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  1. This or That

    Childhood friend...unless of course you're just looking for a quick hookup. Gundam or Voltron?
  2. I'm so tired

    Any respectable person will tell you talking about your issues is healthy and this unhealthy get over it nonsense attitude people have adopted is sad. I never say 'get over it' to people unless they say something like "I can't believe Brad Pitt didn't win the award T^T!!". Say 'get over it' to your friend, in their face, the next time they speak about their worries, look at the light in their eyes and tell me you feel like you've accomplished something productive. :) Also, I have been "pushing through it" for over 12 years but nope, the reality is, people got too many folks believing meritocracy is the be all end all and everyone will be a-okay if they just keep pushing. People who are comfortable or have the proper support around them are always the quickest to be the most dismissive about most hardships people face in life and also the quickest to say "get over it lolol other people have it worse or as bad and get over it lololol". LOL. Mother. Fucking. Cheers. I tend to be the guy all my friends and family (and the occasional stranger) unload on, and my usual response is something along the lines of "Let's go grab a drink and you can tell me all about it." With that being an impossibility in this case, I offer you this sweet coupon! _________________________________ l One Drink On Ito's Tab! | l Offer Expires: Never! | l Redeemable: Anywhere! | l________________________________l Here's how this works; You hit a bar and get yourself a damn drink. After downing said drink, you close out and pay, making sure to get a receipt upon payment. Once this receipt is in your hand, you take a pic of it, and send it to me via your favorite picture sending method (I very well might be a creeper, so take steps to anonymize yourself!). Once I have a copy of this receipt, you'll receive compensation in full for said amount via PayPal, GreenDot, or whichever other method you prefer...a bit of a pain in the ass, I know, but I can't very well just drive across the pond and buy you that drink in person. That said (and please don't take this as me trying to downplay your situation or elevate my problems above yours in any way...), I can honestly say that I've spent more than my share of time in your shoes. Losing people sucks, losing family, especially your parents, sucks, health problems suck, and financial problems suck. I know this because I've been there. You need to stay optimistic though, and part of the key to that is making sure that you've some sort of sound supportive emotional base, be it friends on here, colleagues or friends and family. Life throws some nasty punches, and some of them are gnarley ass blows. It's all about how you recover from them, though. Now, I am not saying that you should simply 'get over your problems and move on,' as that's just bullshit. This is more of a 'Hey, let's try to look at this from a different perspective' sort of thing. In regards to your folks, treasure every moment, man. If there's one thing I learned from losing mine, it's that one shouldn't let ages old mindless bullshit get in the way of savoring every moment you have with them while they're still around. In regards to everything else, I truly hope that things work out in your favor.
  3. Genie Game!

    Granted, but the only areas of your body that actually show gains are your nose, cheeks, ears, and forearms. I wish Taco Bell wasn't so damn toxic to my system...
  4. This or That

    Deadmau5. Front or rear wheel drive?
  5. Need motorcycle help.

    Stick with a Japanese make. Personally, I'd recommend the Honda CBR125, but it's all a matter of preference, really. Do you have any friends that ride?
  6. Since nobody else replied (and I'm bored...at work...ugh...), I totally get to unload on you (not like that, you perv...)! Woohoo! First of all, root that bitch! NO! FIRST, HEAD OVER TO XDA AND MAKE AN ACCOUNT! THEN ROOT YOUR SHIT! Secondly, unlock that bitch's bootloader! Third, install a custom recovery (preferrably TWRP)! Yeah! Fourth, flash a spanking new ROM that'll make your device feel like a BRAND, NEW, MOTHERFUCKER! Personally, I recommend going with a CM-based ROM, but any Pac/Paranoid/Slim/etc will do for the most part. If you do decide to go with a CM, don't go with a nightly, as they tend to be a bit buggy and unstable. If by chance you decide not to go with a custom ROM, root that mother anyways and get rid of its bloatware. WARNING!: You'll be wanting to create a backup of your whooptie for the just-in-case stuff. That said, guess what? You have a fucking Samsung, which, because of the availability of ODIN, is damn near impossible to hard-brick (break irreparably)! Woohoo! Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's a list of essential apps for customization and daily stuffs... -Zooper Widget Pro -Minimalistic Text -Simple Text -Some sort of font installer -AdBlock -9gag -BaconReader -Chrome or Dolphin -Waze -Moon Reader -Adobe Reader -MX Player -PowerAMP "But Ito! Which system related apps should I get so I can hax teh Gibson??" -ROM Manager (automates a bunch of tasks, helpful with flashing stuffs) -ROM Toolbox (great for helping with admin-level tasks) -BusyBox (don't worry about it) -A good file manager. I use Total Commander because I'm an old geek and used TC on my old WinMo devices -Some sort of .zip utility -A good terminal emulator for haxy scripting stuff. -dSploit for haxy...scripting...stuff... :P Methinks that's enough for now. If you've any questions, feel free to hit me up.
  7. Google play store.

    Not to be "that guy," but as a reminder, different apps will store downloaded files in different directories by default. Are you sure that you're checking the correct folder?
  8. Adware..

    I'm just an old geek. I spent most of the 90s fucking around with BBSs, phones, computers, and programming. I've a BS in Computer Science, but work as a Project Manager for a company here in California because fuck office work, and fuck sitting at a desk from 9 to 5.
  9. Adware..

    Are you running it in Safe Mode? ALWAYS run your full scans in Safe Mode. If MBAM isn't picking anything up, try Kaspersky or BitDefender. TDSSKiller and Spybot are also good to have on hand, just make sure to never have more than one A/V suite running real-time. Worst case, run your built in system restore util. Edit: Make sure to clear out your cache and temp folders too.
  10. Revert S4 to stock firmware

    Wiping the wrong directory and/or partition can have adverse effects, as will using ODIN incorrectly. If you did indeed flash a ROM that wasn't originally meant your phone, consider yourself lucky that you didn't need a jig or JTAG to get her up and running again :P
  11. Revert S4 to stock firmware

    @Kiba: No, a simple hard reset will not work in this case. All a hard reset does is bring the current firmware back to original spec. @Josty: Were you screwing around with your kernel and/or some of your drivers? An OEM retrograde is usually painless, only reason I ask...
  12. Computer acting up

    Unfortunately, even if you haven't knowingly downloaded anything "risky or shady," your box can still become infected with a plethora of shit that's out there just from you connecting to an infected network, clicking an email link, or cruising a site with some fucked up ads. Those are just a few examples, by the way. I'm sure that of the millions of botnet infected box owners out there, only a portion of them had actually downloaded something deemed risky. As far as your problem, as Revert said, it's more than likely a problem with your HDD (having the same symptoms while in Safe Mode is a huge flag ;/). Personally, I'd run some software to get an idea of whether it's junk or just a few sectors being stupid. If it's the latter, you could always move stuff around to areas of your HD that aren't toasted.
  13. This or That

    Why not both? Oreo chunks in my ice creams <3 Blondes or brunettes?
  14. Drivers

    Damn. Always loved the looks of the Patrol, especially the older ones (I'm a huge Nissan head). It's a shame they came over here to the States.
  15. Drivers

    Great way to cause an accident..or get shot.