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  1. Fravanlan

    [Buying] Stuffed Animals

    More specifically, I'm looking for a stuffed prespic and a stuffed dragon pig. Price is negotionable, I've seen the dragon pig go for 2.5mk but this is only a baseline as it's hard to determine the real value. Mostly I'm just looking for someone who has one of these
  2. Fravanlan

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    Damn this is hard to process. Such a happy and positive person will be missed. My thoughts are with her close friends and family.
  3. Fravanlan

    Frav's mount leveling service!

    We listened to your complaints and after some hard work and groundbreaking innovations, I'm pleased to announce that the service is now 100% gluten-free! Can't eat bread? Use Frav's mount leveling service instead!
  4. Fravanlan

    Ladies, I'm single

    Post price please
  5. Fravanlan

    Infinite Dreams

    This could be great fun if they implement it well. It's been a while since I've been this hyped for an update!
  6. Fravanlan

    Post your goals and achievements

    I also dropped a minowang on Nidas (but my birthday was 2 days ago) Special thanks to @archieblacknwhite for giving me their mount to level, wouldn't have done the dungeon without you!
  7. Fravanlan

    Bug Ilyzaelle

    Confirmed NOT fixed
  8. Fravanlan

    Frav's mount leveling service!

    Back in business
  9. Fravanlan

    The last person to post here wins

    I'm just happy I have someone to talk to :')
  10. Fravanlan

    Redesign of Pets

    Looks great :). Weird that karmeleons stay the same though. They feel weak compared to the rest
  11. Fravanlan

    The last person to post here wins

    Items sold! Topic can be closed!
  12. Fravanlan

    What's your favorite dungeon?

    I always liked kimbo because of the many tricks you can use to do the various achievements or to just speed up the fight in general. It's cool that you have to duo in 7 turns or less, so that you're forced to really plan your turns. All in all it's not a very hard dungeon, but the instakill mechanic(s) make it so that a win is still very satisfying.
  13. Fravanlan

    Redesign of Pets

    Lfg to do pet dung before it's deleted