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  1. Ok, so after gettin partially through the questline for "Supply Depot", leading into the quest "Hot P.A.N.T.S."; the cave that is supposed to be on this map is completely gone due to the sidimote area revamp. I've searched high and low on this map and even the surrounding maps to make sure the cave entrance wasn't hidden behind scenery. Is the cave completely gone from the game? and have I found a bug? or am I just not looking in the right place?
  2. slow bruh, if you havent logged onto dofus within the last 2 years, i suggest it, otherwise you will lose ur sadi forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. everyone and their mother is too busy running trophy setups with 11/6 to care about dofus builds
  4. I think im in shock.... ankama is actually doing things right for a change...
  5. Nonsense you helped me with quest mobs last summer.
  6. A relatively short journey compared to the epoch that was cloudy. Very many thanks to Mystic-Water, Jodx, Jericho, Monology, Casino-Royal, Beehiveone, Yeonie and Lorn. I highly appreciate everything that you all have helped me with. :b
  7. Maybe, are ppl playing on eratz or henual?
  8. The last portion of dmg missing is the 10% final dmg given from the turq passive bonus. I actually attempt to use the turq passive bonus to negate the -10% from cloudy so I don't lose too much dmg on the even turns. This is with max buffs ofc including crit weap skill, depends highly on if i crit everything, Az tops out at roughly 1.9k, well atleast for me in that setup. As much as I agree with you Oxisius it's fine, just wanted to show people whats currently on my eca, as this is a "Post your Guts." thread.
  9. What you see is what you get, so they arent mimis, call me a bit old fashioned, I've always been that way. Az isn't half bad as i still hit roughly 1.9k with it.
  10. Been a long time coming and it's still a work in progress :b. There are catseye pieces behind the livis.
  11. that moment, when uve been 12/6 for the longest time and gettin laughed at because you wouldnt change to 11/6 with trophies... :^)
  12. interesting.... didn't see the eni rebalance coming....
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