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  1. Satsuki

    General class advice thread!

    leveled a hupper on a whim what's a good build for pvm? and what's good for pvp? str/int is the best damage-wise, right? also kind of a different question, as I haven't been playing much this past year, do people use Fit of Rage over wrath?
  2. Satsuki

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    PvM, I never PvP
  3. Satsuki

    2.47 Livestream

    So umm apparently Kwyness got buffed but somehow mine still takes away 100HP and doesn't give any power shift clicking at it shows as if it was maged off or something, lol some dude on trade told me to kill it and revive but nothing changed how do I make it give buffed stats
  4. Satsuki

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    What's the meta for Iops now? Str/int/agi any good? any 12/6 or 12/5 set for either str/int/agi or just str/int, now with shaker and nomad nerfed? I've got AP maged bearb band and MP maged nekochief, which I would prefer to keep, but I might look for new exos if there's no other option no vulbis
  5. Satsuki

    Breeding Revamp

    Why make an already annoying, time consuming and overall unpleasant system harder? IDK man, I already feel so overwhelmed by breeding and avoided it at all costs (only did few mounts for emerald questline), and I'm pretty sure there are tons of people who feel similar. Who does the change benefit, really, if breeders themselves don't like it? And removing dopploons from dopple fights is outright retarded. There's really no reason to do that. It's one of the only activities that feels moderately rewarding as a solo-accounter (and the benefits are just OK at best on higher levels) and I always enjoyed doing. It's not like anyone is forced to do that if they feel it's a chore, and I really can't see how can it be worse to do than breeding. Just why. It's neither op, nor necessary, it's just there and shouldn't bother anyone.
  6. Satsuki

    The official newbie question thread!

    how long livi items stay obese didnt know they can get obese and fed mine few piwi capes and it's been obese and refusing food for over a day now
  7. Satsuki

    The official newbie question thread!

    can you do minotoror's labyrinth alone? if so, could I get some advice?
  8. Satsuki

    The official newbie question thread!

    intelligence probably, but looking to go int/str as soon as you can get a decent set for that
  9. Satsuki

    Post your Guts

    The boots are Rassler, the hat is indeed nekochief. I actually hesitated with it and wore professor xa's cloak for way too long, but there really doesn't seem to be a better option to get 12th ap in a str/int build. There's no 2 sets you can combine and with how good Seemyools are , Kwyness is not really good either. (level 200 hat + kwyness gives same ap/mp and less stats, especially vit, than nekochief + seemyool) wish there was some set you can wear together with king playa or treadfast
  10. Satsuki

    Post your Guts

    Upgraded my equipment a little bit. Nothing too fancy but I'm liking it a lot, 6th MP is better than it seems. Tbh there's not much I want to change, rings don't seem great but there aren't really any better ones, so it's cloudly I'm setting my eyes on now. And despite being PvM oriented I went 10w 2l on kolo today. Starting before any other iop = kicking their ass also looking for a shield to mimisymbic amakna, it doesn't fit
  11. Satsuki

    Low level items to have their recipes modified

    I'm disappointed honestly. Hoped to craft terrdala set on mono but all they did is reduce artifacts required (easy af to farm) while keeping the obnoxious expensive miner shit. Not like I wanted stuff to be super easy but most items I looked at barely made a difference.
  12. Satsuki

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    200 IOP build: STR/INT or STR/INT/AGi 12/5 or 12/6, good damage every item and exo is fine, excluding vulbis haven't really changed anything at all in my equipment for the past year or so, it's good but there's surely a better build looking for ideas also, is there a viable 12ap build without shaker/nomad?
  13. Satsuki

    General class advice thread!

    Is sadi any good in PvE? Never really seen them outside of kolossium, now I made one on multi acc and I'm struggling af to do anything, and having to plant many trees doesn't exactly seem viable in late game dungeons
  14. Satsuki

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    iop build: any PVM kamas and items unlimited, can get any exo or dofus in existence, but let's exclude vulbis looking for ideas
  15. Satsuki

    Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Completely ignoring whether I like these changes or not, I find the whole notion "it's hard for solo accounters and requires multi" utterly stupid and simply not true. Having done all but 1 dungeon in the game as a single accounter, I know it's BS, just shifting the blame towards something else. There isn't any mechanic that really heavily favours multi accounters, good communication goes long way. Moving to opinions, I'm personally torn on this. I don't believe 'content should be accessible by everyone', because games should reward the time and effort put in. If everyone with little effort can get any item and complete any dungeon, they lose their 'endgame' feel. But I am all for nerfs that would allow different team compositions to succeed, more ways to beat a boss. With how restricting the mechanics in new dungeons are, you're pretty much forced into one strategy, and some particular teams have it so much easier it's funny. I'm not really saying 4 foggernauts should be able to beat Vortex, but having something that would allow for every class to shine, thus introduce more diversity, would be really cool. This is especially true for some 'duo' achievements. They are often completely out of your reach for your class.