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  1. D'aww thank you so much! Yes that handband was a blast to do, all playing around with different brushes I downloaded over time <3
  2. Thanks for the answer guys. Apparently lots of people I knew moved out from Rosal so my heart is officially broken. I just can't afford to move my mains yet AGAIN but I miss Dofus. Sigh~ On another note, my art has improved I think, so might as well post it ^-^ Witcher 3, Black Desert online, Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch on the menu! Yes I'm a compulsive gamer
  3. I remember souling kinda changed a years back, right? :o And yes I have baking and farming maxed level as it was always my main income :'3 I guess I'll go from there :D
  4. Heyo guys! I wonder... Where should I grind with my 165 Sac, 134 Eni and Around 40ish Iop? Assuming I'd have a sub on all of them and wanted to be self-sucifient with paying my monthly sub? My Sac and Eni are not top-geared (good pieces here and there) nor am I the best player in the world? :P *the questions of an ever returning noob*
  5. Hey guys. I MIGHT be back! But first, I wanted to know - is Rosal dead? I just risked a subsciption to take a peek on Ravynn (still the only way for me to log into Rosal) but I see absolutely nobodyyyy. Might be from the hour but still?
  6. *highfive* I'm just glad I'm like, not the only one to knows that Portugal was one of hugest colonizers back in the Golden Ages~ Europe keeps on wanting to distort that reality and generalize it to "Spain". Even if you're portuguese, i'm glad sir. I'm glad :3
  7. Colonies? Wut? I speak french and have french nationality, that gives me legitimacy to join their servers ^-^ And LOL Persona, butbutbut ;-;
  8. Hey, I might be a girl but I'm no noob! I have SoftEther VPN Manager but it did not work for any of the relay servers. Nor did Tenderly's precious help work, as I still cannot enter into the character, even inside a "France" IP. Kinda sucks... but I sent a message to Ankama so they'll let me in, as I'm franco-portuguese. Was just curious about the french community of the game really.
  9. Hey there guys! I'm wondering if anybody from France would be able to create a Dofus account for me, so I can access the french servers (I can only access the international ones full of brazilians, halp). Please let me know if you can do this, I'll be ever in your favour!
  10. Goddamn... this sucks. No way of subscribing then! :c
  11. Would the Amazon starter pack work outside of USA? (Europe?)
  12. Got 6w/4l, put into Silver III. <_<
  13. Preview to Prosa's commish
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