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  1. Haven't played for months and I don't even know what retro is but I'm pretty sure that you'll have a fun time playing wherever as long as you avoid 90% of the people at [-1,0]
  2. Osa: nerf everything alrighty then haha
  3. While I agree with some things that have been said here, I myself don't mind being able to rush a new character straight into the endgame. This is because in my opinion, the high level content is infinitely more interesting than the low level stuff (more unique dungeons, a bigger variety of spells, better gear, better quests, ...). That's not to say that the low level stuff is bad, but I've personally "been there done that". The supergrind was fun for the first time, but I enjoy being able to skip it now that I have less time to play. I personally don't see the value in doing the same low level quests/dungeons over and over again everytime I want to play a new class. I also think that a lot of quests still hold a certain value: you can save so much money if you do the dofus quests on a new character. An ivory dofus is still like 80mk, ochres and cloudies are like 40mk, ice is 20mk and the ebony isn't even available in the market yet. Doing these quests instead of buying everything everytime does give you an advantage. I do understand where you're coming from though: the last few updates have gradually removed a lot of features that people who enjoy the grind will miss, making some aspects like doing dopples almost useless. I think Dofus doesn't attract many new players anymore, so they're trying to keep their old players by adding features the majority of them (maxed out players) will enjoy.
  4. This is based on translation and what I've seen in game: What I know for sure: -Multicolour: The Eternal Champion -Red: The Demon Claw -Green: The Hand of Destiny -White: The Gods' Chosen One Best guesses based on translation: -Yellow: The Wind of the Krosmoz -Blue: The Guardian of the Kontinuum But don't worry about it too much, before you start the final battle you have to choose your "sidekick" for the fight, and they list every option (in english) for you to choose.
  5. You guys know the deal, like button bottom right
  6. More specifically, I'm looking for a stuffed prespic and a stuffed dragon pig. Price is negotionable, I've seen the dragon pig go for 2.5mk but this is only a baseline as it's hard to determine the real value. Mostly I'm just looking for someone who has one of these
  7. Damn this is hard to process. Such a happy and positive person will be missed. My thoughts are with her close friends and family.
  8. We listened to your complaints and after some hard work and groundbreaking innovations, I'm pleased to announce that the service is now 100% gluten-free! Can't eat bread? Use Frav's mount leveling service instead!
  9. This could be great fun if they implement it well. It's been a while since I've been this hyped for an update!
  10. I also dropped a minowang on Nidas (but my birthday was 2 days ago) Special thanks to @archieblacknwhite for giving me their mount to level, wouldn't have done the dungeon without you!
  11. Confirmed NOT fixed
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