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  1. Headsup

    Post your Guts

    Nice setup, I would try to get more pp tho, but I guess thats a matter of taste. What Im wondering is, why would you exomage air res when your clearly lacking earth res, Im missing anything here?
  2. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    Couldnt agree more with this... ignoring this kind of problem in earlier stages of the tourney is already something problematic, but ignorring this kind of think at such a late stage seems like a MAJOR flaw by ankama staff and will take alot of the credibility from the winners, even if they are good teams. Btw, if the final stays like this, ima go all in to Sio A. Another thing that caught my attention, 2 eca teams at the semis, I wasnt expecting that!
  3. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    I think you can find your answer here: link
  4. Headsup

    PvM Feca

    Mixed feelings? Now back on topic... Ok, so Ive been running with a 199 str Feca for some time now and what I feel about it is a mix between what Vcent and what Gazpoole said. Str fecas indeed pack a punch, but its stuck to basicaly CC range, as pointed by Gazpoole, not only that, its main attack is also linear which means you have to put urself almost inside the enemy mob, because once your target is at long or even mid range your damage drops ALOT. This also means that unless you kill things rally quick you will get locked quite often. Yeah Ive used that tengu bow (forgot the name now) and still, the point stands, str feca's ranged damage blows, if your ok with that, then go ahead CC damage is amazing. Can't say anything about Cha fecas, I might give it a go and see how it works.
  5. Headsup

    The Future of the Dofus (Eggs)!

    Wait what? lol really? I got my first Turq and Ochre being a single accounter. Did I farm that turq? Ofc not. Did I do the boring as hell EH? Ofc not. But I breeded my ass off to be able to buy those, which I did before reaching the 190s. So yeah, you forgot a little thing called free market and that is one of the main drivers of MMORPGs. Think of Tibia, Diablo II, and some others, all of those games have crapy graphics and havent changed much with time but both of them have a pretty intense market going and that motivates ppl. When Ankama decides to kill the market of the most desirable items of their own game, I seriously fail to see how they lasted so long in the business. Wanna make Dofus obtainable by quests? Go ahead, but don't force ppl that HATE questing into joining this stupid "adventure", which in my eyes is nothing but walking around and cliking on some random NPC, over and over. What I love about this game is the tactical aspects of fights and how you can optimize your chars to your liking and playing style, I dont care about those lame NPC and their little text boxes... Some might be thrilled by doing that and reading those little boxes, but not everyone in MMORPGs role play, actually, Id risk saying that the majority of the players dont RP, so whats the point? Even those in favour of this change (because they love quests) fail to see this from a bigger perspective. When pebbles were introduced into the recipe of several pieces of gear, PVMers claimed they were being forced into PVP. What was Ankama awnser to that? "You can always farm dungeons, sell mats and buy pebbles". What about now? What about those who hate quests? What are our alternative? And ffs, why this sudden love for questing? Sorry, but as I said, I fail to see any sense in this... What I know is that I started buying 11 turqs and 26% crims already...
  6. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    LOL sportsmanship on a virtual game? I wouldnt count with that...
  7. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    Speaking of 4 victories, Helse C havent lost yet, their game is looking good, check their last match, its a pretty interesting fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xayUeVhO8j4 Their rogue didnt shine as much as in last matches (at least until the end), but their panda and mask played amazingly well, actually both pandas played well. For me, the critial mistakes of Brumaine C was their decision not to coop eni and then not to use erosion on mask and IMO that costed the match for them.
  8. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    Thanks, I thought it was flinty but the name on the combat log is different from the one in dofusbook
  9. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    Also, just to clarify, all the effect were put only on panda and enemies, not because Sadi was picked up, but because the rest of panda/sadi team wasnt in the poisons AoE. Btw, that fight was quite impressive, their teamwork is something rarely seen so far, so well tought, fast and effective, they are certainly one of the teams I expect to see going very far. Im just wondering what kind of set that sadi had, Im guessing treadfast as a base and no idea about the rest, what daggers were those? Didnt find it on dofusbook. Those hits were badass.
  10. Headsup

    Goultarminator 2013 videos

    As a complete outsider, I feel like the strategy Rushu had was great for the map and they clearly practiced doing, but IMO it was kinda risky considering the team they were up against and the init order. Sac going right before rogue meant they had to adjust the obvious throw at the bombs and OHKO move, as it could be easly disrupted. I think it was well played by both sides, with Hecate doing an amazing job at countering every move Rushu thrown at them. Edit: Helsephine C caught my attention in a video Ala posted, so I just check their match today, 5 turns win, their opponent masq was dead by first turn! Link
  11. LOL, really? Did you even read what I said? I dont see a single mention to AP rape in my reasoning. Just because you said they are useless it doesnt make them useless, it just means you dont know how to properly use them. +2 AP and high mobility wont help you kill things faster? Lol again... And about enu, bribe > cra any day, easy as that...
  12. Xel useless? Funny, cuz most top notch PvM teams doesnt have one right? AP, Rhol and the 1 AP teleport (sometimes 0 AP) are huge for pvm, besides, if well geared, they can pack quite a punch... Edit: On the Enu point, you failed to mention bribe which on its own is worth having an enu around for. Also, I fail to see how a cra can remove MP more eficiently then an Enu...
  13. Headsup

    Int eca healing endgame

    Thats exactly my point, you probably need certain classes to do end game content so he gotta take that into account. The gameplay of the team you listed is completly different from the one listed by the OP, seeing that he has no eni, feca or sac the eca heals alone might not be enough...
  14. Headsup

    What are the top 10 best and worst dungeons!

    From your list, Id remove Kimbo and Soft Oak. I actually find kimbo to be extremly enjoyable, just throw everything at the glyphs and you will fly through it, also it offers decent exp. Idk how you forgot to mention Skeunk Hideout and Cawwot Dung, those two are extremly annoying... Now for the enjoyable dungs list it will strongly depend on what classes and builds you have, as in several dungs there are specific elements wich make them harder/easier for your team. For me, id consider this (also, no particular order): Royal Mastogob (used to be great exp and provide decent drops, the Royal Gob of higher lvls, I couldnt tell if its worth it atm) Hesperus Snowfoux Korriander Kolosso Now if you want good exp, I found that the best exp/time is usually out of the dungs. Find areas which have a great number of stared mobs and that you can kill things fast, that exp/time will be better then most dung.
  15. Headsup

    Int eca healing endgame

    You cant heal on Kolosso, at least not with traditional spells, only HP based or summons. But in reality you dont actually need any healing char until Frig 3, that is provided you have some sort of protection and knows what you are doing. For Frig 3, Im trying alternative ways of doing it without a healing char or any specific char that would be "required" to do those dungs. I must say that so far, Im failing hard (lol). My only sort of protection is a feca and my healing comes from a sadida (inflatable and sooth, which usually lead me to full HP fights even vs. CB) and those arent enough for frig 3 boss fights, by the time I have the boss alone all my team is nearly dead, only managed Nileza so far, but it doesnt count since it was done during the almanax bug. So take that into account, I havent given up just yet, but Im starting to belive I will need certain classes for the job...