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  1. COme back bitch

  2. Looks like its my time to go, after being hacked a few weeks back i haven't got the time to get the stuff what i had back so im just going to quit, may come back on every now and then but i doubt it, just like to say a big thank you for people who have helped me over the years ive played this game, they all no who they are! Cya everyone!
  3. My Opinion would be a Enu/Panda/Rouge. Cra's cannot do as much damage as a Rouge can do and you can easily hit more then 1 target. It's not all about MP raping for PvM anyhow, it's mostly damage your looking for.
  4. 1MP 1 Strength 1 Intelligence 2 Chance 1 Agility 2 Wisdom I no this isn't pwnage, but it only took me 1 Rune and i thought it would be funny to show people ~ Neymar
  5. Or to save all the agro, you could just sell the MP runes you make and save for an MP/AP gelano, considering what sever you on, Shika has them for 3mk, thats not really too much hard work to do, but then its up to you if you risk the chances or not, personally i would save and buy one but thats just me. Lunar.
  6. Stats : 1 AP 171 Vit 38 Int 31 Cha 28 wis 3 crits 281 Init 10% res (str) 10+ res (str) I was just messing about and i managed to do this =) Took 5 runes ~Lunar
  7. Shame to see you go Dan, you've helped me out a lot with my equipment and stuff, i wish you the best of luck for the future and i hope everything you want, you get! Cya soon mate, Lunar.
  8. you ok mate?

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