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  1. Topmaster

    2.47 Livestream

    Yes you have to run hours through all possible spawn areas and have a one on a million chance to find one
  2. Topmaster

    2.47 Livestream

    Also, what was the point for the survey last year about 2018 calender? Is there ANYTHING added to the game which the community voted for? We're june. July and august are vacation months for ankama so then we're already september?
  3. Topmaster

    2.47 Livestream

    breed once? so basically if they make achievs for it should take about 189385719305 years to complete them 4 spawns a day is just ridiculous, who the fuck comes with these ideas? Seemyools 8/8% resis now? Everyone will change to DT's again and in a few updates ankama will realise this and boost nerf DT's again I was pretty excited at first for this update but it turned around totally
  4. Topmaster

    The Stubbyobs

    Another frigost expansion .. . It better be worth it .. or is it something to give us after delaying (according to the french forums) ebony dofus questline? At first look it seems there wasn't put much work in designing these 'monsters'.
  5. Topmaster

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Dont give this noob osa a group pls
  6. Topmaster

    Post your goals and achievements

    And last but not least 8th char 16k achievs ^_^
  7. Topmaster

    Work is hapiness

    Opening right now, so if anybody's interested :) edit: open! ty everyone for your time
  8. Topmaster

    Work is hapiness

    I think im gonna give it a go on saturday its probably the only day left i can next 3 weeks
  9. Topmaster

    Work is hapiness

    wow nice name
  10. Topmaster

    Work is hapiness

    So I missed the opening of the secret cave a few days earlier If anybody's interested to help, leave a message here so we could maybe arrange a time/date I've got carver/smith/smithmagus 200 but all on same account
  11. Topmaster

    Post your goals and achievements

    numero 7 at 16,000
  12. Topmaster

    Work is happiness / help required

    My osa still needs it too so i'm down for it. Smith or carver on same acc jk need to drop the key 1st so i'll be on hold
  13. Topmaster

    Breeding Revamp

    rip soloaccount moneymaking
  14. Topmaster

    Breeding Revamp

    Well they are revamping almost everything from breeding/mounts so i guess they might change the achievements too/make it easier to breed a new generation

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