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  1. We have a guild called "Intercontinental" on Eratz. Unfortunately English speaking 1.29 players seems like a rare breed nowadays. However, we'll be happy to see some new faces on our guild if anybody is interested. Just PM Kyamari / Indifferent / Value ingame or message me here if you're interested. Cheers. :)
  2. This is exactly how I feel, i like the atmosphere and community of 1.29 way better than 2.0, for example I love it when the server is overcrowded with people, I love the hassle of trying to catch mobs on popular spots, I love the music and all that comes with 1.29 . In my opinion 2.0 lacks this warm and lovely feeling that 1.29 gives us as players, 2.0 makes you feel alone but 1.29 makes you feel like you are a part of a community.
  3. While I do appreciate the fact that they re-opened these 1.29 servers for everyone, I do agree with some of the points you mentioned. I don't think that their main intention with opening these servers was to let people play the good old 1.29 version in a healthy way again, but to rather make people think that 1.29 used to be quite bad compared to the current version and stop people from asking 1.29 to be back+make people start playing the current version again. It's just a big plot in my opinion. I mean, if they really wanted us to be able to play 1.29 properly again, they could have opened a few new servers, in my opinion it should have been pretty damn easy. But instead they are only letting us play on a total of 2 servers which were already open to the Hispanic community for years. It's only natural that we experience problems with lags etc. Ankama has put years of work into the 2.xx version of the game and are desperately wanting to make everyone think the new version is much better than 1.29 in every aspect. But there is quite a large community of people who will always think 1.29 is much more enjoyable than 2.xx (including me) , I wonder if Ankama will ever accept that one day. Long live 1.29
  4. As it was already mentioned many times before, the access to 1.29 servers isn't necessarily a paid service, but rather more of a gift or a token for those who are already subscribed for the current version of the game. Which means they don't have the responsibility to fix anything, they have already said there will be no support for the servers on the original post. Although, they mentioned that they could offer some support in very specific cases which means they might fix the lags on Eratz, who knows. If it really is bothering you a lot, why don't you play on Henual, it's lag-free.
  5. To everyone who have been complaining about lags in-game, I would recommend you to try out the second server on the list (Henual) instead of the first one (Eratz) . As Rob have already mentioned, there is no lag whatsoever in Henual. I've been playing there for days and had no problems so far. It seems like a vast majority of people are playing on Eratz, making that server laggy. If there are any English speaking players on Henual, PM me 'cuz I need friends!
  6. Cleveland steamer Melon or watermelon?
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