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  1. I know right. The community is buzzing on Ily but also a different generation and a different vibe - despite that we're having some fun
  2. Nix

    You still around?

    1. Kikn


      Not on Dofus, no. Just an occasional lurker 😄.

    2. Nix


      Come lurk with us on Ily 🙂 

    3. Kikn
  3. Well... some things never change; I returned in 2015 and 2017 briefly but the nostalgia keeps us coming back for more... I guess nothing compares... We're rallying the ol' team to come back and play again. A handful of us are playing on Ily. Give me a shout in-game if you've felt that little string pull at your heart to return to the game once again. 15 years to the date that I started playing Dofus, I guess today was as good a time as any to announce a casual return.
  4. Even though I have quit I still feel very strongly about customer relations. I have always been a huge advocate for promoting Ankama and supporting them as sort of an "underdog" brand. I have always defended support and community managers and mods to the community. Now. I am utterly appalled by this so called "art-director" employee or whoever he is. If anyone would care to pass this on, feel free. Firstly, everyone worldwide is battling. Its not just Ankama. A little warning would be nice eh??? Secondly, people wouldn't be arguing about this price hike unless they were invested in the game and love what YOU CREATE. As a fellow creative, you need to stop taking people's genuine unhappiness with the change, so personally. Surely you know that the BEST way to gain a bigger customer base is to ADVERTISE. Your international community runs solely by word of mouth and the word on the street is, Dofus is dying, so why play that when other games have so much more to offer the international community. Is there a marketing department and is it allocating funds appropriately? No use developing content if your player base is dwindling. That won't bring anyone new to the game. Now, I understand you are taking this personally (I really do as I take my work very seriously as well and I take criticism to heart) but if you were my employee ranting like that, I would discipline you as you have put Ankama in a worse light than they originally were. Do you really think most people with a mind for management or business would ever want to deal with you after you shoot from the hip in an emotional rant in some attempt to protect the honour of your creative child? Doubtful. From a PR perspective you should be gagged and your hands removed for your own job security. Grow up. P.S. I love you Izmar. Don't kill please. EDIT: Removed some icky ranty stuff. :)

  6. GL with all your new endeavours, all of you that are quitting.
  7. You guys make me smile. :D I do believe the game has offered me some sort of false sense of accomplishment and you slip into this comfort zone. It becomes consuming. As I said tho, I will be popping in to imps to read the ramblings and woes of all of you from time to time and to remind you that its just a game!!!! Don't take it so seriously guys and if you aren't having fun anymore, STOP. That being said, it has been challenging to let go but I haven't had the urge to log at all since I quit, so I do feel validated in my rather sudden decision.
  8. Lol Gimp its for your own good buddy. This way you get to keep Abood all to yourself. And Robbie im sorry mate, but Avarice is an amazing guild and I am sure they will have ya if you do still go to Zato. :)
  9. Hehe. I release Brock from any responsibility. <3 Just over it completely eh. Ill miss you guys loads.
  10. Its all Brock's fault really. </3 :) I may stick around to troll about from time to time but I seriously have no interest in playing again, EVER.
  11. I've been finding myself increasingly losing interest in Dofus and I realised this weekend that its time to cut the cord and focus on real life a lot more. As a result I have decided to quit completely. I don't really know what to say except thank you to everyone who helped me over the years and who supported me and ALL the guilds I have had the pleasure of being a part of. My chars will probably be around, but they are no longer under my care, anymore. Skyline My baby, my first guild on Zato, and my last. I wish Spacecake the best of luck in running the guild now. I can't promise it will be easy but fly the flag as long as you can. To all our members, I wish you all the best!!! <3 Avarice Our allies to the end. I love you guys loads. Whadda and Aleena I wish you all the best with your guild and keep the TS karaoke going please!!! I may pop in to have a giggle and join in from time to time. :') All my teammates and friends, thanks for everything! You are this game. Imps, I'm laav so much. This will be my last post here. I really don't have much else to say so I'll bow out gracefully now and say farewell. Happy hunting. :)
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