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  1. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Hello, What i have: -Acct1: 200Feca+199Osa -Acct2: 200 Enutrof -Acct3: 200 Panda -Acct4: 199 Iop What i want: Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Good duo team to do dungeons effectively (from easiest to harder - Frigost 2-3?) and have some fun with playing only two accounts. Extra comments: I had break in game (near 1.5 year) and i don'y know what is on the top now. I want only play on 2 accounts. All characters have items for reset spells/characteristics. Account without good gear. Kamas to spend: 300m so experienced players.. please help me create good duo team Thanks for reply.
  2. Kralove opening

    any next kralove opening?
  3. hello, for sale: -2x noomon 90pp 2.7mk ea 1left -green piwin 90 str 9mk SOLD -chamo plum eme 3mk SOLD -chaomo plum indigo 6lvl 1.2mk [-1,0] merchant or leave good offer here, thanks
  4. Hello, for sale: +15 turq 35mk SOLD +17 turq 43mk SOLD 2x Emerald Dofus +200vit 14mk ea SOLD 3x kaliptus Dofus +30pp 700kk ea 1 left [-1,0] merchant or leave good offers here, thanks !
  5. Hello, [-1,0] pos in Amakna The Village - MERCHANT SZKARLAT - 2x Emerald Dofuses +200 Vit 14mk ea SOLD - 2x Turq Dofuses +15/+17 35mk/41mk SOLD - 3x Kaliptus Dofuses +30pp 700kk ea 1 LEFT - Exo Ap Bearbaric Band 55mk SOLD - Exo Ap Broucey Rin 55mk SOLD - Livi Items lvl20 SOLD - Nommons 90pp 2.7mk ea 1 LEFT - Chamo Mounts SOLD - Some max Stats Pets - Green/Red piwins 90 Golden Dragoone 55 SOLD - Sets: Celestial Bearbarian(SOLD), Danthor's(SOLD), Bearbaric, Broucey(SOLD) - Some simple items, weapons - Dungeon Souls Come, check and buy ! If u have good offer for me, you can leave it here! I will check topic very often
  6. selling 17 turq and 46 crimson

    still looking for crimson ;) catch me today
  7. S>Dofuses, pets; B>frags

    Hey. Pm me in game. I want 2x kaliptus ;). Thanks. Dawidd / Szkarlat / Chullo
  8. Quitting Sale

    Quitting Sale on [-1,1] now. Player Dawidd. Crimson Dofus(38) / Turq Dofus(16)/ Lot of Cawwot Dofuses (40+) and Kaliptus Dofuses (24+) Full Bearbarian Set Full Funguset Full Obsidemon Set Full Undergrowth Set Stormclouds(fire maged) Sucker Set items Minotot Set items Gladiator Bworker Set items Noomoons 90pp A lot of mounts/Pets Livitinem Items A lot of weapons A lot of Hight lvl items If u want come and check. Pos of merchant can be changed but all time should be on Amakna near -2/0 Zaap. Thanks.