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  1. [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    i reserve the right to do anything i want winners will be picked like tomorrow because ur not the boss of me
  2. [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    as many as you want im not hitler you can do what you want on this website you have my blessing
  3. Hello, today me and some friends @laoshi @bobeur @KingSedona and @Tamamo-no-Mae are opening echos newest contest because we cant have enough!!! You are required to write and upload the number '8' the '8' with the most likes will win 2mk and a dhrexler mimi'd kompost! the '8' with the second most likes will win 2 floramer roots, 2 rahm bows, harpy pirate lance and a apprentice cloak!! the '8' with the third most likes will receive 2mk!!! the '8' with the fourth most likes will receive a Grofus blessed by abood himself Contest Closes on May 8. Edit: Wow!!!! Thanks to our first donation from Bobeur who kindly has given us some more useful stuff for our prize pool! Edit: Wowee!!!!! We have received 2mk more from @Good Gaucho @Good Gaucho Edit: WoWeEeEeEeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have received a rare exclusive Grofus from @Bootiful Also I reserve the rights to change the outcome of the contest to my liking at any time without notifying any imps staff or contestants. The rules can and may be bent in the favour for my own personal benefit because i am taking my precious time to organize this event and you have to love me for that
  4. More Important than the 2016 Election

    No wonder this site is dying
  5. Fight Club [EVENT]

    thanks u 2
  6. Fight Club [EVENT]

    If the damage looks suspiciously high (or a team consistently winning in less turns than tournament average) you simply test the damage with 'claimed' stats and if it's higher than the damage preview rolls you disqualify them for being impossible.
  7. Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    thx austin id give you the falklands back for a day if i could caus of that
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    Can you just make future contests say you're going to pick who you want to win because in the past 2 contests you've just straight up ignored the posts with the most likes in an extremely like-centric contest.
  9. henlo friendos

    where are the kamas you owe jesse also where are your Falklands???
  10. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I am fully transparant with my intentions to shitpost everywhere, I don’t hide that. But what laoshi and I do behind closed doors in our own time should be no topic of conversation here thankyou
  11. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I’m rather confused how you can consider laoshi a winner of 1mk but not 10mk? The criterea for winning the 10mk was the post with the most votes. You either need to be clearer or make it transparent that you’re picking the winner here. Either way lao deserves the 10mk (most votes, look at how many times he was entered). Clearly a community favourite.
  12. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    @laoshi came in first you cant just pick and choose who you want to win he deserves the kamas
  13. Why was 2012 so fun?

    can a mod plz split these threads we're gonna need to talk about 2011 in some pretty serious detail here @Sunbathe @Sunbathe @Sunbathe