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  1. While Ankama calmly decide what to do with aermine, players who have decided to transfer their accounts to another server increases. And it gets worse from week to week. When we have news about our destiny?
  2. i will try to explain better : when I started to play, I downloaded the game from the official web site and automatically download the version 2.0 and were the only server that supported the 2.0 was aermine. Very little and small was the link which directed to the old version :) I was new, so noob and I did not know dofus before than that time , and I just did what your web site advised. Conclusion: I was a new customer, and I did what your website was telling me .I could not know the difference of version 2.0 and previous versions. That's why I say ... Ankama wanted me join aermine for test the version 2.0 of the game that after had been updated on all other server and aermine is now useless. I'm not going to transfer (paying) my 8 accounts, I'll be sitting on aermine to see how the company Ankama will meet its customers. I repeat, this situation is ridiculous!
  3. Hello to all you :)

  4. Izmar Thanks for the clarifications given on the transfer of the accounts but I think we all know that the transfer of the bank and the house is not a service available at this time. Whtat we are talking is : How Ankama can intervene in support of the players Aermine? when I started to play, I could not choose another server, only aermine was available. My opinion? They have used us to test version 2.0 on aermine. I remember that at the beginning aermine had taken much into consideration, then since version 2.0 has been updated on all other servers, aermine has become an uncomfortable server, and no one take care about us no more . You can see it also from the fact that people who tried to write about aermine problems in the official forums have always been closed. :) Now just a question, where is wrote that my accounts are international or italians?? I have to try for see which server the system offer me or in my account managment is wrote in somewhere. Now I am really worry, the risk is that in future I can go just in the italian server and I have to say good bye to all my not italian friend ???
  5. I am playng on aermine since it was opened and I would like to add my opinion about this topic. I tried in every way to point out that aermine is left to itself ! In fact was me who want to understand who was our CM and I did my best for put me in contact with him and started to write in German forum until Mark-E decided to open a session for us in English. The aermine English session in the German forum is deserted, as some of you wrote here, but how many aermine players know that the German forum is the place for write about aermine? No one inform us about anything. There are not moderators in our server, but we have Mark-E and now Izmar that tells us that they are tryng to solve the problem but we have to wait :) Wait what? I have 8 accounts, and i will not migrate for sure. I will not go to enrich Ankama payng also for the transfer of my 8 accounts, then losing all the resources accumulated over the years and the houses :) that even if I wanted to sell, no one would buy. I'll wait to see what Ankama decides to do with us CUSTOMERS :) to the end they are giving to us a dissevice. Maybe they will make me migrate for free, and they will give me some candy for my lost resources and houses ? :) It is not one or two players, an entire comunity is complaining, it is ridiculous !.
  6. I dicovered recently that the manager for the aermine server is the same as the German server. And yes, you understand it well, many events that are made on Rushu and others international servers are not made on aermine :( If you check the link in my first post, you can read also the answer from "our" manager. Be a multy lenguage server is a problem !
  7. I do not know if I'm writing in the right section, but his message is addressed to all aermine server players. We are tryng to convince the manager of aermine to permit to us have events in game like in all others servers. So please click here http://forum.dofus.c...e=1#entry183806 and leave your comment. Thank you
  8. Well... I tried with explorer firefox and chrome from two different computers, but nothing happened. Then I asked a help to my friend, I do not know why he could enter (using explorer), and we disable ankama shield .... now the funny things I logged again my char it asked for change password and put the secret answer.. all ok till now... then I wanted to put ankama shield again... but I could not do it cause there was nothing to press for active it XDXDXDXD. I asked for help to my friend again (thanks god share account is forbidden XD) He actived ... but when I tried to log in my char in game and put the code sent by mail @_@ .........> SERVICE UNAVAILABLE I want cry
  9. I have some problems too with ankama shield in one of my char. Ankama shield is actived and when I try to enter it ask again to save my browser even if it is already saved but ok... I receive in my mail the code and ok.. but there is nothing for press confirm .. Can someone help me?
  10. Someone of you is so kind to explain me exactly wath do for try beta server? Where I have to go for download the beta game? What login I have to use? the same that I use normaly? Thanks for the answer
  11. I would like to know if the "trasfer of character between the servers" it is just a fantasy idea or really ankama is working about this.
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