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  1. Hi there gear gurus. Due to me not having played for a few years, my knowledge is severely outdated. I've finally managed to get my two new nublets to the point where I now need to start considering level 100 gear. With regards to the cra, I'm probably going to keep him at int/str, so some form of Gorgoyle + custom setup will probably be best (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!). However, the Eni is a bit more of astruggle for me. I have no idea what to stick him in. Class: Eni Build: Cha/int or Cha/agi - not sure what's best Level: 100 Mostly PvM Any advice will be greatly appreciated. You can catch me here, or online on Rushu as 'Loz' or 'Lozenge'. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, I've been away from the game probably close to 2-3 years now. I played on Shika for the entirety of my Dofus career. It seems glaringly obviously that the server is more or less empty, and that Rushu is probably the place for me to be. I'll be playing on two characters "Lozenge" and "Loz", an Eni and a Cra - so feel free to give me a shout, because I'll be in need of friends!
  3. Welcome to Wakfu! If you're on the Remington server, I play a Xelor & an Eliotrope under the names Lozenge and Zaapman. Feel free to give me a shout, if you catch me online, if you fancy a chat and/or need some info. I'd quite strongly recommend making a second character. All of the content gets easier to open up if you have another char to play with. The xp is, like dofus, is better with a second char too - which'll help you get through those irritating early levels. Loz
  4. Should do yeah. Other than that - Wakfu might just hate you.
  5. Can vouch for Tone here. Hopefully I'll see you ingame Lozenge
  6. Hey guys, I'm considering turning my Sram into a Xelor. Whilst I love the huge raw and burst damage of my Sram, I've found that the cookie cutter "run up and smash stuff like an iop" way of playing bores my quickly. I've always enjoyed playing Wakfu Xelors and I love tribuilds. My problem, however, is that I'm not entirely sure how to incorporate a tri-element build into the Xelor gameplay. The Air/Fire combo is an incredible damage output - but I feel that 99% of Wakfu players (and myself) overlook everything else a xelor can do because of this. Much like Srams' and their traps. I also haven't played one properly for quite some time. I'm not really looking for PvP, just loving PvM at the moment. So my questions to you guys are: What are the top spells and specs for me to be using? If you have any experience with tri-element xelors, how have you found them? What sort of gear should I look for? Thanks in advance for any advice. Loz
  7. For Earth/Air, you would have: Iop Osa Sacrier Eliotrope Rogue Sadida Cra I think that's it - forgive me if I've forgotten any. You may want to look into a Foggernaut though. They have a unique element called Stasis, which essentially hits the target's lowest resistance. I've never played one personally though, so I'm not 100% around their mechanic, but if you feel that your team is a tad restricted with elements, you can always sling a Fogger in. They have the potential to deal some outrageous damage too.
  8. Love it. Definitely gonna follow this when I get to the stage that I can afford another tri gear set.
  9. Hello Gurus, I've recently made a Feca for my team (in early preparation for the Heroes system), and it has come to my attention that I have never had a locker/tank before, so I have no idea what gear & build is ideal for him. Any wise words of wisdom that could be spared please? On a similar note, my team will compromise of: Sram - Tribuild - Close combat flanking DPT & Map manipulation Eni - Fire/Air - Midrange DPT & heals Eliotrope - Tribuild - Ranged DPT & Incredible map manipulation & General badassery Xelor - Fire/Air - DPT Feca - ??? - Tank/Locker? Trank - Sponge for feca/what feca can't reach It's clear to me that I will be lacking somewhat in Earth damage. Any thoughts on this setup? It may seem contradictory to most teamplay, but I hate pandas - I find their playstyle mindnumbingly boring - hence my leaving out of that 'essential' class from my team. Regards, Loz
  10. If you're on the Remington server, feel free to give me a shout. I play on two characters right now: Zaapman and Lozenge. I can give you a fair amount of advice & guidance. Currently also in a guild called Signature - it's a really diverse guild with a mix of high & starter levelled players.
  11. I play my Sram with an eni. I find that it's ideal for how Srams work - always running in and out of combat, getting hurt. Means you can save your Weak Points for a high damage attack, rather than the heal spell. Alternatively, I play a tri-build Eliotrope. The portals mean that the Sram can easily get itself out of sticky situations, as well as the fact that the Earth branch has some decent spells - meaning that you're not going to be lacking in any element. These are just the two characters that I currently enjoy and prefer playing, but in the end, it's up to you - the majority of the time, any class will have a fairly symbiotic relationship with another class.
  12. Here's my current work in progress. After watching both seasons of the Wakfu anime back-to-back, I had to make an Eliotrope. 10 Kit skill is helping me with the gear (obviously). The Victus Feet are going to be my future craft that will come from the Initiate Boots. I've found that this class is highly underrated in PvM. I rarely PvP, so that's of no interest to me. To most people, this is the class that they leeched up - saw the spells to level obviously, levelled them, found the class mediocre. That's about as far as they went. I've found that this class is, not only really enjoyable to play when you actually take the time & care to learn how to play it, but is also formidable in teamplay (if you have a semi-competent team). I play the berzerker tri-element build (added passive at level 20 that gives 100% zerk dmg and 1ap/1mp as soon as you hit 49%hp). As soon as I hit the berzerker buff hp, the portals (that I've already set up) allow me to hop to cra's distance, and snipe at enemies for rather significant damage. Amongst other things, Eliotropes can also: revive; jump up to 5 cells for 3ap every 3 turns; traverse the map for 1mp (for -20% final res and dmg for a turn) with two well-placed portals; hit without LoS a LOT of the time; tank & lock. Any advice on what tribuild gear to use will be warmly accepted. If anyone wants some advice on Eliotropes, be sure to message me here, or ingame on Zaapman. Loz.
  13. Keep us up to date on your progress. I always love seeing people make use of the lesser-used classes. I'm currently playing my eliotrope a lot, and I'm refusing to accept that they're of no use.
  14. My personal favourite two are Trank and Krosmoglob. Trank can use the near-equivalent of Sacrier's sacrifice for 2ap, at decent range, to absorb all hits for a turn. This is invaluable for dungeon runs. Damage, however, is almost non-existant. Great locker too. Krosmoglob is pretty decent damage at mid-long range, which will help make up for your Elio's lack of boostable range. Their mechanic works along water/air damage. If air is higher, it will use damage spells. If water is higher, it will heal - which is always useful. I can't recommend Trank more for teamplay, as he keeps you alive nearly all of the time. However, he won't contribute to your damage significantly at all. I personally enjoy the Glob, but having his air and water damage combo will leave you very lite on the fire & earth side of things. Protoflex is Fire & Earth damage dealer. I don't know much about his mechanics or playstyle, as I haven't used him before or seen him in action. Also, Lumino is a great choice for healer and a 5ap pushback. However, aside from healing spells - the only damage spell is the pushback - which will massivley limit your damage once again. Hope my two cents has helped.
  15. I find them rather boring to play myself - but every team will benefit from having a panda...
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