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  1. Fravanlan

    Redesign of Pets

    Lfg to do pet dung before it's deleted
  2. Fravanlan

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    I'm sure it will still be viable. They have been nerfing agi osa little by little pretty much every update, and it's clear now that they want to transform it from a damage dealer into a map manipulator. It will definitly not be as strong as before, but I doubt the nerf will make it totally unplayable.
  3. Fravanlan

    Post your goals and achievements

    Grozilla and Grasmera solo. I never managed to keep Grasmera and Grozilla locked in the same place for the entire fight so it ended up being a lot of running around, while trying to make Grasmera end within 2 cells of Grozilla every 5,10,15,... turns. I got really close a few times on sunday but I ended up running out of time for the challenge. I'm still happy I could to finish it though
  4. Fravanlan

    Frav's mount leveling service!

    Starting this up again, I can also level mount to level 100 again!
  5. Fravanlan

    2018 World Cup

    Thanks to Mbappé I want it to come home aswell now...
  6. Fravanlan


    Mining some ore to replace my pumpkin hat with an iron helmet Edit: IGN -> pavalan (Fravanlan)
  7. Fravanlan

    2.47 Livestream

    I'm so glad they finally combined my two favorite hobbies into one process: hunting portals and systematically searching every map of an area for a mob that might not be there!
  8. Fravanlan

    Random Screenshots

    I needed some mats from sufokia shoreline mobs, so I placed a few percs there. This was one of them. Does anyone know how a single hazelnut got in there? The only mobs that can drop it (according to the bestiary) aren't found in that area, but there are some squirrols in the area next to it. Can percs sometimes take mats from neighbouring areas?
  9. Fravanlan

    [Raffle] You & Your Monstrous Monstrosity

    While it may be a little camera shy, this creepy crawler definitly deserves to be mentioned!! -Unique of it's kind -Doesn't need an archmonster adjective to get respect -Twice as likely to drop valuable resources like amber and treechnee hair -Ruin an Eternal Harvester's day by taking it off the map for 6-18 hours IGN: Fravanlan, Server: Echo
  10. Fravanlan

    Breeding Revamp

    You know your update is good when you have to justify changes by comparing them to mosquito's. They can talk all they want about destroying boss mats (if they didn't want cheap boss mats, they shouldn't have made end game dungs easy), but at the end of the day they're making a boring system even more annoying, and that's just extremely dissapointing. It sounds like they want breeding to only be viable to a small group of dedicated breeders, but they fail to mention anything about breeding achievements, which are already harder to get than any dungeon achievement. At this point they should just remove them like they removed the agression system.
  11. Fravanlan

    Breeding Revamp

    Luckily you only need 10 end game boss mats with a 10% drop chance to get one good breeding item, so this is not a completely insane idea at all! Maybe the economy of breeding items isn't dead because of public paddocks, but because of how tedious and expensive it is to make these items.
  12. The pressure is on for the "8" competition!
  13. Fravanlan


    I don't think I'm mentally prepared for more breeding achievements
  14. Fravanlan

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    What about papper on ochos?
  15. Fravanlan

    Post your goals and achievements

    It only took about 6 months in total x). But seriously, gz Lord! We have done some sweet things together, and I'm sure we will continue doing that in the future!