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  1. really nice people, I'm even shocked because it doesn't happen often - come and join us, you won't regret
  2. good to see an inquisitioner back
  3. bosses+arches, 22% ^_^
  4. Isania


    Ougaa hits like that
  5. in 2 years, like when I heard about frigost for the first time..
  6. not surprised you wrote it, always been selfish
  7. maybe because now he can use wand + 3x forbidden
  8. Even if the quest is going to be very hard, still more people gonna own vulbis than now. I always thought that everyone got the same chance of dropping dofus, 0,02%? I don't see how it's unfair, % is the same for everyone. I just hate doing quests, I'd rather farm some monster xxx times and feel the excitement that it might drop, but maybe I'm weird :rolleyes:
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