made last week at camping..thats when 4 happy kids+a dog+a jeep+a florest= fun (im the dude with with black short and no shirt..yeah i do regret going without any shirt and shoe x___x) others vids were too big to upload :D anyway.. oh..and a couple months ago..before getting a hair cut ;_____;
  13. did i hear anything about hair? fuck im in D: *aprendice camwhore*
  14. nice eyes and looking pretty concentrated 7/10
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