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  1. or they could stay as they are, they were made to change the appearance of items you dont like the look of, thats good enough and shouldnt mean you gain a stat bonus for something you'd do anyway, jus' sayin'
  2. hunt piwis, make the sesame seeds into oil as that sell for like 5kk for 10 seeds and feathers like 20kk per 100, i dont know the prices over there but thats what they would be here on solar
  3. solomonk, pdc, harry boots, frigostine belt, buck anear hook, 1 crit gelano, frigostines amulet and air maged harpy pirate lance, youd need to scroll around 50 int for staff but it is a really powerful set, i used it until 190
  4. hi guys, im going to transfer to one of the two and would like to know more about them. im a 188 sac (only use 1 account) and like to play with other people. im more inclined towards rushu but yeah :D
  5. Tesla


    gotta say, im so bored playing on solar as theres no one to do anything with, i play one account and was wondering if rushu is a good option, thanks
  6. could you post some hits please? :)
  7. It would also be nice to see 1 player versions of dungs, eg. every dung will have 1 monster for every room no. eg room 1 has 1 monster and room 4 has 4 monsters, and then the boss could be on its own with lower hp and dmg. Oh and all pp locks would go down to 100, rare ones 250? and drop rates the same
  8. fungus cavern could also be good, lots of stars and great xp, the drops accumulate quickly too and could get you a fair bit of money from the sporms, mushrooms, aswell as the fungi mats, which dont sell for as much as they used to but still 5kk ish and they drop easily
  9. another sword you could look at is sword indinz - especially if you can get 12 ap, if not aztech or rampant hammer again ^^
  10. i dont have a pic but i seen it on everhate, its the one that looks like splnther cell, 6 accross and 5 down on http://dofustools.ev...php?page=avatar in the 'bouclier' tab, thanks
  11. Tesla

    4 man team

    id say, sac, feca, eni and osa, works so well
  12. he said the thread is dead, not the forums :P
  13. this would be pretty good, especially is the sprite looks like N
  14. does that rebound thing still work where you make ougaa hit a sacrificed player and then watch it die? ><
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      Hey Cappy! You might not remember me but we used to hang out and talk on Dofus!
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      Help, I'm thinking of playing Dofus again casually. Someone remind me of their terrible cash-grabbing marketing, tendency to change spells every week or so and refusal to listen to the non-French community. Or else I'll replace my prescription glasses with these nostalgia googles.
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