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  1. 2.10 Beta Changelog

    I'm loving this update for Pandas, especially the lowered cooldowns on a couple of the spells and Melancholy's boost in damage. I'm only lukewarm on the new Furia for my Masq, but 3AP Decoy is super nice. Will look into some of those new trophies later- some of them look beastly!
  2. 2.10 Beta Changelog

    As a Panda and a Masq, I love pretty much everything I'm seeing. It's about time Decoy got dropped to 3AP, and I've been wanting some of those AP drops for Enis since I played one. And some of those new trophies look amazing. Can't wait to see all this in action!
  3. Iku's Plushie commission service

    Just popping in to say these are lovely!
  4. Chameleons for Sale

    Haven't caught you in-game yet, Wizy! Did add and remove a few more birds, though. Thanks for your purchases!
  5. Royal Gobball

    Last I checked, you could push/pull the Celestial, but not pick him up. They really do need to note these effects on their status.
  6. Chameleons for Sale

    Annnnd added a few more birds!
  7. Chameleons for Sale

    Added a plum!
  8. Chameleons for Sale

    Sold a few and added another emerald!
  9. sev's other storybook

    Cute! Love the smug look on his face. :D
  10. Hi there! Since I'm kind of overloaded on birds and have most of the chameleon colors I could ever want, I figured I'd weed out some of the spares I've had appearing in my brood the last few weeks. Since exchanging them seems like a shame, I thought I'd offer them here first, in case anyone wanted to get into chameleon breeding, simply wanted one with a particular color, or is interested for any other reason. Most of these guys have absolutely no stats at all, none have ever been bred, and are just waiting to be raised. Their trees vary: some are messy, while others are absolutely purebred on one side, depending on what I was trying to get during the breeding. Still, they are good to go just for you! Raise them and use them as your personal mounts, start your own collection of chameleons, decorate your house, give them to the grandkids at Easter, whatever! Each of these birds is 250,000 kamas. Just drop me a reply here if you'd like one, want to see their trees, or anything else. :) Ginger Steven (male) Honeycake (female) Bill (male) Ebony Charlene (female) Orchid Oxford (male) Emerald Marietta (female) Arthur (male) Samford (male) Betty (female) Plum Peter (male) Carla (female) Ivory Branson (male) Sugar (female) Christopher (male) Turquoise Pixie (female) Crimson & Turquoise Peabody (male) Susanna (female)
  11. WAKFU Update: Dancing with Boowolves!

    Yeah. The extra resists given to allies by being thrown wasn't the most amazing thing ever, but it was nice to toss our party's tank or fighters into battle and give them that boost for the first round of hits. Tonight, I got to toss our Eni out of the fray and watch her be demolished by ranged enemies because she suddenly had -20% resist. She wasn't that far out of the fray at only four squares, either. The fire boost is probably nice for fire pandas wanting to specialize in damage, but this has really been a kick to the nads for those of us who want to play support for parties.
  12. WAKFU Update: Dancing with Boowolves!

    Alas, there went most of my support Panda's usefulness. The loss of Sherpa not only took out a lot of throwing range, but now we're back to allies being debuffed by being tossed. And the fire buff isn't even all that awesome. :(

    ... Unless you're me, in which case people will ask if you were modded only for an event and repeatedly question if you're a mod at all. But seriously, welcome! <3
  14. EVENT: Demotivational Poster Competition

    Yrona, I nearly spit Coke all over my computer at that one. XD These are hilarious so far guys! Keep it up!
  15. Glad to have you back in the land of the living, chump ;) <3