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-Sydney- last won the day on April 8 2013

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    One cuddle away from a lawsuit
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    Inside your head, pilferin' your thoughts!

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  1. stinky

    1. thesenuts


      !!!! SYD

      How are you??

    2. -Sydney-


      I'm good, living in Cali now, serving in the Air Force. ^-^; How're you?!

    3. thesenuts


      That's awesome man, I've always wanted to venture west.

      I'm still in school, working on my phd.

  2. Do I want to come back to Dofus, with this? O.o
  3. First time logging in here in aaaages but waaaay back, I was banned for a month for changing Osa summon sprites. :x Wasn't invis and didn't display to other people... but still was deemed naughty. :c This was the result.
  4. You know you're a fuckboy when you suddenly realize you have all of Teemo's skins. .-.
  5. I will never relive this moment. Shitting on Heimer on laning phase, Vayne quitting and leaving game 17 minutes in. My favorite Zyra build, though.
  6. My friend just got me to play my first ranked game. FUCK RANKED GAMES. :(
  7. You're all stinkeh facebutts.
  8. I can't play, since the 5.19 update. :( Every time I log in, the game crashes my GPU so badly that I need to go into the BIOS to reactivate it. :(
  9. Zyra is becoming my main. D: I alllllmost feel like I could move out of being support, into mid, with her... but nope, I lose too much. :v
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