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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!


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  1. Welcome back??? I can vouch for this guy. Still using the Summon Inky he maged for me for goult like 4 years ago
  2. I guess he finally went fully overboard with his powers. All memes are fake news and so are the people who create them. Although, I'm one for detail and I think they should have added some Doritos nacho cheese dust to the tips of his fingers.
  3. Random Screenshots

    Trump Wall 2k17 - Keep the foreigners out of the merge
  4. Gamakna

    Page 3 Still for the sake of legibility, we know that the choice of cards for fighting is very important. On the one hand, we want the competitions to be a good showcase of our game. We need to avoid as much as possible to retransmit using the tactical mode which, between us, does not sell a lot of dreams. But on the other hand, we also have, and above all, a need for legibility for the fight: if no one understands what happens, nobody looks. So we can not just put a very rich map. The compromise that has been found is to create special designs for competitions cards. Here are some examples of what we would like to do: Images of possible PVP maps found here https://viewer.aemmobile.adobe.com/index.html#project/3f0bfabc-7bfc-495a-a6e8-4a62ebde4c44/view/gamakna0.fr.tablet/article/dofus_esport3.fr.tablet The objective is to use a raised card in order to be able to jump behind the background without generating an understanding of the combat. The combat zone is limited to three types of squares, such as the tactical mode: the obstacle, the hole, and the slab. In this way, we hope to make our competitions cards more attractive while offering a readability of the combat very close to that of the tactical mode! Changes at stake With all these modifications, we do not forget that in order for PVP to be a success, the PVP involved must be interesting, attractive and accessible. Recently, two novels that we had at heart appeared on the Kolizeum: the viewer mode, and the ladder that allows you to compare your rating with that of others (and play who has the biggest, let's call a cat a cat! . It is a first advance, but we still have other things in mind. As for accessibility, the Kolizeum is already one of the most accessible features of the game. Indeed, whatever your level, your equipment, or your level of play, the system finds you opponents you have 50% chance of viancre. In order to allow even more players to participate, we plan to lower the minimum level to access the Kolizeum (currently 50), and give it more visibility to beginners. As far as attractiveness is concerned, we are considering the creation of leagues according to the rating, cosmetic rewards according to ranking, and any other ideas of this type. We have already talked to you about the release of the KIS, and even if we have several priority sites for 2017, it is a feature that is always part of our program. Finally, the interest of the Kolizeum, beyond the pleasure of PVP practice, is currently too low. The value of the kolizeton is not satisfactory in the state, and we are currently working on solutions to raise its price so that players PVP can advance their equipment at the same rate as their level in Kolizeum. We have several tracks in-house, and some will be implemented in the year 2017 The final word In recent years, we have always made small steps towards eSports, without ever daring to plunge head first into the big bath. In 2017, as you have just read, we will not be stingy in mods to develop this aspect of DOFUS. Other points are still under discussion, such as the creation of an eSport page on the website, or the organization of viewing shares for our finals. We will tell you more in detail in due course. If the sauce takes, as the project for the players, the viewers, and Ankama, then we can consider changes that require a longer development time. All this now depends on your interest in the project. We know that an advance in this direction was not expected, and we are looking forward to your feedback on social networks and forums to see if the choices we will make in 2017 give you desire!
  5. Gamakna

    Page 2 In our discussions, it was a question that came up several times. We faced a major problem in the development of competitive PVP: the readability and the explosive fighting. It is imperative for the viewer that the combast be pleasant to look at, that is to say both comprehensible and taking. With this in mind, the format of our official competitions will be the 3 against 3. We already hear the lovers of 4 against 4 grind their teeth in front of their screen, but you must understand that this modification is paramount. Even 4-to-4 format has become the norm of tournaments in recent years, it is necessary to move to 3 against 3 in order to reduce the number of entities present on the map, accelerate the fighting and make them more explosive and panting . This very interesting change in format identification of the KIS, which is the most practical PVP game mode, will be the same as the competitive format. It will be both simpler for the participants to train and not to have to observe other games eSport has success, it is found that the competitive mode is always the same as the one that is the most practical. Is one of the bases of the model. Second modification on the format of the battles: the system of composition of team. It is a very difficult choice, given the number of possibilities. We have thus decided to select two, each with different advantages. The first is that of the composition chosen from the beginning of the tournament, with restrictions on certain class duos. This is more or less what had been used for the Ten Years Tournament. This system will be used for the first part of the March tournament and the qualifying tournament in the season system. We hope to maintain a good accessibility for these tournaments, which are open to all (only a certain level of character will be required for registration). Note that we will not hesitate to ask their opinion of PVP experiments players to fix the banned class duos! The second is the drafting system. He has already used at the Goultarminator, and at two amateur tournaments of magnitude: The Cup of Oppresses II and the Draft & Furious. The principle is that in each battle, the two teams carry out a drafting phase, choosing to ban or to select this or that class. This system has several advantages, notably that of avoiding the mirror games, bringing more strategic dimension in combat and increasing the game depth very strongly. It also limits the impact of the triage of the opponents And the desebalance of a tournament from the start. It's a way to do the same tools. However, this system is too cumbersome to be implemented with too many teams, and it is for this reason that it will only be used in a second phase once the first phase Of qualifications will be passed.
  6. Gamakna

    I google translated the eSports section for those interested : Page 1 Create a system of eSport on DOFUS, a dream for some a utopia for others. Overall, it is a desire that we have shared with you for several months. As you learned in September 2016, at the end of the year we took the time for a deep reflection on the PVP in its globality on DOFUS. Our first action was the gathering of active members of the PVP community, whether organizing participants, commentators or even tournament viewers what is not working? What should we keep? What needs to change? What are the priorities? After several debates, problems raised, solutions found and order of priority fixed, it is now the time of the report and to learn everything that awaits you in this subject in 2017! First event PVP of the year 2017 and secret of polichinelle (?) for a few weeks now, a tournament in March will give you again the opportunity to prove that you are the best. This one will resume the basic principles of Tournament of the Ten Years and Tournament of 1001 Claws, with a lot of novelties which are presented a little lower. For the first time in the history of competitions on DOFUS, in addition to the usual rewards (cosmetics and subscription) a cash prize of 3000 euros will be put into play! Does it make you want to register now not? At the time of our reflection, the question of cashprize often came back, we came to the conclusion that it was one of the pillars of modern video game competitions. However, we still have some fears: putting money in play for our tournaments would not it be a risk to see the atmosphere deteriorate? We will therefore accept your opinion on this matter. You can answer this survey to help us make a final decision. For the rest, as you can see on this calendar, an eSport event is scheduled from July until November. No you do not dream, we speak to you well of 5 consecutive months of compeition! This event will be divided into three parts: 1) The first one will be open to all and will be similar to the one in March. The 8 best teams at the end of this first phase will qualify for the sequel. 2) The second will be a phase of chapionnat: the 8 teams will compete at regular intervals during 4 months. 3) Finally, the 4 teams at the head of the rankings will compete to design the winners of the competition. If your return on cash prizes is positive after the March tournament, it is obvious that there will be one also on this competition. This one would be higher, given the investment that will be required to appropriate the final victory! Second point where we need you: the name of the competition. In fact, for the time being, it is not fixed, and we await your numerous proposals: Link to french forum page where frenchies are raging at how shitty 3v3 is. The most attentive of you will have noticed the absence of the goultarminator on this calendar. In effect the 2016 edition of the competition will remain the 8th and last. The replacement of the Goultarminator format by the competitive system quoted above appeared to us as evidence during our reflection First, the qualification system is very wobbly, and does not rest on merit. Despite our reflections each year to improve it, it is never satisfactory. Secondly, the server-to-server format is running out of steam, now that the merge change of servers has made it all the more complicated. And three, the feeling of weariness of the players simply: the Goultarminator has been present for 8 years, and is almost no longer considered as an event in itself but as a routine. We hope and hope that the new competition format will please you as much or more than the previous one, whether you are players or spectators! It is planned to be in the form of a season at a rate of two per year or 10 months of competitions each year! Let's move immediately to the main changes that this format brings, so that you see a little lighter.
  7. Random Screenshots

    Solo kolo makes me feel both whole and empty at the same time
  8. Post your goals and achievements

    Sorry there isn't a capitalist leaderboard for you james
  9. Post your goals and achievements

    Taking it to page 200 with this now that the kolo leaderboard isn't glitched anymore
  10. Sacrier Revamp Devblog

  11. Thanks to Wind alliance for making everyone aware of this monumental attack on IRON :')
  12. The Great INT Truce Pt. II

    Does Wind get defender points as well? (What's with the SS badge?)
  13. 300kk ea. Price is negotiable. I have 130 of them so just let me know how many you want to buy. Message me on here or in game. ign: Waifuu or Oppai
  14. S> AP Inky

    Inky Veil (70mk) AP: 1/0 Vit: 333 / 350 Strength: 62 / 70 Intelligence: 65/70 Wisdom: 40/40 Critical Hits: 3/3 Range: 1/1 Damage: 7/10 Fire Resistance: 10%/10% Water Resistance: 10%/10% Air Resistance: 10%/10% Glacial Ring (18mk) SOLD AP: 1/0 Vit: 235/250 Chance: 56/70 Wisdom: 30/40 Critical Hits: 4/4 Water Damage: 14/15 Dodge: 6/8 Critical Resistance: 19/20 Prices can be negotiated around. Please contact me either on here or in game on either Virtuosa or Waifuu.
  15. S> AP Inky

    Sold all, can close
  16. S> AP Inky

    Bump, lowered price
  17. Are the servers down?

    All mmos have died. The government is has found a way to make us more complacent. What is it? We don't know. We will only find out in the morning after the drones have come into our rooms in the middle of the night and implanted the complacency into our brains. I pray for all of us. Good night. Sleep tight. God Bless. I pray for us all.
  18. ~Leeching service~

    I do not even remember the last time I had a char be leached by someone else. However, I was pretty lazy about getting my new masq to 200 so I decided to try this out. I can hands down say that this has been the most pleasant experience in terms of leaching. The prices are very affordable and the fights are always quick. Not to mention they are very nice in general and easy to talk with. 10/10 would recommend.
  19. S> AP Inky

  20. Headhunter Event! Server-wide Contest

    I volunteer as tribute after Osa grande buff ok
  21. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    When you have to prove you're best osa under any circumstance