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  1. Coopers

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    https://www.gofundme.com/sarah-papenheim-memorial-fund?fbclid=IwAR3qtB7aDrJNL54if_TzUCJjtTsdgprneNOTyayqirYAqVZaQrft29LMX9M Might be better to use.
  2. Coopers


  3. Coopers

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    They won't roll it back. And I called this guy a cuck from day1. Also you'll all forget about it in a week and treat him normally just like you do timeless/rukai/juse/many others and they'll have made easy money with little to no repurcussions l u l. Guess who's always right
  4. Coopers

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    wow it's very much unlike every other advent calendar that ankama have ever done i'm deeply shocked and surprised
  5. Coopers


    consider ur self snekd
  6. Coopers

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    http://dofp.la/5had7/ This is what I use, i find it enough dmg
  7. Coopers

    kralove opening

    ok g-dragon tell me when to help
  8. Coopers

    Selling Ivory Dofus

    Sold for 95m suck it chumps
  9. Price is 95m and if you try and negotiate I will add you to enemy list. Unlinks on the 23rd at 09:24 dofus time. Easiest to find me on here. IS GONE
  10. Coopers

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    Yes, I'd also say two on international servers. My buyer was cash rich and ready to burn it, doesn't mean that it's a 150mk item every day of the week.
  11. Coopers

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    As someone who did Fr transfers, they're now impossible to do. This belt is probably the one I bought across, I think I sold it for 150mk or so a few years ago as a reference point. In reality it's no more than a trophy item for the ultra rich and I don't think it would have appreciated a cent. GLWS.
  12. Coopers

    B> ochre S> abyssal

    pm dyprax he buy and sell
  13. Coopers

    Trade rhinos

    pls your genetic heritage is full of incest why try get rid of it now
  14. Coopers


    hit me up plpl good to see you're still out to cause trouble
  15. Coopers

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    He mentions 'old-owner' so either he bought the acc or was given it. Simply the old owner recovered it. It was never really hacked, just what was not his was taken back.