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  1. Hello, After long deliberations, the time has come to try your hand at playing on a few accounts (6). I am addressing you with the question of what, apart from the dungeons, I can do daily quests? Accounts are at level 60 lv ~ along with 6 month p2p. greetings
  2. Class: Feca Build: Tank/Cancer/Dmg Kamas/time available: 80m Current team: Cra& Feca Duo Lvl range:200 PvM oriented
  3. Any English Guild?
  4. Guys how with pop on 1.29 server..wanna back to 1.29 but answer about it!
  5. Just wanna start out by saying some of these aren't the best mages but they will be priced accordingly. All prices negotiable just have to message me here or on the thread, as you won't catch me ingame.. Merchant [1.0] Items like: Mantaze Cape; Unnamed Boots; Ringaling; Age-Old Item's; Corrupted Bow; Cloudy Dofus; Turq; Crimson's; Hungry Boots ~Many many many~
  6. Hello Like in topic. pm me- Majko ing.
  7. Class: SacriBuild: Dunno but something with cha,int or strKamas/time available: 300-400mKCurrent team: Panda/Cra/IopLvl range: 200 PvP or PvM oriented: PvP
  8. Cra Air/Feu + Panda Pure Chance Next Eni...next..cra ^^
  9. 5.4k Hp, 11/6/5, 950 chance, resist all 45 ??
  10. Hello, I am interested in a certain issue of Sacri's injuries. As I am Sac water I have little power. I would like to turn up the power as much as possible. Is it better to place + water damage or insert Dofus crimson. I do not know how to deal with it if there is a small amount of critical hits. Thanks for answer!
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