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  1. ...When you stream Dofus/Wakfu from your smart phone/tablet while on the go. :D (and of course get an unlimited/high data connection from your cell provider). :D
  2. When you dream about posting on a the forums; only to wake up having to re-post what you posted in your dream... Guilty. ><
  3. @Shun: I'd suggest advertising IV in Solar/the OF Solar community, and have select IV users starting IV events, and having the event holders give out rewards for being active/contributors here on IV... Since I'm too le poor, I cannot provide le rewards, so le peace!
  4. Well, I noticed Llama king is trying to enlighten a player that doesn't seem to grasp a concept... Will Aprilwine grasp ? Taking bets... http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/208108-kwismas-island?page=3
  5. Hey all! So since the forum had gone through a change, and archived a bunch of cool content, I'd like to bump one of those, so, feel free to vent your opinions again! :) My vent: Dat GP system...
  6. Thank youuu Chaos, it had many lulz
  7. I think it had something about "officials" in it, and there was chatter about how their community was silly, but a search came up with nothing... No other keywords come to mind... It had many pages though!
  8. Was wondering where that funny topic about the other Dofus website went too... The one where thhis forum was poking fun at them, and who's excited about the double XP week!
  9. I often see a player on the forums and on Zatoishwans' Kolo matches/around named 'Cato', and someone back in Shika named 'Meep', and one named LordBaloc from Jedi Mint Trucks
  10. Grr, wanted to try out an 8vs 8 OSA set up; too see how many attacks any particular summon was capable of... /Fffffuuuuu- So let me get this right: can't get an AP stack from the Eni+Eca+xelol+OSA any longer...? ,___,
  11. Ccm30

    Whats happening?

    Yeah, Petsmount/Kwismas isle fun no doubt
  12. Yeah, might need too get a group to tackle the dungeons, but only maybe. Not been confirmed if they are a requirement, and or if solo able
  13. Reason Zato is decent, is new blood is being introduced daily, as it's the server open default to new players, which means it's good for starting a guild, and that's one step towards a win eventually! But good luck otherwise with the disission~
  14. @khangol: the way I see it--Ralf has compatiotion!
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