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death of sin

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  1. Quitting Sale

    Prices edited anything under 1mk dropped by 100kk. anything under 5 mil but over 1 mil dropped by 200kk. ap bearbaric wedding ring dropped 2mk and ap treadfast belt dropped 5mk.
  2. Quitting Sale

    Like the title says i'm having a quitting sale at (0,1). The merchant is Brokle-Championjr; It has a bunch of endgame gear and some ap exos.
  3. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I'm looking to trim my team down from 8 to 6 characters. I have 4 Characters that i want to keep 200 Iop-Omni 200 Eca-Agi/Cha 199 Panda- Int/Cha 199 Eni-Int/Agi My other characters are 200 Enu 200 Cra 19x Masq 19x Sac 19x Osa I don't mind changing the class of the four not in core nor do i mind what builds for them that are suggested. The goal is the be able to do dimension dungeons.
  4. Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    enurado portal at [3,28]
  5. B>Wastrel feathers[CLOSED]

    Bump still buying need 36 now
  6. B>Wastrel feathers[CLOSED]

    Bump Still buying
  7. B>Wastrel feathers[CLOSED]

    paying 50kk ea now
  8. B>Wastrel feathers[CLOSED]

    like the title says i'm looking to buy wastrel feathers. I need 44 of them looking to pay 15kk ea but willing to negoitate if you have all of them. you can message me here or in game at Brokle-Championjr
  9. Closed

    I'm buying ap hairish ring for 24mk and normal tread fast boots 5mk and treadfast belt 8mk. leave me a reply or private message on imps.
  10. Merch at [-3,0]

    Merchant at -3,0 full of runes, some equipment nothing above frig 2, and some pets. Runes are at there average price per unit. The merchant is Brokle-Championjr
  11. Solar Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Xelorium dimension [-25,35] 114 uses
  12. Buying an ap allister ring bewteen 10 and 15mk depending on the stats leave me a message on imps or message Brokle-championjr in game.
  13. Solar Dimension Portal Positions

    Xelor dimension portal at -48,13 with 97 uses
  14. buying ap kringlove for 20m message Brokle-Championjr or leave a message here.
  15. Quiting merc

    lowered the price of items over 1mk some dropped alot and others not so much the merc is still at the last posted spot.
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    • Wink-Wink

      Should I play Dofus again.... hmm.
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    • bobeur  »  Youbutsu

      omg no forum in UtE club !
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    • Bohemia

      I was thinking to make a Flash Fleatser event myself, when I noticed that the Fleaster Haven Bag had only 2 days left in Shop, but I was told that the gift feature from Shop was disabled at the time; the prizes were supposed to be P1) Fleaster Haven Bag, P2) one mimisymbic and one weapon of choice at 300 Ogrine to mimi winer's weapon, P3) a Beanie Set (cuz I am addicted to coffee ...; that could be used for merch or w.e.) and 5 packs of 10 Brief Fairyworks. Oh, well, it just couldn't be ... The good thing of that was that it would have let me buy and gift pressies across servers.
      I was told to maybe make the contest only on Echo instead, with prizes only there, since for the moment I can't buy from Shop items and gift them to other people.
      So I'll tell you what is the next plan:
      - drawing event, as it was supposed to be, with drawings made in Paint, Fleaser related, regardless if they are Dofus related too or not;
      - not sure if to have only 1 Paint Fleaster drawing per person, or 3, and from those, only the one with best score to be taken into account;
      - not sure where it is best to do it: on Dofus forums, or here on Impsvillage; or maybe have 2 sections: one on each part, and half the prizes on each part?
      - as prizes, I was thinking about 3 - 4 Ice Dt Harnesses (that one could put over their PP mounts when they do souls for lot, like I do); maybe I could add a couple of Armored Dts too;
      - as period for submitting entries, I was thinking about 2 weeks, to give more time to people to participate.
      I'd appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions on this.
      Many thanks in advance for your time reading all this/ replaying.
      PS: I'll show you some examples of Paint Fleaster drawing that I have made in about 5 - 10 min e.a.

      · 2 replies