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  1. They would be overloaded with shit if they dare change the mp bonus
  2. Impressive, how'd you level it so fast if i may ask?
  3. I need 8 of these Ellie Mental amulets so I have a lot of fragments left to buy. 1mk each.
  4. At the start of each turn, the caster will automatically gain a charge. A second charge can be gained by inflicting melee damage, once per turn, as well as a third charge by inflicting ranged damage, also once per turn. Once five charges have been accumulated, the caster's next attack will apply a beginning-of-turn poison on the target, in the element of the attack, for 3 turns. All charges will disappear. Each charge grants a 2% final damage bonus to the caster.
  5. I'm very very hyped and curious about this update. Hoping for a great balance of xp and loot without doing the same old dungeons/monsters over and over. The only thing i'm hating atm is the limit of 4 characters per fight .. ankama's basically saying "lol 8 char fights are so old fashioned we dont want it anymore, like it or fuck off"
  6. Imo its time for some concrete information along with it. We've been teased for almost a year now :)
  7. Cant remember their last placements but yeah something strange happened that made 5 mobs + strangloot go necro (look at fight log) .. still got rekt that fight tho cuz necrose decided to charge and end near enemies on previous turns ^^ fk ai Still have 5 out of 8 chars to go so might make them do it again ill try :)))
  8. Yes not very clear on pic since gloot died shortly after ^^ so i've tested it a few times more and apparently it only counts for the zombignis, not the rest of the mobs. So zombignis always receives necro if necro is cast on the gloot when they both stand in the red glyph, no matter his position inside the glyph
  9. Figured something very interesting today. My strangloot was standing on the red glyph by zombignis, in front of that dedbomb which is 2 cells away from iop. When i jumped near strangloot and cast necro on it, all the monsters on the red glyph got necro'd right away (4 or 5 monsters).
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