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  1. Yrona

    Ask a Mage

    Holy socks Batman, I cannot believe this thread is still going after all these years. (Sorry, don't have anything to add, I was just surprised to see my name as the threadstarter!)
  2. Is anyone else finding that his resists don't go negative any more?
  3. As long as we're trying to minimize scrolling, given any more thought to merging the turkey section and informatory? After all, dragoturkeys did come out years and years ago.
  4. Yrona

    Server ON FIRE.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Kyekpooikins. Let us know if you need extra fire extinguishers. Or vodka, that puts out flames, right? I know a great place to test the theory...
  5. I'm purely a monster fighter, no pvp, so my opinions are purely based on pvm. I wouldn't be opposed to some sort of damage buff, but it's ridiculous to have such lopsided shields in a shielding class, and that most urgently needs updating. Now that they've implemented tackle, dodge and pushback stats, I think earth and fire armors should give tackle, dodge and/or pushback protection, improving Fecas' value in team play. Adding these effects to our spells would give us a unique skill, something that will encourage people to bring us along in dungeons. Cras have range, Enis have healing, Xelors have AP steal, but right now Fecas aren't much better at defense than Enis with preventing word. Also, I think character level should affect the amount armors reduce in addition to stats. When you're fighting monsters that do 400+ damage a turn, reducing that by 60 isn't enough. When you're fighting monsters that do 60 damage a turn, it's overpowered. This change would also reduce our dependence on diamonds to max out our spells, one of the main complaints in the first post. And thanks, Muniamx, for including us in this summary. Let me know if you need any help with translations.
  6. Or doves! C'mon, break out the doves. You know you want to.
  7. Here's a thought from a programmer who still has to use column rules. In the old Imps posts, there's a lot of broken images, like so: If those were replaced with a bit of text, like <broken image>, it would probably save some space. If it's not possible to search and replace those directly, perhaps the community could search through all the old posts, compile the links to posts where those exist and send them to the mods to edit (or to Kyek to run a perl script on the database). I suggest whosoever finds the most should get a video of Kyek eating a hot pepper, for old times sake. :lol:
  8. I have no desire for glory. Just desire for hot Asian guys.
  9. That's too bad, Fosjam, I have an Imps one too. Time to disqualify myself!
  10. Query: Are "Dofus" and "Imps Village" two separate categories? And, if so, can we enter one in each or just one overall?
  11. Some guy who spends waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time with his mother. P. S. Can I get my freedom of speech word filter anyhow?
  12. This, I cannot let stand. Let me quote the world's wisest woman, namely, myself.. From reading the text, it becomes immediately clear why there is no free speech on Imps. The moderators and admins are not Congress (if they were, they would be in Washington posing for MSNBC.) They cannot pass laws, because they are not Congress (if they could, they would probably vote themselves funding for libraries and trips to Tijuana). They are also not representatives of the government, because last I checked they were not getting a nice government check like we astronauts do. Instead, they are private individuals, just like yourselves. Thus, you have no rights with respect to the action of the moderators, because rights are not in play in interactions between private individuals. Thus, I propose a word filter which replaces "free speech" with "ignorance of basic Constitutional principles," just so everyone knows what's going on. Can I buy that word filter with kamas? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
  13. ebob

    I haven't talked to you in OH SO long! You don't go on IRC anymore, either.

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