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  1. The point of this event is "recognition" - helpful people being recognized for the kind things that they do for others. People who show that they feel "entitled" to prizes cast themselves in a questionable light - how do they want to be recognized? As someone kind, or someone who is more concerned about receiving a prize? @Animuffin has attempted to do something very kind - to spend her time creating an event for the community, in order to recognize (and also encourage) kindness. It takes a lot of effort to create an event, and the effort is much appreciated by some o
  2. Awesome Event, @Animuffin_Rosal! Thank you so much for hosting it!
  3. I'd like to nominate Celticeni, who has souled hundreds of arches for our alliance to hand out to our members :D One of his alts:
  4. I'd also like to nominate Antinuclear, who helps to run people through dungeons whenever he's asked for assistance. He has joined me numerous times in F3 to help our alliance members to get through the dungeons. He is also a good egg!
  5. I'd like to nominate Lillianae - she's a good egg! Lilli is exceptionally helpful and whenever there is a request on /a for assistance, she is usually the first to answer. She also souls mobs and arches for people in the alliance, never asking for anything in return.
  6. You were hidden so well! Took us quite a while to find you - so glad they brought back the camouflage potions - they made it really fun :D So glad you enjoyed it - we'll have to do it again sometime!
  7. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurado up to an hour earlier (will need to do the portal hunt from Voyager Tower) to get to your hideout, get on Discord, assign your captain and thief/guard, and plan your team's strategy if you haven't already.
  8. Hi Everyone! Just a quick heads-up that Integrity Alliance will be running another Brak v. Bonta Capture the Flag - but this time we'll be opening it up to the entire server to play! :D If everything goes well, people are friendly, and there is no trash-talking, etc. - we'll consider opening up future INT events to the entire server. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurad
  9. Enjoy your unicorn milk, Santa! Disclaimer: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this pic (female unicorn was milked, no males were castrated - note the lack of pinenuts lying around)
  10. It is possible that the other alliance wasn't using recyclers and there were no nuggets to be generated.
  11. Warning: Protoplasm is leaking from the walls in the Tower of Gisghoul! It manifested in ghostly form and at first I was afraid. But then I realized if was just a baby ghost that was trying to follow me home! So I took him home to his coffin, he flew in, and was restored to his true ghastly, ghoulish form!
  12. hawantika (Invalid) Heaven-Sent was scammed out of 12 years of items (1 bk worth, including 155 mk kamas) by hawantika (Invalid), who stripped her account after hacking her shield in order to use an IP address she did not authorize via her email. After looking at the unauthorized IP that went through Heaven's shield, Ankama's response was: “your email must have been compromised” - saying that they aren't responsible if Invalid hacked her email. Within a few hours, this was discovered on Invalid's char page (on left) – compare the stats to Heaven-Sent's items
  13. During the last week or so, we usually face off on the Goult maps. This means that Bonta can fight Bonta and Brak can fight Brak if they'd like to. Fights count as long as you have a referee and a screenshot of the final fight screen. You're welcome to post times you're available to fight here, so other players know when you can meet them for a match.
  14. Hi Everyone, I've updated the Leaderboard! :D Right now there are 15 "Headhunters" (on Leaderboard) and 15 "Most Wanted" (in above post). In order for the 10 mk to be granted as a prize, we need at least 20 "Headhunters" and 20 "Most Wanted" on the list. It's not too late to be added to the list of tributes above - post here or pm me if you'd like to be added. Also, please remember to keep sending me screenshots of the final fight screen with /time on them, so I can add your points to the leaderboard. The game will run for 20 more days, so there is ple
  15. Okies - added both of you - let me know if you want your descriptions changed. Uthman, your description is the same as last time.
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