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    Diamonds, Telephone Lines, Poker, Wild West Heroes, Blue Skies, Twilight....

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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Hey Wish,

    would you mind taking a look at this link? It's someone that needs a mod's help, and Sato just isn't doing it, xD


    I know she'd appreciate it, so much! Thanks in advance (I hope)

    Sincerely, Dim

    (You inbox is full ;D)

  3. <3 Congrats, Tows :)

  4. Missyou to the second power!

  5. I hope things are going well for you Wish. We miss you in IRC :)

  6. Where are you wish :(. Rushu misses you <3

  7. Just a wee bit of clean-up for a little off-topic guild chatter. :mellow: No warnings this time, no one is in trouble, let's keep things focused. Thanks, everyone. :rolleyes: -Wish
  8. I'm not 99 years old, sorry for fooling you into believing I was! It's january the first 1900! But I wish you the best day ever as well <3!

  9. If today's your birthday, have a great day. :D