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  1. christ that dude will still be scamming at the eventual heat death of the universe
  2. Validating robs decision to finance running this site by being the third of three active users
  3. happy birthday junnsim yes this post needed to be in ankama announcements that's how frickin important it is don't move it yes it's actually his birthday
  4. imps doesn't have 52 active users give it like 10 years
  5. Indeed, just like with most games it was a case of a vocal minority against the concept of the grind leading the public perception of what the playerbase thought of the grind attached to elements of the game. I had no problem with the grind, while I took no part in it there was always the option to exchange goods and services with players that partook in the grind, stimulating the economy and creating a timesink for all involved which overall was a good thing. Ankama is certainly pandering to a playerbase that does not wish to quest, grind or do anything related to this. As you've noted @ElMatematicoevery gated part of the game has been removed minus frigost which is such a bore. While I do not believe that people should be forced to quest (just note pvp'ers disgust every time a powerful new dofus comes out and they're forced to do any form of pvm content) I also believe there should be some additional, but not essential, bonuses gated behind quest/pvm content, creating some incentive beyond another ornament that will never be used. I'd like to see the return of time periods of new gear having dungeon restrictions and more limited achievement mat rewards personally, much like dofus' currently have. PVM content is rarely given a chance outside those who wish to complete a quest objective and get all 90 achievement points from it then to never come back again. After writing this I come to the sad realisation that Ankama is a company with declining dev quality, losing a lot of great devs over the last year(s) as well as a team that is constantly playing musical chairs on projects due to Tots managerial incompetence leaving Dofus with a lacking core team to work on new features for the game. I wonder how much content we'll see over this year as well as the quality of improvements to an increasingly poorly client....
  6. https://www.gofundme.com/sarah-papenheim-memorial-fund?fbclid=IwAR3qtB7aDrJNL54if_TzUCJjtTsdgprneNOTyayqirYAqVZaQrft29LMX9M Might be better to use.
  7. They won't roll it back. And I called this guy a cuck from day1. Also you'll all forget about it in a week and treat him normally just like you do timeless/rukai/juse/many others and they'll have made easy money with little to no repurcussions l u l. Guess who's always right
  8. wow it's very much unlike every other advent calendar that ankama have ever done i'm deeply shocked and surprised
  9. Coopers


    consider ur self snekd
  10. http://dofp.la/5had7/ This is what I use, i find it enough dmg
  11. ok g-dragon tell me when to help
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