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  1. Kralove opening

    If i make it on female cra/eni/eca/iop/panda
  2. Kralove opening

    If i m around i dont mind standing on a tile...sitting at zaap or sitting on a tile isnt that huge of a difference :)
  3. Rosal goult thread #1

    I still hope to see u guys actually win a fight (no doubt that if u all show...and the other team as well... u win ez :) ).
  4. Pokemon Go

    The tracking system never worked for me...started playing in update .2 where the footprints where always on 3 and the radar wasnt turning green showing that u go in the right direction, so basicly it stay the same. I was hoping they would fix it cause it seems indeed a lot more fun to actually track them down then randomly hoping they pop up before your feet. So basicly after more then a week catching mostly birds, rats, weedles and something else from time to time...interest in the game is dropping. Its still fun to sit on a spot with lure (cause of the meeting other weirdo's running around with a smartphone in their hand getting excited when something pops) or taking over a gym ... but the running around to find some nice stuffs *shruggs* ...guess i m toooo lazy for it after all I guess if they dont find a way to fix the tracking, they loose a lot of players after a few weeks...
  5. Rosal goult thread #1

    Well u managed to show up righht in time...hope u got some fun there. Good luck for the next match...
  6. Pokemon Go

    Getting mostly birds, rats and weedles as well but on rare occasions i get something else ... right before my batery died i got me this guy today ... another cute looking 1 https://gyazo.com/1c071eeb5072454ad61872d902ad70ca and yeah even on a bicycle you have to ride really, really slow to let some of the km count. So slow that u almost fall :)
  7. Recruting> Guild Black Sails

    So if we find a random placed item with the name of a member of your guild on it... we can claim a price ;)
  8. Pokii's drawings :3

    Omg sooooo cuuuute
  9. Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    srambad... [14:48] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-22,17].
  10. Pokemon Go

    Got a Tentacruel and a Aerodactyl out off eggs before but this guys just look cute...
  11. Vulkania

    Btw the link of some G&G opening years ago on rushu might help a little as well (dont think annything is changed)...so much is needed...and nope i didnt find it..just sharing it so u can all check it out. Btw getting all the lower lvls might be a prob http://forum.dofus.com/en/1022-rushu/225696-opening-g-g-rushu-time
  12. Rosal goult thread #1

    Well i was sure i read it in the rules...re-read them now and dont see it. *shruggs* Even better i guess...sowwy to make you freak out :)
  13. Vulkania

    We did it !!!!! Thx for all who gathered and cant stand the smell of eggs anymore ...all hearts r collected. We can start working on the puzzles. Try to do that this weekend i guess...mmore info will be found here laterssss
  14. Rosal goult thread #1

    Well this year they changed the rules...somebody not showing up doesnt lead to forfeit a of that team only...but to a total disclosure of the whole server (not that they want to put any pressure on the shoulders of those going ;) ) So no need to make a leftover team (or they must show and loose)...its all teams showing or none participating at all. Maybe those who go and are looking for gearparts/trophy's/dofus can post what they look for? I m not having the fancy new stuff but whatever i can help with (exo-maged ap/mp/res stuff) i m happy to lent out
  15. Rosal goult thread #1

    For those who read what he had to say (wich cant be checked anymore) thats the guy registering with a osa saying he would like to represent Rosal on his masq ... wich made me laugh even more. Also try to check his charpage...nothing there ...so seems we dont even have a substitude