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  1. oh thats pretty stupid. coz when I was levling my panda before rollback a gain 3 lvl to guild which are just gone now.
  2. I havent been credited with any of those xp or achievs.
  3. any problem? runes are cheap as hell now. you can fit in 15mk top for AP maging. 8mk MP maging. so I guess that 35-50mk is good price.
  4. well any update about giving back xp etc?
  5. well banning by IP is ineffective. there are so many apps and programs for IP change. ankama should track mac adresses of used computers and ban those mac adresses although those could be changed too. but not that easily like IP.
  6. Selling Watchers Dofus about 5mk. Negotiable Buying Dokoko for your offer.
  7. I 'll be greatful if someone can give us and update if there will be XP restore. compensation are nice but this is what I am looking forward most coz my almost 2G of exps are finishing my panda to 200.
  8. I can only agree with this. me as a player have no duty to report any bugs. there is beta server to solve that and clear the game out of bugs till its launched to all players. but look beta server isnt working that good as it seems. I am paying for 6 accounts every single month. thats 30 euros for lets say goods I use to make my free time better and funnier. now they wasted 1/10 of mine payment and I get some useless wisdom and prospecting candies? awesome.
  9. I wont be OK, coz another weekend doesnt suit that much ppl like this first new year weekend. some ppl works on weekends.
  10. there should be really tasty compensation for this shitty situation. since friday early morning is everything wasted. its 3 full days. until they find something at backups it will be whole monday. then fixing the bug, maintenance and rollback will take whole tuesday. so we will be able to play on wednesday if everything goes right. so its 5 ruined days of p2p. and I dont count almanax and time depending quests (ice dofus quests).
  11. I guess it must be possible to gave out composokens like double exped candies. 6 candies, each candy 12 hours of double exps. that would be pretty nice satisfaction I guess. and doubles on every aspect of the game. profesions exp, mounts birth, exos landing %. everything will be doubled by using this candy.
  12. I think that solds are the tiniest problem here. your goods whatever you were selling will find the buyer. according to price per unit (35 999 999 k) someone realy want it. so dont be afraid it wont sell again.
  13. what composoken could make this even? its not just ruined double xp weekend. like you said. its landed exos, alignment quests, proffesions lvled up. and rescheduling double xp week-end didnt fix the rhollback problem because of timing. lots of people must get back to work. and lots of ppl works even at the weekend.
  14. does anyone at least know when the rhollback will be? and I realy dont care about rescheduling of double xp week-end coz I work at every second weekend so with my luck I'll be at work.
  15. yeah thats cool. make a happy new year event and then....delete it like it never happen. lots of ppl including me spent their new years week-end grinding exps like idiots. no compensation gift with some stupid 100 wisdom candy for 30 fights could not compansate that time we put in and PAID for.
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