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  1. https://imgur.com/a/PscJLX3 I know but so does Misère
  2. What about this? https://d-bk.net/fr/d/KzmB
  3. 59m per or trade vs an ivory /w Veldin
  4. [19:48] Pandasaurus-rex has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [20:00] Quodrona has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [20:11] Toranux has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [20:20] Challax has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [20:26] Irexop has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [21:01] Aridia has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [21:14] Tyhrranosis has unlocked the achievement [Dragon Dreams]. [21:19] Achievement unlocked: [Dragon Dreams] [21:19] You have gained 5,250,000 experience points. [21:19] Item received: 1 × [Vulbis Dofus] [21:19] You have gained 43,980 kamas. fuck dropping infinite dream quest items
  5. Nothing is officially confirmed. I've done 120ish floors and dropped 14/24 so far. My eni was in all of those fights and only dropped 1 so far. My sram dropped all within 20 floors. In my experience it's completely random and PP/idols/challs do not effect the drop rate.
  6. https://imgur.com/SmWv2CS Can confirm 250, PP and idols don't matter. Its random.
  7. https://support.ankama.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017472154-Install-the-Ankama-Launcher Maybe this can help.
  8. Hi Dofus is celebrating their 15th birthday. Use code DOFUS15ANS to claim 3 days of free sub.
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