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Pantaleo last won the day on November 19 2013

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  1. Pantaleo

    Looking for an english guild

    COME TO HENUAL !!!!!!
  2. Can't get in. Can you?

  3. Pantaleo

    Omy Hes back!

    Back from being gone for few years, Playing on 1.29 server now for for funz
  4. Pantaleo

    FML - Dofus Version

    It was +110 pushback 2 rounds before it was heals
  5. Pantaleo

    1.29 xp places

    Ghost all the way =c
  6. Pantaleo

    Random Screenshots

    we want moarrrr!
  7. Pantaleo

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Your'e stil playing :D nice 1 not many people can tel they dropd 2 vulbises in there dofus career
  8. Pantaleo

    [Rosal] Uh huh, did i get too old?

    Damn Morg you sexy beast!
  9. Pantaleo

    Post Your Awesome XP

    How much X xp did that panda have -.-?
  10. Pantaleo

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Its pointless to argue with persona cauz he always only pvps you once and when he wins you wil hear it 10years straight but he won't ever bother to do a rematch.
  11. Pantaleo

    Goultarminator 2015 - Summary & Videos

    I doubt they got there dofus on dutch but in english wich is the reason they talk english... so not to get confused in the communication, Could be for windows stream But then they could have used dutch to tell where to go and stuff and call the spells in english wich would not make the rounds such a cluster fuck as it was sometimes on what to do.
  12. Pantaleo

    Random Screenshots

    gimma break did not touch this game for 2years :D
  13. Pantaleo

    Random Screenshots

    Since you can hold only an max amount of people in your friendlist thats alot. Considering not everbody live's is based of dofus and mcdonalds meals as persona.
  14. Pantaleo

    Goultarminator 2015 - Summary & Videos

    Yeah that game was almost as good as that 1 we had as DDOS team 3 years ago against SIO :rolleyes: ( rushu b Always best team never forget)
  15. Pantaleo

    Goultarminator 2015 - Summary & Videos

    Wtf is that for nasty shit? How does that exactly works..