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  1. I quit Dofus, goodbye friends!

  2. Hey everyone! I know this is the second time in my Dofus lifetime I make a quitting thread (you never quit dofus etc.) but this time I'm making sure by giving away all my stuff. I've been playing for too long and I think it's time to move on. I'd like to thank all the great friends I've made during the years, you are too many to list here but you know who you are, I wish you all the best. And that's it really, good luck everyone, goodbye!
  3. I just wanted to know if there was a way to combine some of the new sets for a bonus ap and get to 12. I guess there isn't. Thank you everyone for your feedback!
  4. I am level 200, I find it sad having to use a gelano ;_; And that's exactly why I'm having so much trouble
  5. Right guys sorry, I forgot to mention I wanted 12 ap and 5mp! The Intelligence one would mean hitting with the shovel, I don't think that would be anywhere near decent damage right?
  6. Hey everyone, I hate to do this but I really need a hand designing a new set for my sacrier. I'm currently wearing an otomai set and it just doesn't cut it (low vit, low damage with the sword). So I'd like to ask if you could design a set for a level 200 sacrier, either agi, or int (int-agi is acceptable), with 12ap and 5mp. Now, here's the hard mode, NO dofuses, NO exos, NO ap-mp gelano, NO ap-mp belt. You can however use whatever trophies you seem fit. I know it's not easy but I'm getting really frustrated here. Thank you for your time
  7. I'm using Otomai build and it's really not too great. I'd go for the full agi build
  8. A couple days ago I saw a merchant who looked like a mermaid, then I checked her market and she was selling these: http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Soul_Pearl The wikia says it's a quest item, but it won't say which quest you need to start in order to be able to get them. Also it looks like it'd take some massive crab grinding in order to find mumussels. Any ideas on how to get these pearls?
  9. I'm from Rosal and I have to suggest a higher population server, possibly Rushu.
  10. It's been great to meet you man, you are a good friend and a legend in Rosal by your own merits. I will stalk you on Facebook~~
  11. But I just got back. See ya man
  12. So I applied for kolossium and got paired up with a level 170 cra,Ballistae and a level 129 eni, Sukii. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the eni had 3700 hp and decent stats! (11 ap, 6mp, along with decent resistances), and the cra wasn't too bad either! These two guys who spoke their own language during the whole fight managed to keep up with an enemy team of level 200s, even after I died. In the end we lost the fight, mostly because I got myself killed too soon, but it was still pretty awesome to see a level 129 kicking ass.
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