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Towser last won the day on January 1 2017

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  1. Towser

    Oh no

    I'm From Rushu, however my friends moved over to Shika so i'll be hanging out there :]
  2. So, I just came by to check the place out, and play a little bit more of Dofus, how's everyone been? ;]
  3. Hey, I heard that Towser guy was pretty cool D: Also Blu and Biku and a few other sneaky not so known about people stole my heart on Rushu <3
  4. Towser

    Dofus is dying

    Eh, Muliti accounting didn't ruin dofus for me, AP maging did, it made PVP far too imbalanced, I enjoyed killing people with 8/9 Ap along with myself ~__~;;
  5. http://www.indiegala.com/ It's less than 2 dollars and comes with 5 albulms if you pay that much, I think it's worth it.
  6. come back to rosal man i miss you

  7. The game began to go downhill once people began PvPing with more than 10/11 AP in my opinion, no CF's on weapons would be odd, but people would get used to it.
  8. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1610228 Anyone? Anyone? We should get a team ;d
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PITNYQtZWFE
  10. You all didn't push when you face demolished thier team Btw Robb, because it looks like you all had them out killed lots. Also Late game LB is still Super funny if she hits a Carry. IE Reginald Comboing a 3k HP Sivir in one burst.
  11. If I ever catch you on Rob, then yes, I wouldn't mind Duoing with you at all, I am too stuck in Hell.
  12. I think taric/Graves is a better lane than Janna/Graves Dat -Amour.
  13. Lemme tell you about the antics of convincing my team to be All yordles, and AD Kennan Bottom lane, while beating an Akali down there, goooooooood times. Sometimes rank'd can be amusing.
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