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  1. When the server was still newish, that happened.. but, after a few months, everyone went into the grind and exomages, burned themselves out, and quit or moved to mono and THEN quit.
  2. Poingy! <3 Come back to Dofus~ Also, thank you for clearing it up! <3
  3. I left henual or whatever after the 1st two weeks. It was too established and impossible to catch up. I play on Crail. :x
  4. LLama got me playing Retro on my Eca... Pittenger D: Catch me sometime
  5. Not super empty, just all of us english-speakers are in a single guild :c
  6. Rakshen o3o #1 Bluff-only Eca, earliest high level swordsmith, longtime friend before Dofus' 2005 beta.
  7. Our guild Discord has been more wild and active than ever before. o3o Join our shenanigans! Guild anniversary coming up too~
  8. Yea, ogrines are high right now because they just released mono server. x.x They were down to 400,000 kamas for a week before then.
  9. I sold all of my dofus shit and use the ogrines to sub now. Felt bad, but I sad on that gear for 7 years. xD
  10. Dude, they FUCKED normal Dofus up. I'm playing on a retro server, Crail. which is pre-Dofus 2.0 stuff with some nice QoL updates. o3o
  11. Yea :D I'm still playing. Sorry for not seeing these! I'm on Crail, in the Royalty guild. :3 2 osas, int eca, omni sadi, cha/str cra, int/str feca, tribrid enu, slave panda. o3o
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