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  1. So, here you are what i've made. I wonder what i would do with the dofuses cloack. My opinion: The richest are gonna be richer.
  2. And the sacrifical doll 1900ish dmg when fully buffed (3 turns)
  3. Tested on beta and :angry: Really, what's the point of mummification now? no damages and getting 100 power for AT LEAST 6 AP? I'm so disappointed. Sadi's earthquake it's just great, every spell are great.
  4. LOL i can buff 1800 power my synchro now, well after 200 turns, and KOed the poutch. Anyway, i don't like these changes. Hand now removes telefrag, damn. Paradox 3 AP. Str build looks really interesting now, really high dmgs. I'm crying :angry:
  5. I agree with Otto, but not completely.The main problem i found fighting around, both in pvp and pvm is my lack of defence in term of spells. I mean, ecas have Luck, vitality, healing skills and heavy damages. Iops can jump around the map, vitality, best damages in game. Every class have a surviving key except us. Yes, teleport is important, but not that much (and you can't use it every turn too, due to CD). Someone says that we are too much situational, it's not true at all. Like Otto said, you gotta make your own situation, but what happen when i can't summon stuffs, cannot create telefrags in anyway and cannot fly far away from enemies? we die, in 1 turn. 2 maybe. What makes us not strong enough to compete with most of classes is how much my game depends on enemies movements. It's just umbalanced. Take a sram, he just has to look my movements, and if i use flight he can set up his traps line easy and i activate them just in the very next turn, same with rholbak. But i gotta say that i really enjoy playing xelor now, great map controll, great range and dmg too. I'd really like mummification to be more "WOW", like healing me with %hp everytime i create a telefrag? Just saying. Anyway yep, spend time on xelors and don't just change class ^^ I'm still learning combos and a lot of things to do. we have true potential.
  6. I want to buy 11ch turq for 20mk, pm me in game :rolleyes:
  7. SOLD. Heya; As the title says, i'm selling an ochre dofus for 60mk. Pm Edwarduccio if needed. Anyway i'm i merchant mode at [0;1] Good luck in game :)
  8. It's not fair for int xelors the new mummification.It even reduces by 17, and not 28... What's the advantage in being an int xelor now? ._.
  9. As the title says, i need 3 Frozen fabric and i change my Temporal shards for them. Thank you :) My Dofus name is "Edwarduccio", 190 xelor if you wanna pm me
  10. Psst.. so empty :P .. not anymore >:D

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