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  1. my top tip, do grande quit sale, forget to put shield on acc, get everything taken and then you just come on imps to shitpost or like bobeur's posts
  2. 12 slots at 7.5mk ea: Amakna Castle [5,-5] Amakna Forest [6,21] Brakmar [-20,39] 15 slots at 15mk ea: Amakna Forest [6,21] Milicluster [2,5] Bonta [-27,-58] Brakmar [-24,33] Brakmar [-28,32] Neutral Pandala [23,-40]
  3. So seems like someone had my logs that I had forgotten about, totally cleared out. Rip merch and real rip sextreal this time.
  4. It's back, at 0,0 currently will stay around there if I can remember to keep it going.... Very roublard gear + other swag stuff, I made up prices for stuff based on what they were 6 months ago so if you want to buy and price is scam then message me on imps.
  5. BS we all know you die in gobball, you couldn't even beat snoowolf
  6. tryde is easy mob, just need learn to count
  7. If you want raydi I can try log tomorrow, I found one in a chest the other day. Message me on here ok nerd
  8. Because no one wants to talk to you. Was nice knowing you Youb, enjoy life
  9. hi pls just do for me when bored ok cenks idm if you steal my shekkels
  10. We have tried to make sure that these don't appear again over on our site, if you spot them again please send me a screenshot
  11. You can at least solo all the nerfed stuff....
  12. Only frivolous items bobe owns are a few range bear swords I dumped on him
  13. I can verify his gear is arnak
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