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Everything posted by -Sydney-

  1. Our guild Discord has been more wild and active than ever before. o3o Join our shenanigans! Guild anniversary coming up too~
  2. Yea, ogrines are high right now because they just released mono server. x.x They were down to 400,000 kamas for a week before then.
  3. I sold all of my dofus shit and use the ogrines to sub now. Felt bad, but I sad on that gear for 7 years. xD
  4. Dude, they FUCKED normal Dofus up. I'm playing on a retro server, Crail. which is pre-Dofus 2.0 stuff with some nice QoL updates. o3o
  5. Yea :D I'm still playing. Sorry for not seeing these! I'm on Crail, in the Royalty guild. :3 2 osas, int eca, omni sadi, cha/str cra, int/str feca, tribrid enu, slave panda. o3o
  6. Some old sigs I made for myself and others.
  7. Got my double level 100 Osa ding, just now!
  8. This is what I used up until I quit Dofus. xD Started using it again (Living Bag and Sylvan, with my panda holding the bag to stop swapping). It's so fun to take on stupidly strong things with that. If I'm really worried, I'll truce when the sac wears off and then have the team re-align for a new full-sac.
  9. Do you have many sub-80 players, currently? I'm thinking of making my switch from Henual to Algathe, after the rollback. o3o
  10. I was going through my old folder for Dofus-related stuff and found all of the art people have done for me, in the past. I can't remember all of the artist's names but hopefully viewers can aid in that. I miss these days - thanks for these. A piece by nomie, towards the end of my play-time when I had 16 or so characters... Art by Kaitah, reflecting my lil' obsession over N'. I can't read the signature but I feel like I used to know the artist well. I can't remember the artist for this one either. Forgot the name of this artist as well. ;.; I forget the name of the artist but this was near the time of one of those tournaments. n_n; I can't remember who drew this bu my god. A cute little signature piece by Aiera-Lyn Art by Angelock - the official first drawing of my character. Art by Grimme - some of the earliest art of my characters, shortly before hitting 100.
  11. For those on the Retro servers, we get ours next weekend.
  12. Surfffff

  13. Can you guys believe Dofusbook still exists? Works for retro pretty well~ I've been playing since last week and, with lots of help from others, I have 2 level 87 Osas now. They are on their way to this! Hope I can get close to this, before the holidays end! It's been great, coming back to this version of Dofus. I've come across many old friends and it has really helped me out, personally. I just finished my service in the military and moved to Washington state, where I know absolutely nobody. I've been getting pretty lonely so this has been a great nostalgic band-aid.
  14. Hey stinky, play on Henual Dofus Retro with me. ;.;

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    2. Ice-Diamond


      Let me know when you are on, Servers are back on

    3. -Sydney-


      I'm on 😄 Yendys-Oldosa

    4. Ice-Diamond


      dang said offline :D

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