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  1. Isania

    Under The Edge

    really nice people, I'm even shocked because it doesn't happen often - come and join us, you won't regret
  2. Isania

    And I'm back.....

    good to see an inquisitioner back
  3. Isania

    Almanax Awesomeness

    bosses+arches, 22% ^_^
  4. Isania


    Ougaa hits like that
  5. Isania

    Dolmanax guessing thread

    in 2 years, like when I heard about frigost for the first time..
  6. Isania

    almanax: the dolmanax dofus revealed

    not surprised you wrote it, always been selfish
  7. Isania

    almanax: the dolmanax dofus revealed

    especially bubotron sword
  8. Isania

    Post your Guts

    maybe because now he can use wand + 3x forbidden
  9. Isania

    The Mimisymbics

    Price is ridiculous..
  10. Isania

    The Future of the Dofus (Eggs)!

    Even if the quest is going to be very hard, still more people gonna own vulbis than now. I always thought that everyone got the same chance of dropping dofus, 0,02%? I don't see how it's unfair, % is the same for everyone. I just hate doing quests, I'd rather farm some monster xxx times and feel the excitement that it might drop, but maybe I'm weird :rolleyes:
  11. Isania

    The Future of the Dofus (Eggs)!

    grinding is a part of the game